13 Best Beer Packaging Designs That Will Make You Hop with Excitement

Graphic design comes in many forms, especially when it comes to packaging. Some of the most interesting and exciting designs can be found in beer packaging as it is a great canvas to show off the brew’s unique personality.

Since the popularity of the craft beer industry skyrocketed in recent years, new forms of eye-catching art saturated the market, becoming even more appealing than the beverage itself. And with good reason.

The best beer packaging designs are more than just attention-grabbing vehicles. Without them, the products are overlooked on the aisles’ shelves. When done correctly, beer packaging design gives customers a unique opportunity to “sample” a product even before that famous fizz opening sound.

As the saying goes (or doesn't), beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder. From the quality of logos to the color choice and everything in-between, we’ve collected the best examples of beer packaging designs dominating the global market. It’s time to get inspired.

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1. Hop Hooligans Machine Learning by Diana Barbu

[Source: Hop Hooligans]

Standout features:

  • Painting-style quality
  • Visual play on beer’s namesake
  • Tranquil color palette

Hop Hooligans is a Bucharest-based microbrewery founded in 2016 by three good friends who decided to produce their own bold recipes of high-quality craft beer. The packaging, designed by Diana Barbu, is infused with playful and cheeky elements, including fun and quirky stories about the brand’s name, as well as the name of every individual brew.

Machine Learning, their latest addition in a long line of beer brews, is also adorned with sharp and fresh illustrations.

What makes it stand out are somewhat abstract, painting-style elements that embody the machine learning name.

It calls to mind a rather particular branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that computer systems can learn from data, identify visual patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. The packaging, however, adds that “human intervention” by uniting the “cold” technology with Kandinsky-inspired motifs that do not aim to accurately depict said technology, but rather its power and effects.

This merger makes the beer contained in the packaging look like the essence of intelligence and genuine inspiration.

2. Taix Tolo Tche by Cerverama

[Source: Taix Tolo Che]

Standout features:

  • Playful illustrations
  • Graffiti-style art
  • Colorful palette

Taix Tolo Tchê! is a collab between Cervejaria Biertal (SC) and Old Captain (RS) that was laureled with Silver Medal Beer award at CBC 2021.

The explosive collaboration didn’t only result in a phenomenal, perfect-for-the-summer, sour IPA, but an equally stunning packaging.

You might think that there’s not much you can do when designing your typical, plain old beer can as it’s fairly limiting shape-wise. However, Cerverama managed to open a whole new world with Taix Tolo Tche.

The agency adorned the beer packaging with playful illustrations that not only emphasize the summer vibe, but also the brew’s origin – colorful Brazil! Taste the carnival!

3. LazyLab Brew Co by Minal Studio

[Source: Lazy Lab]

Standout features:

  • “Music to your taste buds”
  • Abstract elements
  • Vibrant colors

LazyLab is a brewery based in Brighton, UK, brewing a variety of award-winning IPAs. Inspired by the West Coast “across the pond” (and a fair amount of landmass) and tropical vibes, LazyLab’s signature IPAs are hoppy, full of flavor and packed with a distinct attitude. Simply put, it’s a “juice rave in a can.”

The “sunny” design, courtesy of Minal Studio embodies the brew’s punchy, tantalizing notes with a satisfying finish that leaves beer enthusiasts craving for more. Each flavor is represented by a unique color, an illustrated character and an abstract design that personifies the notes and vibes from drinking it.

The whole design represents the brand’s message:

“Crack a cold one, kick back and relax. Stay lazy.”

4. Rodder Brewing Co by Jacomy Mayne Studio

[Source: Rodder]

Standout features:

  • Fairytale imagery
  • Striking typography
  • Subdued color palette

Rødder Brewing Co is a craft beer brand based in Argentina, hell-bent on producing high-quality beer for local bars and now launching their own beer lines.

Iin times when craft beer breweries are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. Somehow, Rødder does just that, seemingly effortlessly.

Working with Jacomy Mayne Studio, Rødder released 4 labels for their lines of beers, to compete and differentiate themselves on the shelves. The labels use very distinct visuals, reminiscent of European fairytale imagery. The typography is also a very amusing mix of traditional and vintage, suggesting that every flavor has a rich story to tell.

