Botanics Beautiful Package Design

Botanics is a plant-based skincare line that emphasizes freshness and a strong belief in the power of natural ingredients. Creative agency R Design kept the band ideals of Botanics in mind while designing the repackaging for the skincare company. Departing from the previous packaging, the new design is more modern, relevant, and innovative.

The products are packaged in attractive tubes and bottles, with milky white container bodies and matching lids. They feature contrasting color schemes, wherein the first color is a lighter shade of the second color, adding a touch of elegance to the design. There are three different color schemes used: baby pink and a darker pink; light peach and orange; and sky blue with a darker shade of blue. The color palettes all reflect the brand identity of being rooted in natural and plant-based ingredients, while also creating a visually very appealing effect.

Botanics Elegant Packaging Design

The packaging features the brand logo at the top of the label on the lighter background. The new logo is the brand name, a flower shape, and information about the brand including the tagline, all contained inside an emblem. The logo is scalable, unique, and aesthetically designed. The second part of the label features information about the product, including the name, key ingredient used, and the type of skincare. The font is black, well-spaced and easy to read. Information is provided in a neat and uncluttered manner, ensuring that the design remains fresh.

The background of each label also has an illustration of a plant part: a leaf, a flower, or a stem. Again, this is indicative of the brand’s identity. While all the labels for each product are different, they are united by similar color themes as well as the branding.

Botanics Clean Packaging Design

Overall, R Design has done a great job of ensuring that the packaging of Botanics stays true to its identity. The design follows a clear strategy, engages with the audience, and provides a unique experience.

Botanics is an elegant packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.