19 Best Bottle Designs That Combine Style with Functionality

19 Best Bottle Designs That Combine Style with Functionality
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 19, 2023

The best bottle label designs successfully capture the spirit of the product and convey its message to the consumer. These packaging designs can range from bright and colorful to minimalist and elegant.

Produced by some of the best packaging design professionals on the market, we’ll go through some of the best bottle label designs worldwide and talk about what makes them stand out!

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1. Retrogusto by Uzumfermer by Taboo Design Bureau

bottle label design
[Source: Taboo Design Bureau]

Standout Features:

  • Sleek and minimal
  • An homage to the product’s origin
  • Red typography and visual elements

As Uzumfermer continually expanded, the brand wanted to pay respect to its origin with its latest product – Retrogusto. Taboo Design Bureau ensured that the design revolves around this notion. And the result? A design worthy of being the first on our list of best bottle label designs!

Each label represents a region of Uzbekistan known for its excellent vineyards. The Kibray region is presented in blue, and the Parkent area is white.

While the color of the logotype varies, the typographical composition retains shape on both labels. It includes the product name on the top and the vital information below, separated by a sleek red line that resembles a stain left from a dripping wine glass. The detailed info combines two colors: red and olive green, which complements both iterations.

2. Dancing Water Wines by Jessmess Creative

bottle label design templates
[Source: Jessmess Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-drawn designs
  • Watercolor minimalism
  • Artsy

Dancing Water Wines’ avant-garde bottle label design was created by Jessmess Creative. The name is presented through several attractive art styles, showing various wine “dances.”

Each bottle entails a medium-sized white canvas with minimal and abstract imagery. This artwork is accompanied by limited black vertical typography positioned left of the primary visual element.

Some labels show concentrical hand-drawn designs that use copper and silver lines with a glossy effect that provides an exceptional shine. Others portray minimalistic views of the sea and the sky through watercolor-style paintings. Some abstract blobs and shapes further illustrate the endless possibilities of the wine movement.

3. Monarca London Dry Gin by Meison Studio

design bottle label
[Source: Meison Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Power-evoking symbols
  • Embossed brand name
  • A king going into battle

Monarca London Dry Gin sought ways to overcome domestic competition and eventually start exporting. So, Meison Studio developed one of the best bottle label designs, supporting the brand's vision.

The brand name is the central figure of the design, so it’s embossed in thick white letters with increased spacing in the center of the label. Building further on the brand’s name, the agency used visuals and symbols representing monarchs and their power.

The blue label encompasses a translucent white delineation of a king wielding his sword into battle. Another element that supports the king’s power is the stylish gold outlines, typography, and crown-inspired logo.

4. JOOLS WHISKY by Pixel and Voxel

bottle label design ideas
[Source: Pixel and Voxel]

Standout Features:

  • Zigzag edges
  • Texturized background
  • Ancient Japanese symbolism

JOOLS WHISKY is a premium quality Japanese whiskey with a bottle label design to prove it. Pixel and Voxel created a design that encapsulates the brand’s quality and origin in two varieties.

Each option relies heavily on either the earthy, crude seal brown or a heavy, volcanic blue. Both variations are texturized and have separate star visual elements. While the brown one encompasses a rhomboid-like pattern reminiscent of a Samurai’s armor, the blue one features a beautiful calligraphic expression.

Rather than following the usual fine-line edges, these labels end in horizontal zigzag movements. The main visuals are outlined by two thin gold horizontal lines and several small circles above or below them.

5. Space Milk by Irene Neyman

design a bottle label
[Source: Irene Neyman]

Standout Features:

  • Space-themed, magical design
  • Imaginative and soothing
  • Depicting the “Milky Way”

Space Milk’s incredible label was created by Irene Neyman, Irene Neyman, Kate Karpenkova, and Chris Voitsekhivska who ensured that it reminds us of the product’s origin: the vastness of space!

This stylish label is located near the top of the glass bottle. It embodies a set of pastel colors, like a soft shade of pink and several shades of blue and white. This palette is intertwined into a starry sky, flowing like the liquid goodness it aims to represent.

Each color symbolizes a particular element of our (or any other) galaxy, so naturally, we have deep blue for the night sky, white for the stars and constellations, and an authentic pink for the elements that our eyes can grasp – the sun, moon, and some stars!

Overall, this label is imaginative and soothing, inspiring consumers to dream big and space out as they enjoy a cup of milk.

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6. Crush by Rocio Batanero

Best Bottle Label Designs
[Source: Rocio Batanero]

Standout Features:

  • Charming and elegant
  • Typography mimics the product color
  • A distinctive, italic “U.”

Crush’s clean, modern label was designed by Rocio Batanero. The designer elevated the brand’s charming identity through elegance and minimalism.

The round label’s positive space is only obstructed and contrasted with the limited typeface that includes only the logotype and the type of product description. The color of the text imitates the color of the wine, refocusing the view on the refreshing product.