5. Tiny Bastards by Studio Carino

[Source: Tiny Bastards]

Standout features:

  • Fun illustrations
  • Clean and minimal
  • Punchy attitude

TINY BASTARDS is an independent (badass) brewery in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Their beers, donning unusual styles and bold personalities, are perfect to accompany companions to a good ol’ barbecue in the backyard (and share it with some unwanted guests as well).

Since no single craft beer brand dominates the market, standing out requires labels that are more than appealing. It requires attitude. Tiny Bastards is all about attitude and Studio Carino showcased it perfectly.

The simplistic, clean label relies on its witty illustrations or different “species” of the brewery’s namesake. They represent somewhat of a vengeful animal we deemed a vermin in times past. Each one, naughty raccoon (Porter), troublemaking sparrow (blonde beer) and intimidating squirrel (IPA) hold a weapon of choice, traditionally used to fend them off.

The creative imagery combined with the candid tagline: “This Sh*t Ain’t Fo Weak People” is just enough to turn some heads.

6. Epic Duel by Matt Erickson

[Source: Epic Duel]

Standout features:

  • Distinct color scheme and black backgrounds
  • No typography
  • Rich narrative

Starting back in 2014 from a small garage, 56 Brewing is a Minneapolis-based craft beer brewery that offers a wide range of brews. With a rich and dedicated local following for IPAs and Sour brews, 56 Brewing grew to become a “crafting community, one beer at a time.”

Their latest addition is here to tell a story. Epic Duel is a set of two distinct special-release beers packaged in 16oz cans.

These double dry-hopped New England-style double IPAs were each crafted to showcase a single hop and highlight their individual characteristics. The two chosen variants were Strata and Sultana.

When creating the limited-edition packaging, Matt Erickson's approach was to tell an engaging narrative about a showdown between these two (magical) hops - and thus “Epic Duel” was born.

A hop battle for the ages, the strife between these individual personalities was distilled and turned into majestic packaging, each featuring a wizard battling for dominance. The intricate illustrations and a complete lack of typography help create a lovely beer packaging design that's effusive of the brewery's fun-spirited attitude.

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7. Rotulo do Velhaco by StudioBah Branding & Design

[Source: Rotulo do Velhaco]

Standout features:

  • Embodies the tale behind the brand
  • Creative use of typography
  • Original label

Devaneio do Velhaco (or Old Rogue's Daydream) is a brewery and bar in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The brand’s initial idea literally began in a dream, or more precisely in an imaginary conversation between the founder and his grandfather Salvador.

Established in the family's old house in the historic “Joyful Harbor’s” center, the brewery began to bottle its beer and introduced it across Brazil.

Therefore, Helping the brewery to spread (or rather spill) the message, StudioBah Branding & Design developed packaging, specially designed to expand and continue the brand moving out of the pubs. And so the Old Rogue's label was born, a beer packaging design representing the idea behind the brand that also respects the concurrent business needs.

The idea was to separate the label into 2 parts: the bigger one, which seamlessly merges copy. typography and illustration into one work of art carries all the brand’s essence, while the smaller acts as a “flag” on the neck of the bottle.

8. ButtzVille by Levitskie Creative

[Source: Buttzville]

Standout features:

  • Mix of traditional and contemporary
  • Lots of colors
  • Play on words

Located in downtown Washington Borough in Warren County, Buttzville Brewing Co. is a 5-barrel craft brewery focused on classic brew styles and new takes on the traditional ales you love.

Growing from a small homebrew shared between friends and family to a respected and trendy brewery, Buttzville came to the stage and made a splash with brand-new packaging, created by Levitskie Creative.

Just like its cheeky name. Buttzville packaging is also a seamless mix of traditional aesthetics, usually associated with old-school beer labels with fun, dynamic and colorful illustrations typical for its craft beer counterparts.

This unique take on the art of standing out, or rather the mixing of cliches to create something genuinely original is definitely a winning formula… The rest is history. Well, not history yet; history in the making.

9. Golden Pipes Brewing by Craft Instinct

[Source: Golden Pipes]

Standout features:

  • History-inspired
  • Intrinsic to the city of Melbourne
  • Traditional color palette

Talking about history, this is a story worth telling. Back in the year 1884, Auguste de Bavay, a Belgian brewer arrived in Melbourne and began working at Thomas Aitken’s Victoria Parade Brewery. In 1889, he proved that Melbourne’s water supply was contaminated by bacteria via fireplugs & dirty pipes.

