Radiate Inc Beautiful Logo Design

Radiate Inc. is a media education company founded by Bloomberg TV anchor Betty Liu. The company, based in New York City, produces bite-sized learning videos to help managers and entrepreneurs transform into the leaders of tomorrow.

The Radiate Inc. logo contains a connectivity symbol, all capital letters, large font spacing, and a green font color

Small green circles connect each other through lines in a sea of other small green dots. This symbol is synonymous with connectivity. The sharing of information from person to person. The passing down of sacred knowledge from the mentor to the mentee. This is directly symbolic of the company’s core service which is providing invaluable videos of knowledge from the world’s best leaders.

Large letter spacing gives the logo room to breathe. One can imagine filling vast amounts of knowledge and information gold between in each letter. Each video from each leader can have information that can be interpreted in countless ways.

Each person that views the video can be an aspiring leader with unique circumstances. The point is this: each viewer must read between the lines. They must apply the knowledge they receive to their own specific circumstances.

The font is green. Green is harmonious, healthy, plentiful, and represents renewal. These videos are upbeat and positive. They are meant to help the viewer, not hinder them. They plant the seed for what could be a spark of transformation. A renewed view of the world and the aspiring leader’s company or organization can occur.

Finally, the green color shift from darker to brighter. This represents transformation. The pathway to enlightenment. The journey from apprentice to master and the everlasting rare jewels of knowledge exclusively shared and bundled into bite sized videos from Radiate Inc.

Radiate Inc Modern Branding Design

When combined, the logo becomes a symbol of knowledge enlightenment. With new top industry leaders answering thousands of questions, unlimited access on any device, and new experts each and every week, this is a logo that represents a journey not just to merely improve aspiring leaders, but to change the world in the process.

Radiate Inc Modern Logo Design

Radiate Inc is a modern logo design in the Arts & Recreation, Education and Technology industries.