The brand name is presented in a decorative font style with charming easter eggs, like the connected “r” and “u” glyphs that appear like a couple holding hands. The "U” is the only italic letter, symbolizing the “crush” feeling when someone sweeps you off your feet in a cute, subtle fashion.

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7. Arbocala by Gabriela Perez

Best Bottle Designs That Combine Style with Functionality
[Source: Gabriela Perez]

Standout Features:

  • A wine color palette
  • Decorative typography style
  • Free-form label

Soneto’s simple yet elegant and tranquil label design was made by Gabriela Perez, who aimed to help the Arbocala brand present itself on an international market with a fresh, contemporary appeal.

Her label was inspired by the product’s name, which is present in music (representing harmony). This harmony, or balance, is ubiquitous in the design.

The tasteful shade of purple that resembles the color of the wine is contrasted with gold, intertwining lines that define the shape of the label. These lines correspond to the natural flow of wine.

The central element is the logotype printed in a gentle shade of brown, reminiscent of the dominant vineyard color in the early autumn. The decorative typography style maintains elegance but loses its seriousness, giving the label a more lenient tone.

8. John Proctor by oltreildisegno

John Proctor by oltreildisegno
[Source: oltreildisegno]

Standout Features:

  • Texturized print
  • Two-part label
  • Ornamented, glossy elements

John Proctor represents top-notch American whiskey. Oltredisegno created a label for the brand that reflects the product's quality and elegance behind this fine Kentucky Bourbon.

The design entails two rectangular parts. While both combine silver and gold with texturized prints, the gold elements vary. The upper one features ornamented lines in the upper left corner and two slim gold dividers, one horizontal and one vertical. It’s also home to a glossy, gold typeface that mimics the product's color.

The lower print relies solely on geometrical gold lines, with a shortened logo representing the brand’s initials in a thin gold square.

9. Intention – Eudora by MAD Creative

Intention – Eudora by MAD Creative
[Source: MAD Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Embossed logo
  • Simplistic, decorative font
  • Increased spacing

Eudora wanted to attract the male audience through their new Intention perfume line. MAD Creative ensured that masculine power and seduction are portrayed on the minimal label design.

The robust body of the bottle is placed in the forefront, with a horizontal divider placed near the top – making the design resemble the male torso. The upper side features an embossed logo that addresses the power aspect grandiosely.

The lower, larger part contains an elegant black print typeface spelling out the product name in a serif font style with increased spacing. Below it lies a short, direct description of the target audience, telling us that the intention is made “for men.”

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10. Stone Castle by brandfluence

Stone Castle by brandfluence
[Source: brandfluence]

Standout Features:

  • Golden grapevines
  • Crest-like logo
  • Medieval vineyard imagery

Stone Castle’s label design takes you back to medieval times with its delicate rusty appeal. Brandfluence created a solution that lets you unwind and enjoy the view.

With the earthy background color of the print, the design sets the stage for the central image – a medieval castle and a vineyard in the snow in front of its gates. The picture is embraced by a golden outline and surrounded by elegant golden grapevines.

The crest-like logo is placed in the center, above the image and the bold white logotype is further above. Together, this holistic imagery conveys the notion of patience and natural sequences – making good wine takes time.

11. Whisky Black Label by Victor Barbosa

 Whisky Black Label by Victor Barbosa
[Source: Victor Barbosa]

Standout Features:

  • A new premium color scheme
  • Embossed logo
  • Flag-like aesthetics

Black Label is one of the most prominent examples of a quality whisky brand. However, Victor Barbosa created a concept that would further improve the quality of the label design.

While the embossed logo below the label remained intact, the typography underwent specific changes. The new version features a white product name with increased legibility, retaining the original black-and-gold color scheme but boosting the contrast.

The lower label portrays the brand’s ‘flag’ with the number of years it takes to make this premium whiskey presented as its emblem. We see two rows of a texturized shade of brown embracing the mid-black layer that entails limited typography.

12. Telson Tequila by Vicarel Studios

Telson Tequila by Vicarel Studios
[Source: Vicarel Studios]

Standout Features:

  • GPS coordinates
  • Passport references
  • A multi-piece label

Telson Tequila invites you to enjoy looking at the label as much as enjoying the product. The label was designed by Vicarel Studios, combining premium print techniques and exotic travel coordinates

This excellent three-piece label explores the black and yellow color scheme to convey its distinctive qualities. The main panel is minimal and clean, yellow with black outlines, logo, and bolded logotype. The neck of the bottle lets the customer know the exact location of the brand’s distillery.

The bottom piece is smaller but more prominent in detail. It contains references to passports for the outlines and stamp-inspired elements.

Overall, this label design embodies a whole journey for you and your friends with Telson Tequila!



Standout Features:

  • Oriental decorative style
  • Eagle and a barrel
  • Ornate logotype with a drop-shadow effect

Calvados’ prominent label was designed by BRANDS&TRENDS. The agency combined several cultural backgrounds to create a new, distinctive, inviting look.

The royal shade of purple is decorated with gold oriental patterns facing the thick outlined edges of the label’s shield form inwards. The thick white logotype is presented in an ornate font style, emphasized through a sleek drop-shadow effect.

