Rijks Museum Shop Great Homepage

The Rijksmuseum Shop’s website is elegant, and it speaks to the ambiance of the museum’s culture. Its use of high-resolution photography, deep scroll application, and minimalist concepts influence the UI and UX of the website.

The home page primarily features a full screen side-scroll with crisp images of the shop’s products. Each photograph has a mid-to dark-shading, which illuminates the white sans serif typeface across the pages. At the top of the page is a black menu bar, including minimal images and white call to action buttons that don’t take away from the simplicity of the overall design.

Rijks Museum Shop Great Product Page

Rijksmuseum Shop’s product page uses a 3x3 gallery format with light-gray, individual panels. Each board displays a high-quality image of a product, its title, and the price. At the bottom right corner, a red, call to action illustration of a shopping bag allows users to select items for purchase without having to navigate to another page.

In the top left corner, there are sorting tags that give users the ability to organize the page based on the item they’re looking for. Each tag's light-green background and white typeface makes it easy to spot, increasing the simplicity of the page’s navigation system.

Rijks Museum Shop Clean Menu Design

When users click on the hamburger menu button, a dark-gray, drop-down menu appears. It utilizes a straightforward format, exempt from extensive content, and it enhances user interaction with a simplistic table to organize each page.

The Rijksmuseum Shop’s visual concept is an ingenious design that uses photography and minimal content to catch the eye of the user. The site is bold, chic, and daring, which makes it one of the best e-commerce web designs available.

Rijks Museum Shop is a best website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.