Videos are the most preferred type of content among social consumers. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the best-performing video types for greater social media engagement.

MIAMI - JUNE 06, 2022

An Animoto report shows that video is the #1 social media content consumers want to see from brands. It has influenced 73% of consumers to make a purchase, making 88% of marketers pleased with the ROI from their video marketing efforts — Instagram being the major platform.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights — or “QuickSights” — on the best-performing video types for greater social media engagement.


Brandefy CEO and Executive Producer Marton Varo believes that brand videos can help businesses increase credibility and establish an authentic connection with their audience.

“Brand videos that show off your company culture and highlight key players are extremely effective in conveying to your audience what your business is all about in an accessible, transparent manner,” said Varo. “Providing an "inside look" gives your brand credibility and a sense of genuine connection.”


In the opinion of Alex Cascio, owner of Vibrant Media Productions, customer testimonial videos have the potential to engage the social audience and drive strong ROI.

“[...] with the thousands of videos we’ve produced over the past decade, we feel that the “client testimonial” or “interview” videos have been proven to be the most powerful and impactful, no matter what the industry is [...],” said Cascio. “Another way that has been shown to be highly effective with a strong ROI would be a compilation of testimonials for the same product/company — this allows the viewer to see multiple perspectives of customers who think and speak like them. Typically starting with individual testimonial videos [and] then building into longer form content has gained our clients quite a bit of social media engagement across multiple platforms.”


According to Rodrigo Tasca, creative director at Tasca Studios, businesses should get advantage of Instagram reels to produce humor videos and engage the audience.

“Creating [Instagram] reels on your phone while utilizing trending sounds is a great way to get your account noticed,” said Tasca. “By using humor/virtual style videos, [the platform] will push your video to a new audience as the sounds start to gain traction in the algorithm. Try to keep your videos short and sweet between 7 and 15 seconds. Next, you will want to create an educational style video to convert your new audience into followers. From there rinse and repeat.“

DesignRush issued the June list of the best video production companies that can help businesses increase brand awareness, boost social media engagement and generate leads.

1. SocialSEO -
Expertise: Video Production, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more

2. LiFi Media Production -
Expertise: Corporate Video Production, Marketing & Advertising Videos, Social Media Campaigns and more

3. Vibrant Media Productions -
Expertise: Branding Videos, Website and TV Commercials, Virtual Event Video Production and more

4. Brandefy -
Expertise: Corporate Videos, Explainer Videos, Commercials and more

5. Open Moves -
Expertise: Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Copywriting and more

6. Siege Media -
Expertise: Product Videos, Brand Videos, How To Videos and more

7. GhostWriting Venture -
Expertise: Scriptwriting, Video Trailers, Digital Marketing and more

8. ninety two -
Expertise: Branding, Logo Design, Web Design and more

9. Tasca Studios -
Expertise: Video Production, Video Editing, Video Marketing and more

10. Dos Mundos Creative -
Expertise: Video Production, Scriptwriting, Motion Graphics Design and more

11. Explainify -
Expertise: Video Animation, Video Production, Scriptwriting and more

12. Melty Cone -
Expertise: Video Production, Video Editing, 2D & 3D Animation and more

13. Umault -
Expertise: Video Strategy, Video Production, Video Distribution and more

14. Instinct Animations -
Expertise: Animated Video, Video Marketing, Digital Marketing and more

15. Video Jeeveshttps -
Expertise: 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics Design and more

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