Pomegranate Travel Awesome Homepage

Travel company Pomegranate uses a parallax-inspired web design to intensify the UX and UI of the site. Pomegranate’s format is chic and laden with vivid images and beautiful colors schemes. Its use of transparency and interactive backgrounds accentuates the company’s brand.

The home page is inviting, and the lighting contrast of the background image makes it visually astounding. The bold typography of the header mixed with the transparent layout scheme creates a perfect match to the thematic effect of the page. The website uses parallax scrolling, which makes users feel as if the images are popping off the site.

Pomegranate Travel Awesome About Page

Pomegranate’s “About” page offers a phenomenal interaction between simplicity and imagery. Its large typeface, white background, and clear symmetry emphasizes the content on the page. Users can sift through the sitemap by using a 2x2 gallery with high-quality images, encouraging UI and UX applications.

Pomegranate Travel Awesome Forms Design

The contact form isn’t complicated or overwhelming. The typeface is alarge, bold, light-brown color that grabs the user's attention, but it still maintains a certain subtlety. It draws users to the right side of the screen to collect phone numbers and email addresses, encouraging them to initiate a one-on-one interaction with their company.Pomegranate is one of the most ingenious travel sites on the web. Its use of imagery, symmetry, and an intrinsic color scheme has magnified the company as a web design genius.

Pomegranate Travel is an awesome website design in the Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.