5 Best Web Designs With Visible Borders

5 Best Web Designs With Visible Borders
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: February 10, 2023

It can be challenging to discern where your computer screen ends, and the outside world begins in the era of flexible web design, where websites can extend to the limitless widths of your browser window.

Borders are used as margins for the webpage and ensure that all content looks proportionate on all devices. So, we’ve seen a growing popularity of websites with visible borders since the prevalence of full-screen, flexible web designs. (Don’t get left behind. Get familiar with all the new website design trends now)

Professional web designers utilize borders to add a touch of elegance to the overall design and assist in defining boundaries in the otherwise limitless realm of responsive design.

Here are the best examples of the best web designs with visible borders to help you imagine and create your solution.

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1. SOS by Hello Design

Best Web Designs With Visible Borders
[Source: SOS]

Standout Features:

  • A simple design
  • Cute & appealing educational side
  • Visual elements highlighted with black outlines

SOS is an electrolyte drinks and powders retailer that aims to take the chore of drinking enough water and turn it into a fun activity. Hello Design ensured the brand's message came across in mint condition with its fresh web design for the company.

This website has a lot to say, but the clean, straightforward design helps it eliminate any confusion. The design interchanges between framed content (mostly visuals) outlined by thick black squares and clever product placement.

This in-and-out-the-box thinking helps the user differentiate personal experiences and the results from the sales-focused part. The latter is always presented outside the borders, alluding to the energetic possibilities after having SOS' electrolytes.

Rather than a typical "About us" section, the design encompasses a "Learn" path reserved for introducing the company but primarily for educating the broader public on the benefits of these products.


Web Designs With Visible Borders

Standout Features:

  • A variety of presentations
  • An imaginative “About” section
  • Interchanging background colors

Davide Mascioli is a multifaceted designer and art director with over ten years of experience. His portfolio website design showcases a range of his skills and work-related thinking.

From the home screen to the “Contact” section, each click depicts a different presenting style, emphasizing his diverse approaches to design.

The homepage offers a compact non-scrollable experience. Instead, the user is met with heavy headline typography stating the owner of this website in the top left corner and the menu on the top right. The bottom half of the screen shows a conveyor belt of Davide’s past work. Whenever you hover on any of the snaps, the background color switches to a different one.

But the cool features don’t end there. The “About” section leaves a red mark as you drag your mouse across the white background, only to turn it into a custom, unique backdrop for his rich typography content. Check out this extensive web typography guide and enhance your presence online.

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3. Konnected Solutions

Best Web Design With Visible Borders
[Source: Konnected Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • A single-page layout
  • Attention-grabbing red markers
  • A clean past work portrayal

Konnected Solutions is a Canadian company that offers collaborative web design and managed hosting solutions to South Korea, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries. Their “indented” website consists of a modern, clean design with content built inside a geometric layout.

The design incorporates patterns of simple yet interactive options, with hovering effects indicating action points. The decluttered color palette contains hues of white and grey and an occasional attention-grabbing red marker that keeps you aware of which part of the website you’re currently looking at. This contrast is gentle on the eyes.

The past work panel is displayed as an intuitive carousel that shows many past projects, letting the user get acquainted with various web design approaches and solutions. As you hover over any of them, the website is focused, and you witness a mini-scrolling session. You also find out where the client is based and what industry the brand targets.

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4. M-H Collision & Autobody by Web Design Mate

visible web
[Source: M-H Collision & Autobody]

Standout Features:

  • The color palette alludes to security and safety
  • Real-photo category division
  • Clear depiction of past work and prominent experience

M-H Collision & Autobody is a leader in providing the best auto repair services. The company cooperated with Web Design Mate, and the agency helped them by developing a comprehensive solution for their website design.

The homepage immediately lets the user know about the variety of services the brand can provide through a carousel of industry-related stock photos with interchangeable taglines and news hero text. Right beneath this carousel, you’ll find some contact details, a welcoming discount invitation, and a short introduction to the team.

As you scroll, the web design briefly explains why you should pick this brand and proceeds to illustrate the variety of services you can expect from the brand. Rather than just dull chunks of text, the categorization is presented through real-life photography with an invitation to learn more.

The color palette reinforces the brand’s values – blue is commonly associated with trustworthiness, whereas red is known to present motion and action. If you find this interesting, check out how you can implement color psychology in your design.

5. Cobalt Analytics by AJ Web Design

Best visible web designs
[Source: Cobalt Analytics]

Standout Features:

  • Prominent hexagon geometric patterns
  • Well-contrasted color combination
  • Customized icons

Cobalt Analytics is a data-platform performance and analytics consulting company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The solution for their online identity was developed by AJ Web Design.

The web design plays around with multiple portrayals of hexagons. These geometrical figures are large, small, clearly and subtly outlined across the website. This is a good branding feature as cobalt’s atom appears as a hexagon in nature.

The color palette predominantly encompasses blue and complementary green to build a powerful contrast with the orange hue that can be found on all calls to action. The design ensures that User Experience standards are met by positioning these CTAs across the website, making them easy to spot regardless of the user’s navigation pathing.

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