10 Best Sweets Packaging Designs

10 Best Sweets Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: April 12, 2023

Sweets come in all shapes and sizes, which is why some brands have difficulty deciding how to package them.

Product packaging isn’t just about throwing your goodies in a container or wrapping them in paper with your brand name stamped in front and then calling it a day.

It’s about telling a story that introduces a value proposition while creating an unforgettable experience for your consumers.

Lucky you, we have some style inspirations here, courtesy of the best packaging design companies worldwide. Browse our list of the finest sweet packaging designs below that serve as total eye candy with their unique and one-of-a-kind presentations.

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1. Milki by UHMO

sweets packaging
[Source: UHMO]

Standout Features:

  • Vibrant color story
  • Empowering brand messages
  • Clean and streamlined typography

For Milki, chocolates aren’t just for indulgence, but also for lifting women when they are down. To successfully convey such a meaningful brand mission, UHMO packaged these treats with a blend of striking visuals and uplifting messages.

The designer used vibrant feminine hues like magenta, purple, and fuchsia – a complete departure from the usual chocolate color stories. With this style choice, Milki is sure to stand out in the loaded candy rack!

The empowerment part comes in the form of personalized messages written upfront, right below the brand name and logo, which also features an outlined image of a woman.

Statements like “I am powerful” and “I am radiant” are simple words but are strong enough to boost every woman’s character. Short and sweet!

Who knew a chocolate bar could inspire you so much?

2. U Chocolate by TSMGO

packaging sweets
[Source: TSMGO]

Standout Features:

  • Nature-inspired illustrations
  • Transparent product labels
  • Realistic imagery

Every U Chocolate bar is a taste of the Peruvian Amazon: exotic, abundant, and profoundly exuberant. With such organic character, the packaging designers at TSMGO made sure to execute a design that stayed true to the brand’s native origin.

One of the most captivating elements of this visual treat is the realistic and almost seductive images of the wild. Each flavor packaging features a snapshot of the jungle boasting the beauty of flora and fauna.

The focus, of course, is the cacao fruit, the product's key selling point. Instantly, consumers are made aware that U Chocolate is a tree-to-bar option offering a distinct taste.

The designers highlight this USP by adding cacao fruit visuals in front of the packaging with product labels like "Amazonian Fine Aroma Cacao." No other tags or advertising kickers distract the consumer from this authentic snacking experience.

3. Fuition Chocolate Works by Gudulab

sweets design
[Source: Gudulab]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful patterns
  • Framed and overlaid text
  • Simple and uniform typography

Fruition Chocolate Works rolled into summer with two new flavors and a variant made for Pride Month. Fresh drops are an excellent opportunity to get creative with packaging, and that’s precisely what Gudulab did for this stunning project.

The designers wrapped the chocolate bars in vibrant blues, greens, yellows, and pinks for that perfect summertime vibe.

The brand’s artisan quality and craftsmanship are seen beautifully through hand-drawn visuals of the cacao tree. It envelops the whole thing from front to back, almost like an art piece on its own.

It’s one of those maximalist designs done right!

The framed text block balances the whole ensemble. It contains the brand name, product descriptions, and essential details such as the cacao content. A single sans serif font is the icing on the cake, keeping everything clean and simple.

4. Choco Bliss by Nikkin Creative

sweets wrapping
[Source: Nikkin Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Drip aesthetic
  • Great use of negative space
  • Color-based flavor presentation

Don’t you just love it when a sweet treat melts in your mouth?

That’s pure Choco Bliss.

Looking at this packaging treat designed by Nikkin Creative, one can already taste the milky goodness inside. With that melty effect on the front, it would be hard to resist indulging in this artisan, all-natural chocolate bar.

That’s the key style element, so going for a minimalist layout for the rest of the design is a great choice. The brand name, flavor, net weight, and an “irresistibly smooth” tagline are the only things you’ll see on this beauty.

Three words: simple, sophisticated, and seductive!

What makes it extra special is that the bars come in different colors. Aside from variation, they also indicate each one’s flavor: orange, mint, dark or white chocolate.

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5. Earl Grey Bar by Patty Victorino

packaging design sweets
[Source: Patty Victorino]

Standout Features:

  • Detailed jeepney design
  • Highly-stylized typography
  • Cultural and primary colors

Kasama Chocolate’s Earl Grey bar is a limited-edition bean-to-bar treat that celebrates the brand’s Filipino roots, just in time for the Philippines’ National Heritage Month. They teamed up with Patty Victorino for this special project, which is truly impeccable.

The designer took one of the most iconic images of Filipino culture, the jeepney, and used it as the main illustration for the packaging.

Featuring the vehicle’s detailed side profile, they integrated the brand name, product descriptions, and labels into the different parts of the vehicle. Since jeepneys are known for their stylish embellishments, the designers elevated this by adding various typography styles. No two tags are the same!

