Coffee & Co. Clean Logo Design

The brand logo sits atop the store entrance in highlighted white capital letters.

Seating is positioned inside and outside to encourage people to help themselves inside or exhibit the freedom to sit where they please.  

Coffee & Co. Simple Packaging Design

The cursive font is also seen on custom designed brown paper bags. One would see these bags at home when given by a loved one with a freshly made meal inside before leaving for work or school. This is about family and comfort.

“Powered by Coffee” conveys Coffee & Co. as the go to cafeteria to reenergize the mind and revitalize the soul with a hot fresh cup of steaming coffee.


Coffee & Co. Print Design

“The original energy drink” is printed on a wall at the shop. Cruise ships are about spending quality time with friend and family and leaving the chaos of regular life behind.

This is a vacation. A time to reflect on old memories and make new ones.

The adults and parents whom bring their families on board value the simplicity of life. Coffee & Co. reminds them of that simple time, where thousands of energy drinks did not exist.

Originality wins. A cup of coffee and cursive sans serif lettering reminds vacationers that they can still feel at home.

Coffee & Co. Stunning Packaging Design

The custom lettering is hand stitched on staff aprons as well as the napkins that enclose cooking utensils. This font attracts attention and communicates a friendly family feel to invite ship-goers into the shop.

The cursive lettering on place mats and sandwich wrapping hints at the cafeterias vast variety of snacks.

By placing the lettering on different mediums, an authenticity is translated to patrons that will promote familiarity with the brand. Its original. It adds character. The lettering is designed as if a close family member like an Aunt or Mom wrote out each letter with care and love.

Coffee & Co. Packaging Design

Coffee & Co. delights the Tallink Silja cruise ship with freshly created delectable and ambrosial snacks. The new brand packaging design was created by the Bond Agency graphic design firm.

Bond’s goal? Create a friendly and straightforward brand identity that appealed to passengers of all ages.

A beautiful and clear-spaced sans-serif font is utilized with a minimal circular brand logo that serves as a monogram for the company.

The logo references the products and location of Coffee & Co.

Coffee & Co. is an original packaging design in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Travel industries.