Brillante Pencils Beautiful Packaging Design

These aren’t the pencils you buy for a kid’s grade school art class; these are pencils made for artists that take their work seriously.

Brillante Pencils Stunning Packaging Design

The packaging design for Brillante Pencils has a retro feel to it. Looking at the box of pencils almost feels like looking at a classic container of a luxury product from the 60s or 70s. The light-purple color immediately pulls your eye to the center of the box’s design. Much of the typography on the container is very sharp except for the name, “Brillante,” which is beautifully styled and seems to flow across the open space on the box.

Brillante Pencils Retro Packaging Design

The box’s shape is also perfect for the pencils. Every pencil snugly fits into the box like a puzzle piece. The actual design of the pencils is also very clever. Each pencil has two colors, one on each end. This allowed the designer to decrease the size of the box and offer a sleek, luxury presentation of colored pencils unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Brillante Pencils Packaging Design

These pencils look so good, and the packaging is very well designed. It’s almost worth buying them just to see if that great design helps improve the owner’s art skills. Grab your adult coloring book, these pencils are ready to get to work.

Brillante Pencils is a retro packaging design in the Arts & Recreation industry.