The label is decorated with glossy golden glyphs above it and a soaring minimalist representation of an eagle. Below the logotype, a darker shade of copper was used. There’s also an outlined illustration of a barrel showcasing the distillery art behind the product.

14. Pompette by Nata Shilo

Pompette by Nata Shilo
[Source: Nata Shilo]

Standout Features:

  • Doodle hand-drawn art
  • The lenient and laid-back atmosphere
  • Colorful and lively

Pompette translates to “tipsy” in French. Following the brand’s name, the label for this wine, created by Nata Shilo, presents a tipsy, laid-back afternoon full of people hanging around while sipping wine.

The dominant doodle hand-drawn art is full of color and life. It portrays an average afternoon in a bar with three groups of people chatting with each other and enjoying their day, most of them holding a glass of wine.

We can see the minimalistic visuals portraying objects such as green bottles behind the bar and yellow chandeliers lighting the atmosphere.

The cursive red logotype resides above the crowd, subtly watching over them as a sponsor of this lively, happy lenient gathering.

15. New Realm Distilling by Limbic Studio

New Realm Distilling by Limbic Studio
[Source: Limbic Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Premium design
  • Embossed typography
  • Subtle visual elements

New Realm Distilling’s innovative distilling ways combine the traditional and the experimental, raising the brand’s value through bold moves. So, Limbic Studio reflected the brand’s diligence in finding new paths by creating standard labels with modern twists.

The bourbon’s label combines the elegant black label with premium gold elements, including the embossed typography placed inside a thick gold shield. The vodka’s label design has a different color palette – the background is blue, and the visuals are silver.

While the front panel’s background color is clean, the side panels are decorated with minimalist patterns comprised of the Sun and compass depictions.

16. The 1925 Brewing Co. by Almostasthma

The 1925 Brewing Co. by Almostasthma
[Source: Almostasthma]

Standout Features:

  • Cute and feminine
  • Dark and mischievous
  • Mean cool girly mascots

To show that girls are fans of dark ale, too, Almostasthma decided to look at the original BLK 622 label and do a complete 180, making a completely different label design for The 1925 Brewing Co.

Both labels exhibit a dark cute, feminine atmosphere while simultaneously playing around with the notion of the heroes being “dark” and mischievous.

The new BLK 622 print revolves around three mean-girls-inspired characters that enjoy a night out in a car on a mellow purple-to-pink gradient. This lenient design combines feminine and fun, providing a cartoony adventure for the consumer.

The Musang King Ale features a yellow cat lying on the side, smiling and enjoying the field trip with his minion cats in front of him. With the crown on his head and a bottle of the Musang King Ale under his paw, this label design conveys a laid-back atmosphere.

17. Dominion Brewing by Branding Expert

Dominion Brewing by Branding Expert
[Source: Branding Expert]

Standout Features:

  • A Greek color palette
  • Minimal golden illustrations
  • An emphasized logo

Dominion Brewing’s label is as masterfully crafted as its best beer. Branding Expert provided an exquisite balance of a blue-and-white combination while paying great attention to brand recognition.

The Greek color palette embraces the bottle, with a thick blue line at the bottom and a leaf-like pattern at the top of the label. The central element is the blue crown that extends the rectangular label to emphasize the brand’s logo.

The prominent positive space is laden with minimal translucent golden illustrations of the common ingredients that make up a perfect beer, subtly elevating the design's overall appeal.

The nutritional information is presented in a cool blue, post-stamp-like visual element that provides additional contrast.

Here are some other exciting beer label designs to check out!

18. Alkaline Water by Digital Creatshuns

Alkaline Water by Digital Creatshuns
[Source: Digital Creatshuns]

Standout Features:

  • A humanoid figure (motion)
  • Blue gradient lines
  • Vertical typeface

Alkaline Water’s authenticity can be seen in its label design, made by Digital Creatshuns.

The star figure on the left side of the label is a humanoid silhouette entirely made of water. The figure appears to be running, alluding to the idea that hydration is crucial for our everyday motion.

The background consists of diagonal blue gradient lines and a white space in the middle that can represent a healthy lifestyle enhanced by the alkaline water.

There’s also a big black round spot on the right that inspires the viewer to reach out for possible interpretations, making the design even more interesting!

19. Latifa by Yusuf Pars

Latifa by Yusuf Pars
[Source: Yusuf Pars]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-drawn minimalistic illustrations
  • Realistic depiction of the ingredient
  • Seal of quality assurance

Latifa is an approachable olive oil with a lovely label design that will beautify any kitchen. The solution was crafted by Yusuf Pars.

The oily sans serif typography rests on the black label that complements the bottle color. The script-style logotype is in the upper half, decorated with the green, leaf-like part of the label full of minimal hand-drawn olive tree illustrations. Below the information is a parallel green area containing a semi-realistic depiction of the olive branch.

There’s also a red seal of quality assurance connecting the central, black label to the lush green bottom segment.

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