10 Best Brochure Design Templates in 2023

10 Best Brochure Design Templates in 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: February 28, 2023

No matter how far society has come in terms of technology, we can’t deny the fact that print is here to stay. While quality prints are an art form on their own, the best print design companies nurture their specific flare, they share much when it comes to approach, methodology, and visual hierarchy. These 10 best brochure design templates in 2023 can attest to that.

Take a closer look and see which of these print design principles you can adapt for your next website templates!

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1. Elements Brochure by Brandall

Elements Brochure by Brandall Best Brochure Design Template In 2023
[Source: Elements Brochure]

Standout Features:

  • Lifestyle-centric visuals
  • Consistent font style
  • Consistent icon style

The Elements’ sales brochures designed by the Brandall agency have one thing in common: they are relatable and aspirational. The agency promotes this wellness brand using images that show their audience’s pain points and desired outcomes coupled with direct response copywriting.

The images occupy most of the page and sometimes with a text overlay on transparent, colored blocks. This approach might come off as messy as the elements overlap with each other, but the agency pulled through. They used a clean and readable font style that’s consistent among all the pages of the sales brochure, varying only in size.

On the pages where certifications and badges support the brand’s claims, icons are consistently rendered and made easily recognizable by the guide texts incorporated in the design.

Flipping through the pages of Element’s brochure gives you a whiff of relaxation. Meanwhile, the use of green, bright yellow, and brown-orange hues keeps the design on-brand throughout the material.

2. Nivea Catalog by Senso Creative Communication

Nivea catalogue brochure design
[Source: Nivea]

Standout Features:

  • Easily recognizable brochure cover
  • Sleek and clutter-free product pages
  • Its focus on the products

Even from afar, one of the best brochure design template in 2023 is reserved for Nivea. Senso Creative Communication banked on the brand’s signature color to command attention and set it apart from the common product and text-heavy brochure covers in the industry.

The cover features a female model occupying the majority of the space in the middle with the classic Nivea logo on the upper left. The title sits comfortably at the center, just below the image.

Like any product catalog, the inner pages include all of Nivea’s products arranged per category: men, hair, face, baby essentials, body, and so on.

The main categories are distinguished by medium-sized slim banners that follow a minimalistic approach. They feature a lifestyle image with the category title centered on a plain navy blue background. Sub-categories, on the other hand, are identified simply by text headers highlighted in varying shades of blue, yellow, and pink.

3. Northwest Carpenters Union Magazine by Smith + Connors

Northwest Carpenters Union Magazine by Smith + Connors
[Source: NWCU Magazine]

Standout Features:

  • Handwritten quotes
  • Content highlights on the cover
  • Well-curated photos and copy

This brochure design template by Smith + Connors has all the elements of a magazine that we’re used to: well-curated photos, content highlights on the cover, and an eye-catching centerfold.

The Northwest Carpenters Union (NWCU) magazine aims to reconnect with existing members and remind them of the value of being part of the group. This is made possible with real-life stories and inspirational images featuring their members immersed in carpentry.

The client’s vision is brought to life by the agency flawlessly. They strategically placed related images surrounding the content on the inner pages, bringing pride and confidence in the industry to whoever is reading it.

Although the pages sport a seemingly white background, a closer look will reveal that the agency infused carpentry and construction elements into this design using wooden or concrete-like textures and carpentry tool icons.

4. Studio Art Quilt Associates Catalog by YellowDog

Studio Art Quilt Associates Catalog by YellowDog
[Source: SAQA]

Standout Features:

  • Color extravaganza
  • Information on the artworks
  • Themed page layouts

Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the art quilt and the artists who create them. As the print design partner for SAQA, YellowDog has designed its annual exhibition catalogs for the past five years. The goal of these catalogs is to provide visual and narrative context to the group’s global in-person exhibits.

Using the photos and written content provided by the client, YellowDog designed each catalog's 30+ page collection.

Each exhibition catalog follows a theme that encompasses all artwork featured inside. For instance, "Ebb & Flow" features movement and growth in life, "Forced to Flee" shows different faces of survival and battle for safety, "Microscape" aims to capture wonders beyond the naked eye through virtual imaging techniques, while "Fur, Fangs, Feathers, & Fins" glorifies the beauty of the wild.

Inside, the design urges you to look more closely and appreciate the art piece presented on the page.

While providing information to the readers, the agency’s decision to utilize the whole spread to showcase an art piece is what gives the readers ample time to appreciate what’s in front of them. It eliminates distractions and explicitly tells its audience to revel in one artwork at a time.

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5. NEXGEL Catalog by Designed.co

NEXGEL Catalog by Designed.co brochure designs
[Source: NEXGEL]

Standout Features:

  • Hollow-style icons
  • Pastel branding colors
  • Content in dark-colored backgrounds

NEXGEL is a brand of hydrogel patches used for beauty, foot care, and over-the-counter healthcare. Its product catalog created by Designed.co is a printed extension of their website in terms of design. It sports a clean white background and a diagonal four-image banner on the cover displaying lifestyle shots of its customers.

Right above the banner is the company’s slogan, “Your Skin-Friendly Patch Co.” enclosed within a rectangular outline. Parallel to this, just below the images, is the brand name written in a thin font style painted in teal and black. Finishing this off is a pattern of black circles decorating the cover’s lower right.

The agency stayed true to the brand colors: white, light blue, and gradient teal. You’ll see these colors integrated into the design, either as graphic outlines or icons. Browsing through this product catalog, you’ll grow an appreciation for the simplicity of the design and how all the elements come together.

