10 Best Geometric Logo Designs That Explore the Art of Symmetry

10 Best Geometric Logo Designs That Explore the Art of Symmetry
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 19, 2023

One of the most famous logos today are those that feature geometric shapes. Geometric logos are a favorite trend among professional logo designers. They're simple, eye-catching, timeless, and above all, they're memorable.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best logo designs that use simple shapes and transform them into world-class logos! Read on to get inspired and learn how to create one for your brand.

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1. Wild-Studios by Levii

geometric logo designs
[Source: Levii]

Standout Features:

  • Creative use of negative space
  • Simple yet meaningful
  • Arrow-shaped logo

Our first entry is a classic example of "less is more" in logo design. As a sports brand, they must tell their audience that they mean serious business; this logo shows they got it.

Levii used the arrow as the central point in this design, creating a powerful and memorable logo that stands out.

The minimalistic approach combined with the creative use of negative space gives it an edge and makes it easily recognizable.

In addition, minimalist logos allow people to focus entirely on what the brands can offer without distracting them.

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2. Do Deep Tech by Radmir Volk

geometric name logo
[Source: Radmir Volk]

Standout Features:

  • Trapezoid shapes
  • A sleek and minimalist take
  • No-nonsense approach

Geometric shapes give designs a more constructed feel, and this logo from Radmir Volk is an excellent example of that.

The trapezoid shapes used in the Do Deep Tech logo create visual interest while remaining minimalistic and sleek. This allows them to convey their no-nonsense approach without overwhelming the audience.

The black background also helps highlight the logo and its bright colors, creating a modern look. This also looks professional without even trying.

Sometimes, we don't need elaborate logos when simple logos can deliver just the same.

3. A2-Ai Logo by Carbon3Sixty, Inc.

geometric business logos
[Source: Carbon3Sixty, Inc.]

Standout Features:

  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Witty use of shapes
  • Simple color story

One basic rule in logo design is to keep it simple and relevant to the brand. And the A2-Ai logo design by Carbon3Sixty, Inc. is an excellent example of that. 

The team used basic geometric shapes - circles, and squares - to design this witty logo. They used small squares and circles with pointed letters to show speed and movement, connoting the company's primary goal of providing sustainable energy solutions.

The simple color story of blue, white, and yellow also helps convey their message. It stands out from other logos due to its simplicity, making it easy to remember and recognizable.

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4. RGL ARQUITECTOS by Senza Estudio

geometric logos
[Source: Senza Estudio]

Standout Features:

  • Interconnecting shapes
  • Classic logo concept
  • Serious feel

One thing familiar with company logos with geometric shapes is that they always mean business. They want to create something other than something that looks fun and fancy.

Senza Estudio gave our next entry, the RGL ARQUITECTOS logo, a classic yet serious feel by adding interconnecting shapes.

This gives off the impression that they are well-connected and dependable in what they do. This is a superb impression to leave on your target audience to present yourself as a put-together group.

They used white and black as their primary colors, with an additional grey highlighting their connection and message.

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5. Orange Grove Bio by Bionic Egg Design

geometric shape logo
[Source: Bionic Egg Design]

Standout Features:

  • Use of simple shapes
  • Creative use of circles
  • Geometric logo design

Geometric shapes can also create images and symbols representing the brand or company. Bionic Egg Design proves this with its Orange Grove Bio logo design.

Simple shapes like circles, squares, and rectangles make it look clean-cut and professional.

However, they are also creative with placing the circles to create a tree-like image representing growth. This innovative use of shapes adds a meaningful element to their logo, thus making it even more memorable.

The choice of blue and green as the primary colors also helps convey their message - that they are eco-friendly, organic, and natural.

This is one example of how geometric logos can be creative and meaningful without adding too much.

6. UPPERCUT by Esmat Design

logo geometric
[Source: Esmat Design]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist logo approach
  • Strong typography
  • Effortlessly serious

Geometric shapes and minimalist logos go together more often than any logo design, as they can create a solid and straightforward impact. With its minimalist approach, Esmat Design created an effortlessly direct logo design for UPPERCUT. 

Using only black and white colors, the team could emphasize the typography used in this design. A bold font choice also gives it more impact to catch your attention quickly. 

Even though it is a bold font, it is also a bit thinner than other font choices. This serves as an invitation to keep looking at it, making it easier for them to remember the brand. Logo designs that use bold letters like this are eye-catching and assertive. 

The simple design and use of black and white also give a timeless feel that can easily stand out from the competition.

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7. GLXY by Austli Design

Best Geometric Logo Designs
[Source: Austli Design]

Standout Features:

  • Inverted open triangle
  • Flexible and versatile
  • On-brand design

Shapes, in general, are a vital part of logo design. But they can become more than just a graphical element when used creatively.

Austli Design does this with its GLXY logo by utilizing an inverted open triangle as the main shape. This gives it depth and a sense of mystery, drawing people to discover more about the brand.

The white-on-black background also gives it a strong presence and makes it look sharper.

The flexibility of the shapes also allows them to be used in different contexts, making GLXY one of those logos that can easily be used as part of other design elements. When done right, this type of logo can become iconic.

8. Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft by Acid and Marble

geometric logo design
[Source: Acid and Marble]

Standout Features:

  • Connected shapes
  • Wide size
  • Explains the brand

Brands that offer innovation and convenience in our daily lives often find geometric logo designs most fitting.

Acid and Marble created a logo that achieves this goal. The connected shapes in their design create a wave-like image, which visually explains the concept of hydrofoil craft and what they do.

Using black and yellow can also explain how powerful machines like these can be and should not be taken lightly.

Using a wide size also makes their logo stand out more, even in small spaces like websites or mobile applications - an essential feature for any business.

Geometric shapes are versatile and can help create firm logos without depending on images or text alone.

9. Ateliê Urbano by Motora Design

company logos with geometric shapes
[Source: Motora Design]

Standout Features:

  • Open shapes
  • Playful placement
  • Logo with personality

Finally, this entry by Motora Design proves that geometric logos can also be playful.

The open shapes in their design give it a vibrant and energetic feel, while the placement of the circle and triangle gives it character - making it look like a person smiling while giving a wink.

They used blue, white, and yellow as their primary colors, which gives it a youthful and fresh look.

Ateliê Urbano's logo is an excellent example of this. Not only does it make them more recognizable, but it also helps them convey their message quickly and effectively.

10. POLUNSKY BEITEL GREEN by Robot Creative

[Source: Robot Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Square enclosure
  • Monochrome color story

Robot Creative's logo design for POLUNSKY BEITEL GREEN is a minimalist logo design that perfectly captures the essence of what the brand is all about.

The logo features a lone square with the name of the brand written inside in sans-serif font, showing seriousness and safety to the clients.

The square enclosure symbolizes the level of security that the company provides for all its clients, no matter who they are. The black and white colors add a touch of professionalism to the design.

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