Clean Website Design

Originality is combining what is common with creative intelligence. For web designers and artists of all kinds, platforms that allow them to build original ideas from accessible images sparks ingenuity at a rapid pace. This kind of space spurs innovation, and it brings beauty and genius into the world. is exactly that kind of platform. This site enables users to access stock photos from all kinds of common places for a variety of brand new projects and inventive purposes.

Set against a simple, stark white backdrop that divides images visually from each other, photos of architecture, animals, people, and places are readily available to a variety of creative minds. A single feature photo dominates the left side of the page, using descriptive phrasing or just a single word to spur ideas for how the image could be used. For example: Leather, shown on the home page. The right side of the screen exhibits a pop-up bar with simple sign-in options for users to regularly access free high-resolution images. Clean Menu Design

As users browse the stock collection, simple gray icons allow viewers to connect their social media accounts, and a bar at the top of the page lets users search within specific image categories. The icons and images darken in response to user interaction. Hovering over any photo or clicking one results in a full-screen zoom experience; users can see all the details of any image available on the site.

Uncertain about what kind of creative work to design? This site features an entire page of image selection options, with photos organized in a range of highly diverse categories. The text in each bullet point of the list changes color when users hover, pulling viewers into an imperceptibly immersive experience. Users want to keep exploring all the options. The design detail is simple and keeps focus on the images, not distracting users with animations or movable illustrations within the site. Clean Checkout Page

To buy photos, users can view them on individual pages that display their cost, digital size, and photo credit content. Users can login to access all of their photos for purchase. The separate pages carry over the minimalistic black, gray, and white color scheme, stressing each image in the signature collection. The site is user-friendly, and it draws genius minds into an exploratory world that’s sure to stimulate interest and inspire artistic vision. is a top website design in the Technology industries.