Although the client’s brand colors lean on the pastel side. The agency also dressed up the pages with dark colors to emphasize certain pieces of content.

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6. Stone Creek Brochure by Mighty 8th

Stone Creek Brochure by Mighty 8th brochure and print design
[Source: Stone Creek]

Standout Features:

  • Perfectly arranged images across the page
  • Neat and sleek layout
  • Colored content blocks

On the outside, Stone Creek’s brochure design is pretty simple. It shows a candid photograph of someone immersed in woodwork, occupying almost the entire cover page. Meanwhile, the brand name, logo, products and services sit just below it.

On the inside, however, is where the brand’s handcrafted offerings shine through.

Similar to Stone Creek’s commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship, its agency, Mighty 8th, designed this brochure and other marketing collaterals with extreme attention to detail. The agency managed a layout that doesn’t overwhelm as much as it informs. It gives the reader enough time to appreciate each piece of woodwork.

Although subtly, the content backgrounds help in categorizing the content according to priority, which, in turn, also aids the readers in focusing their attention first on the important details.

For example, the agency laid down all company-related information over a black background. This walks the readers through the company’s legacy in woodwork, their services, and the markets they cater to. Moss green backgrounds, on the other hand, house less formal information like client testimonials.

All in all, the agency pieced each of these elements together like a puzzle set down on a page.

7. Gift from a Child by Paul Gregory Media

Gift from a Child by Paul Gregory Media
[Source: Gifts from a child]

Standout Features:

  • Consistent design theme
  • Emphasized content through bold texts
  • A combination of warm and cool colors

Gift from a Child aims to educate families affected by pediatric brain cancer, as well as to increase brand awareness and encourage people about post-mortem pediatric brain tissue donations.

The said goal is embodied through their recently distributed brochure designed by Paul Gregory Media. This print collateral has loads of information with science-inspired artwork decorating the folds.

Print designs as text-heavy as this tends to be overwhelming for the readers, some may even resort to neglecting reading. However, the agency managed to present all information in a light and easily readable fashion.

They utilized cool blue shades on the other side of the leaflet to aid better reading and provide eye relief despite the heavy content. The other side of the flyer took advantage of warm colors, yellow and orange. According to color psychology, these hues attract focus and improve memory retention.

Considering the intelligent application of colors, the agency didn’t stop there. They also added background accents such as the silhouettes of helping hands, children, and the brand logo to stay on-brand throughout the material.

8. KeSalon Brochure by Kimp.io

KeSalon Brochure by Kimp.io brochure templates design
[Source: KeSalon]

Standout Features:

  • Creative play in typography
  • Golden yellow exudes a luxurious feel
  • Shapes and lines provide balance against content

Beauty brands often bank on models to promote products and services. KeSalon brochure design does this, too, but quite differently. Kimp.io made use of shapes, typography and colors to come up with a high-fashion look for the brand.

The brochure has three folds with prints on the front and back sides. The agency adopted the brand colors, golden yellow and black, then added gray to balance them out. Looking closely at the background, you’ll notice that these are not just plain, solid colors but with texture and humble elements.

On the gray side, the whole three-fold page has diagonal rays of white running from the upper right corner through the other end. On the flip side, you’ll see silhouettes of hair strands, creative model shots, and texts blending in on the background.

The design features four diverse models highlighted by round yellow shapes in different sizes, with thin lines accentuating the elements.

Lastly, white content blocks for services and prices pop out in this design, providing an unobstructed view for the audience.

9. Largo Tires Brochure by PopArt Studio

Largo Tires Brochure by PopArt Studio Brochure & Print Design
[Source: Largo Tires]

Standout Features:

  • Sophisticated grayscale theme
  • Pop of colors to emphasize products
  • Readable and well-spaced content

PopArt Studio designed a brochure and catalog for Largo Tires, an agricultural machine tire manufacturer based in Serbia.

Upon unfolding the materials, you’re treated to a polished grayscale theme with a few pops of color here and there. The agency’s decision to keep the tires’ colors in this layout proves to be a smart move. It easily drags the eyes of the viewers towards the product in one look.

Photos of Largo tires in blue, red, black, silver, and yellow are lined up alongside each other. In addition, the brand logo has a prominent red accent in a slightly altered shape of a double-end truck wrench (it looks like the number 8 from afar). This element is present on the cover pages.

The brand also encourages its customers to create personalized tires from their list of 100 tire profiles. This vision is evident in the design through the simple and digestible infographic of a tire’s anatomy on the inside pages.

Despite the information overdrive, the agency managed to add breathing space using relevant photos and ample whitespaces throughout the design

10. Bergos Report by noformat

Bergos Report by noformat brochure design
[Source: Bergos]

Standout Features:

  • Full-page graphics
  • Excellent use of whitespace
  • Monochromatic approach

Financial institutions tend to be too formal (sometimes boring) when designing their collaterals — but not Bergos.

The private Swiss bank released a financial report that also celebrates history and culture through art. Designed by noformat, it boasts an elegant monochromatic theme with minimalist principles – a surprising move for a finance company that left many of its customers awestruck.

Each page is graced with images of sculptures, events, and places that contributed to the rich history the brand has witnessed. Some of these images occupy the spread, while some are positioned right in the middle. Regardless of the placement, the agency made sure to give sufficient space around the artwork to motivate readers to stay on the page and read through the supporting information, too.

To emphasize certain content headings, the agency painted them light brown, then a slightly darker shade of brown when placed on a black background.

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