This finding led to a State Royal Commission resulting in the removal of the fireplugs and replacing all of the city piping which immediately improved the quality of Melbourne’s water supply, and ultimately, its beer.

Golden Pipes Brewing is basically an ode to Auguste’s finding and his impact on Melbourne’s beer scene. When creating the company’s packaging, Craft Instinct decorated the cartoon-style artwork with expansive golden pipework interwoven with hop vines right under the city of Melbourne. These not only represent the Garden city’s history and a rich underground beer scene; it also celebrates the forgotten heroes and brings them back in style.

10. Cerveza Caleya by Pixelbox Estudio Grafico

[Source: Caleya]

Standout features:

  • Colorful packaging
  • Different illustration styles
  • Prominent logo

Caleya's story begins in 2001 when four friends united under the motto of "making delicious beer and not getting rich with beer." After many ups and downs, Caleya Beer came to light.

The first stage of Caleya was developed in the Rioseco factory, in the heart of the Redes Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, for its impeccable quality of water.

The first produced brews were Asturies Pale Ale, then Mayuca Amber and Goma 2, an IPA. The latter, without a doubt, became one of the most accepted and thriving in the market and is considered one of the best IPAs in Spain.

The Caleya’s commitment to the so-called “new renaissance”, or returning to the land with new production and returning to its strong and deep roots is the basis for their beer packaging. Created by Pixelbox Estudio Grafico, the packaging design offers a unique graphic style for each brew, while being inherently Spanish.

11. Buffalo 9 Brewing by HAWK Design & Creative

[Source: Buffalo 9 Brewing]

Standout features:

  • Rough watercolor style
  • Storytelling
  • Meaningful illustrations

Buffalo 9 Brewing is an award-winning craft brewery located in Calgary, Alberta. Dedicated to telling the stories of Canada's military history and its soldiers’ prowess, each Buffalo 9 can is themed after a different moment in the “olden days.”

Their latest addition to the roster, New England IPA is inspired by Canada's role in the famous Battle for Vimy Ridge (WWI in France). It’s not a simple beer, but a gritty story that redefines the meaning of “bottoms up.”

As Canadian troops began their siege of Vimy Ridge on Easter morning of 1917, trudging through sleet, gunfire and mud, they managed to defeat German troops and made them run. HAWK Design & Creative used these exact details to inform the gritty textures and color palette of the final beer can label design.

Since storytelling is an irreplaceable part of Buffalo 9 Brewing, the agency wanted this first label to establish a war journal look and feel. The story is told in the first person and uses rich descriptions. Illustrations are sketched as if out of a worn-out notebook, with rough watercolor and map textures making up the background.

12. Clockwork Lemon by Newmen Agency

[Source: Clockwork Lemon]

Standout features:

  • Lemon-hop as the star of the show
  • Zany illustrations
  • Colorful

The whimsical, experimental lemon radler, Clockwork Lemon is a brand new guest on the European craft beer shelf, and with good reason. The brand turns the radler tradition upside down and positions the drink as an excellent alternative to kriek, cider and/or other beer-based fruit cocktails.

While clearly drawing inspiration from the world-famous “Clockwork Orange,” the packaging paints a far less sinister picture than Kubrick's masterpiece.

In fact, when designing it, Newmen Agency opted for fun surrealist illustrations that play with absurd plots in which its namesake merged with a hop turns into a flying comet, a quadcopter, a perfect substitute for a fan on a hot summer day and a real vehicle.

The radler’s zany visual language helps it come to life, both on shelves or in your fridge, after the purchase.

13. Greene King by Design Bridge

[Source: Greene King]

Standout features:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Woodcut illustrations
  • Custom typography

As one of the oldest independent breweries in the UK (way before the rise of the craft beer craze) Greene King wanted to showcase their brewing expertise to a more diverse audience by twisting and adapting traditional flavor profiles and channeling some of that good ole’ Britain’s folklore to create authentic, modern and ultimately, exciting brews.

Design Bridge’s London Studio crafted each of the four new beers to pay homage to the legends of the old, British history icons. They used woodcut illustrations with vibrant color schemes that combined with stylish typography reference details from their respective stories.

Of course, every “story” comes with a healthy dose of the famous British humor which gives insight into their individual strengths and flavors. Every detail has been carefully planned, with a clear intent behind each concept. This is not your typical beer, it’s a can containing a rich, fun and imaginative story.

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