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Baha Mar’s Stunning Website Brings The Caribbean To Life

Baha Mar is a luxury resort located in the Caribbean. It’s a top resort and casino destinations that has plenty to offer its guests. The complex as a whole is made up of four separate resorts that have joined forces to create an experience its guests will never forget.

To capture the essence of the Caribbean and these resorts as a whole, Baha Mar teamed up with design agency Fantasy Interactive to create a user experience that was streamlined, simple and comprehensive.

They wanted to create a website that was engaging, inspiring and serene. They wanted a website that showed just how easy it was to let it all go and just enjoy the relaxation and wonder of an island getaway. They wanted users to be able to navigate their website and its offerings with ease and get all the information they needed without stressful searching or anxiety.

The result was a website that was visually impactful, easy to navigate and extremely comprehensive. A multitude of design elements weaves themselves together to create a cohesive and exciting user experience that’s extremely difficult to ignore.

Baha Mar About

Baha Mar’s Website Design Entices With Intuitive Navigation And A Seamless User Journey

From the second you enter the website to the second you complete your booking, navigation and user experience is made a number one priority.

The drop-down menu offers everything you need to know and then some in a clean, clear way. Typography is clear, colors are eye-catching, and navigating is a breeze. The information this website provides is extremely comprehensive and thorough — they tell you the average temperatures, weather forecasts and water temps. They tell you about the local cuisine and culture. They fill you in on all the activities you can engage in and what to explore.

All of this is laid out in a clean and organized way that urges you to keep scrolling. CTAs are clear as well, with “Book Now” buttons on clear display.

Secondary navigation is also visually compelling, with a parallax-like scrolling element that takes you further along your journey.

Pop-ups give you a more thorough insight into aspects of the site and its offerings without jumping you from landing page to landing page, and all links open up in separate tabs so that there is no confusion — there’s truly no getting lost in this website. (Unless you’re getting lost in the gorgeous images and stunning spectacles.)

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Baha Mar Video

Baha Mar’s Dynamic Website Uses Imagery And Video In An Exciting Way

The first thing you’re greeted with upon entering this website is a stunning video that automatically plays. Here you see guests laughing, dancing and having fun. It's visually compelling and tells a story about the brand that is friendly, approachable and serene.

You also have the option to turn sound on or off, making this not just a visual experience, but an auditory one as well. And the music really does put you right on an island — like you’ve landed inside the movie Moana.

These videos appear on multiple pages throughout the site and add a personality that invites you in.

This website also uses stunning photography to send a message of happiness, luxury and serenity. These images are captivating and engaging. They give you a sneak peek into what you could experience if you follow through with your booking. These images are used as header images on landing pages, embedded in the copy and laid out in a gallery for you to engage with.

They are organized in a structured, yet creative way that adds depth to the overall design that further emphasizes luxury, excitement and sophistication.

When booking a vacation, seeing is believing, and this website design truly does ensure your eyes are in for a treat.

Baha Mar Offerings

The Baha Mar Website Design Uses Color Overlays To Bring A Serenity And Peacefulness To The User Experience

Color and white space are two additional elements that elevate this design.

The white space that surrounds the images and text makes this website clean, organized and delightful to scroll through. It adds an authenticity and an authority that makes you believe everything the website is telling you and lulls you into a place of total relaxation.

Similarly, the use of baby blues throughout the website in banners, menus and images is extremely peaceful. Color overlays add depth and dimension to this website that further pushes you into a serene and subdued state.

And when you’re looking to book an island getaway, relaxation and peacefulness are two of the biggest things you’re looking for.

Baha Mar Gallery

Baha Mar’s Website Design Lulls Users Into A Happy Paradise

Baha Mar’s visually stunning website brings the heart and soul of the Caribbean to life through exciting imagery, emotion-evoking color usage and simple navigation. This website design was created by design agency Fantasy Interactive, who created a site that really captured the essence of these resorts and this beautiful destination.

Powerful, autoplay video jumps from the screen from the moment you step onto the page and is mimicked in other landing pages across the site. Vivid photography and stunning images are scattered about in a seamless and structured way that adds personality and flare.

Navigation is fluid and easy, guiding users along with their journey through these resorts and through the island itself. This website gives users all the information they want — whether they have questions about the culture, the food or the weather. This website takes out all the guesswork and makes booking your next island getaway a breeze.

Beautifully captivating colors pop up on the website, which pairs beautifully with the clean white space that adds a clean and modern feel and tone overall. These colors lull you into your very own paradise and compel you to make your next trip one to this tropical getaway.

This Baha Mar website design is a visceral display of ingenuity, peacefulness and excitement.

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