Huemor Great Homepage

A web design company better have a really nice website or else they aren’t likely to secure too many clients. Huemor takes web design to an exciting new level through the use of animation, unique illustrations, and engaging interactive content.

The initial landing page when you visit their website immediately gets you excited. The astronaut's jetpack exhaust is animated. Move your cursor around the screen and a smooth parallax effect gives a layered feeling which, with the context of the image, almost gives the feeling of flying behind the astronaut in a jetpack of your own. The white text stands out, the copy is cheeky, but it doesn’t take away from the focal point of the page which is the astronaut we are about to follow. Click “Let’s Go” and the astronaut flies toward the mysterious planet.

Huemor Great Website Design

As the illustrated astronaut flies toward the planet, the point of view is transported to the ground. Visitors watch as their hero astronaut flies in from the sky, lands, and plants his flag - the Huemor logo. At this point you have hardly navigated the site at all and you have already seen the amazing web design, that Huemor is capable of.

This secondary home page is just as eye popping as the first. The astronaut is, once again, the center of attention. A simple, white typography stands out on the background. Huemor doesn’t shove a pile of text in your face, either. Just a powerful statement and another, secondary header. You’ll also notice the “Rewind” button in the bottom-right. That sends you back to the original landing page so you can watch the astronaut fly in again. The animation is so cool… We have to admit we watched it a couple of times.

Huemor Clean Projects Page

There is a navigation menu at the top of the first portion of the website but scrolling is also used to navigate the different sections of the website. It’s always nice when websites allow both options. Scrolling feels interactive and allows visitors to watch the different elements of the site pop in and out, the way Huemor designed them to. Of course, if this is your 50th time on the site, you have likely seen everything there is to see. The navigation menu allows you to get where you need to go quickly.

The site becomes much more clean and simple after the landing page and home page. A black background holds simple, but eye-catching white text. Rectangles featuring past projects show off some of the amazing work Huemor has done with options for visitors to click through and learn more about each individual project. The only two elements that are consistent throughout are the Huemor logo and the “Contact” button. The logo adds a nice hint of color over the black background and keeps brand consistency throughout.

Huemor Clean Portfolio Page

The black background from the portfolio section changes to a bright white background. The logo and contact button follow along with the visitor. Navigating the site feels very intuitive and the pieces fit together nicely. Nothing is unexpected or out-of-place. This testimonial section below the portfolio and gallery is a smart way to use the logos of the major brands they have worked with. The Geico gecko is immediately recognizable and catches your eye while scrolling. That ability to grab your eye and stop you from scrolling past the raving testimonials from past clients is a very deliberate design choice.

Of course, the website design agency would know a thing or two about great design and they have absolutely nailed it with their own website. It’s engaging, fun, unique, and effective. No wonder huge brands like Geico trust Huemor to take care of their web design.

Huemor is a best website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.