The colors can speak for themselves, too. The red, blue, and yellow ensemble reflects the Philippine flag’s colors for instant recognition. The color story is a beautiful cultural nod while making the chocolate bar pop.

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6. Milki by Art by Alyah

sweets packaging design
[Source: Art by Alyah]

Standout Features:

  • Melting effect
  • Specked ingredient patterns
  • Colorful flavor profile

Milki chocolate bars come in bursts of flavor – something that Art by Alyah beautifully presented with this fun and quirky packaging design.

Each bar is designed with a dripping color graphic, giving that vibrant melting goodness. Every color also represents a particular flavor; blue for blueberry, mint green for mint, yellow for lemon, and so on.

An image of the actual chocolate bar also sits beneath the drip for the ultimate visual treat. This realistic presentation will make you want to unwrap the chocolate the first time you lock your eyes on it.

But that’s not all. The designer also embellished the chocolate bar with specks of flavor, like paint splattered on a canvas. And they didn’t just do it haphazardly; the visuals are neatly laid out in a pattern to keep the design clean.

Overall, this packaging design nailed the beauty of organized chaos!

7. Figean by Liza Ferrari Creative Studio

packaging sweets
[Source: Liza Ferrari Creative Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful chocolate bars
  • Outlined cacao illustrations
  • Framed text descriptions

Figean isn’t your typical chocolate bar. As the name hints, it’s a delicious marriage of the world’s finest figs and cacao beans, making them a unique gluten-free option for the sweet tooth.

Liza Ferrari Creative Studio created an entire brand visual identity and a packaging design that shines over its exotic yet bubbly character.

Instead of going with the usual chocolate shades like brown, beige, and black, the designer went with a fun and contemporary approach. They wrapped the treats with a mix of deep and pastel colors to introduce an outgoing and approachable vibe.

Like a fig tree sprouting from the sides, the bar features a hand-drawn illustration of the chocolate’s key ingredient on the edges. It also served as framing for the white text block in the middle, where the brand’s logo, product labels, and other essential details are.

8. Gramadense trufa by HeadMade

 Best Sweets Packaging Designs
[Source: HeadMade]

Standout Features:

  • Geometric cocoa patterns
  • Realistic ingredient photography
  • Bold color palette

Gramadense is a well-known chocolatier on a constant rollout of new and exciting flavors. Their latest release, trufa, comes in fruity and slightly intoxicating flavors packed into mini chocolate bits beautifully designed by HeadMade.

The treats are contained in peel-off packets that make snacking an easy and seamless experience. The designer didn’t skimp on the visual treat, even with its tiny size.

A large snapshot of the actual truffle sits in the middle and takes up almost half of the layout’s space. Behind it is another realistic image of the key ingredient indicating the flavor, allowing the consumer to get a taste of the trufa immediately.

The faded visuals of the cacao bean are also a great design touch. They effectively visualize the brand’s authentic heritage, and the geometric illustration was the perfect style choice to give the brand a contemporary vibe.

9. Jolly by Richard Mann

 Best Sweets Packaging Design
[Source: Richard Mann]

Standout Features:

  • Two-toned colors
  • Gorgeous ice cream snapshot
  • Faded ingredient graphics

True to its name, the Jolly ice cream packaging design by Richard Mann is all about bringing out the brand’s fun, sweet, and outgoing identity.

Bright colors take center stage here, reflecting the brand’s Jolly character quite well.

But this color palette isn’t just for branding. It represents the ice cream’s various flavors, too! Pink is strawberry and brown is chocolate. What a great way to make it easier for consumers to get their favorite flavors without zeroing in on the product labels.

Aside from the logo, the lighter side also features faded illustrations of the ice cream’s ingredients. A detail one can’t miss! Plus, the two-toned combination of light and dark shades of the same color added a great contrast to the layout.

Right below the brand name, a shot of a delectable ice cream scoop serves a nice visual treat.

10. Ketler by Jamal Akbarov

packaging for sweets
[Source: Jamal Akbarov]

Standout Features:

  • Dark theme
  • Sharp product shots
  • Minimalist typography

Croissants aren’t exactly a popular sweet snack option, especially for CIS countries. Well, with this packaging design for Ketler by Jamal Akbarov, it’s about time they entered the spotlight. Literally.

The peel-off paper features a stunning flat-lay shot of Ketler’s premium croissant with light shining down upon it. This image, against a pitch-black background, catches anyone’s attention and stimulates their sweet cravings.

To indicate the flavor, the designers also added realistic images of the ingredients infused into the chocolates, such as coconuts, oranges, and cherries.

With this dramatic presentation, omitting the extra product labels and using a single sans serif font for the typography is a great design move. The minimalist layout didn’t come out as dull, thanks to the bold and bright colors of the copy.

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