Wolveridge Architects Corporate Homepage

Make yourself comfortable with the idea of owning your dream home thanks to Wolveridge Architects. Set on helping you accomplish this life goal, the company works with you in every stage from design to development.

A simple introduction is what Wolveridge Architects focus on as they ease you into their site. The single screen presents you with everything you need to find your way around.

At the top and the bottom of the home page are navigation tools, letting your focus be entirely on how you’re going to immerse yourself in the company. While you decide, wait a brief moment and you’ll find the gorgeous background image changes.

You’ll have the chance to see a number of projects created by Wolveridge Architects. The images are exciting and spark your curiosity for what else the company can do, fueling your journey deeper into their website.

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Wolveridge Architects Corporate Gallery Page

When you’re in the business of design, a detailed portfolio is a necessity to showcase what it is that you can do.

Wolveridge Architects puts together a dynamic gallery of projects they’ve created. Each photograph is vibrant and full of color to catch your attention. Keeping your focus on their portfolio, the page throws aside any other use for a web design by lining up all the borders of the pictures with one another so there are no gaps on the page.

It’s a bold move that slides each image into the next, but it works to transition you from one to the next quickly and efficiently.

Wolveridge Architects Clean Testimonials Page

It’s a big deal choosing the right company to build your home. Wolveridge Architects aim to take the off a little bit of that stress by putting together a set of testimonials.

With a focus on their work doing all the talking, the site employs a highly contrasted black and white theme. The message their former clients has to say is all they want impacting you. Testimonials are broken down into three columns and separated by divider lines, helping you to move between clients easily.

Wolveridge Architects want to make your dream home a reality and use strong imagery to showcase the talents they have to do so. A simple user experience is created through the focus of letting you decide how to piece together the company’s message and how it impacts you.

Wolveridge Architects is a corporate website design in the Architecture and Professional Services industries.

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