Zenith Premium Travel Kits Dark Packaging Design

Zenith Premium Travel Kits makes its mark in a vibrating immersion of luxurious colors and material that serve to give travelers a souvenir that will last a lifetime.

The kits combine unique traits of New Zealand culture and the beautiful landscape that highlights travelers as they explore the wonderous country.

Zenith Premium Travel Kits Simple Packaging Design

Modern and abstract curved lines decorate a luxurious black box where amenities such as shampoos and colognes sit.

Zenith Premium Travel Kits Clean Packaging Design

The kit was designed by Veronica Cordero for her final year of a Bachelor of Design degree with Honours. Shimmering gold lettering sparkles off the elegant dark colored booklets and travel items. The “Z” letter simultaneously serves as the branding for “Zenith” and a symbol for traveling.

The “Z” is shaped with directional arrows that wonderfully associate Zenith with travel.

Zenith Premium Travel Kits Elegant Packaging Design

Elegant fonts are chosen and married with minimalistic circular shapes that give Zenith Travel Kits a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from existing offerings. The case design ranges from three dimensional to flat, depending on it being a travel wallet or box container.

The items are so well designed that they can effortlessly integrate into the traveler’s everyday lifestyle.

These kits were designed for the business class traveler. These users will further elevate and strengthen the luxurious and premium brand identity.

Veronica’s pattern designs were inspired from Maori Koru designs, Kete basket weaving, and New Zealand’s natural and organic landscapes (which is why Lord of The Rings was filmed there).

Typefaces used include Chronicle Family, Whiteney Family, and Univers Roman. These fonts convey a sense of elegance, trust, and luxury. They provide an element of grandeur and quality.

Veronica Cordero nailed it. Her brand package is authentic, unique, simple, and iconic.

Zenith Premium Travel Kits Packaging Design

The iconic “Z” delights each strapping inside the travel bags. This exudes an individualistic and simplified brand identity that oozes authenticity.

Zenith Premium Travel Kits is an elegant packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail, Luxury and Travel industries.