15 Best Web Designs With Bold Colors

15 Best Web Designs With Bold Colors
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Last Updated: March 10, 2023

In today's digital world, web design has become crucial to building a successful online presence. With so much competition on the internet, it's essential to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and memorable designs.

One trend that has increased in popularity among expert web designers in recent years is using bold colors in web design. Bold colors can add a sense of energy and vibrancy to a website and help draw the user's attention to vital elements.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best web designs that incorporate bold colors and discuss the benefits of using bold colors in web design. Whether you're a designer looking for inspiration or a business owner looking to revamp your website, this article will provide valuable insights and ideas.

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1. Laurea People's Signature

bold website design
[Source: Laurea People's Signature]

Standout Features:

  • Distinguishable gradient-based buttons
  • Clear section division
  • Card-based categories

If you’re seeking a quality example of a colorful, energetic website design with lots of well-put data, the Laurea People's Signature SDN BHD is a great place to start. This bold website design shows how you can manage massive information sharing on a single webpage without appearing crowded.

Starting with an eye-pleasing purple hue for the hero text, you realize you’ve arrived at a center of creative minds and solutions. The sections are divided clearly, with a fine line or a new vibrant header. Despite the expansive color scheme for this project, the cohesion in using them is outstanding.

This can be seen in the case of the clickable options. All the buttons are uniform in a different gradient that ranges from orange to purple. However, the hovering effect included lets you “expand” on the range, showing you a gradient ranging from orange to red.

There are several menus, each presented through a card-based choice. However, the presentation varies, breaking the monotony in representation. You can pick the area of expertise from a set of four cards in a line, inform yourself more on any of them in three rows of two-centered cards, or witness other creative options as you keep scrolling.

2. History Virtual Museum by Halo Lab

bold website designs
[Source: History Virtual Museum]

Standout Features:

  • A one-page layout
  • Presenting history in a modern fashion
  • Gradient-based geometry

There’s an online treat for web design lovers and history admirers. This unexpected party was hosted by Halo Lab, the agency behind the impressive History Virtual Museum web design.

We know that history is a vast encyclopedia, so it can get messy and leave you lost without any order. That’s why this is a one-page layout that lets you explore your points of interest while enabling you to navigate them quickly. Here are some excellent one-page website examples to help you make your own.

The dark background reflects the many gray areas left to be explored by historians, so it’s dominant on the layout. However, there are gradients of red on the right and the left, possibly indicating the intriguing facts that shine a light on some of our past.

The visuals on the website combine iconic real-life sculptures with modern, digital minimal geometric shapes, often presented in vibrant gradients. Blending the two piques the interest of the browser and brings color to the colorless times.

Apart from lots of readable data, the website design also entails an immersive audio guide with hovering effects showing a complementary picture for the targeted section.

3. ITeracja Podcast Website by EL Passion

Best Bold Website Designs
[Source: ITeracja Podcast Website]

Standout Features:

  • Full of simple dynamic elements
  • Black-and-yellow
  • Negative effects

The podcast industry is thriving, and finding your audience in a sea of competitors is getting more complex. EL Passion solved the identity issue for the ITeracja Podcast Website through a uniquely innovative, distinctive website design.

The homepage is sleek and omits any of the redundant menu options. It shows its intuition by only offering a short photo intro of the crew behind the podcast, the logo in the top left corner, and the button inviting you to start listening now on the right. The layout immediately sets the tone for the entire website – you are going on a black-and-yellow journey.

While these are the main visible parts, many subtle dynamic elements also do not obstruct the vision. You can see two hovering icons colored in pastel green and violet, the heavy yellow hero text, and the slim outlined dynamic text going from right to left.

As you scroll, you are introduced to their latest episodes, each including a short description of the topic covered and the hosts. But the number of episodes is anything but dull. It’s presented in a square that portrays a yellow-heavy picture with a negative effect, granting the stunning appeal.

4. PaygVPN by Hipinspire

Best Bold Website Design
[Source: PaygVPN]

Standout Features:

  • Warm color gradients
  • Cool 3D visuals
  • Leveraging positive space for data representation

PaygVPN sought an online platform to help the brand promote its app design. And what better way than through an exciting web design? This stunning bold website design was created by Hipinspire.

The homepage encompasses multiple shades of purple combined with clever visual devices, highlighting a picture of a smartphone. With digital illustrations of clouds surrounding it, the message is clear – the only sky is the limit for using PaygVPN.

As you scroll around, you’ll encounter an abundance of positive space around another image of a smartphone. The blank space is a perfect canvas for the short yet concise content describing the most essential features of the product.

However, if you’re nitpicky, the web design continues to explain the qualities and overall characteristics with the help of warm-color gradient illustrations used to support the text.

5. Hennii by Habitat

bold theme website design
[Source: Hennii]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and futuristic
  • A modern fintech design
  • Well-branded all around

Hennii strives to be more than your average online banking services provider. The brand collaborated with Habitat, turning that aim into reality with a fresh, modern web design.

The website can be described using no more than three words – the design is smooth, well-branded, and futuristic. With a simple, intuitive interface, the design differs from traditional bank websites that often confuse clients.

Sometimes, black, easily legible text on a white background is more than enough to communicate your message. However, empowering it with colorful visual elements makes Hennii’s design extraordinary.

This modern fintech design has a friendly tone that attempts to present itself as a lifestyle brand integrated into your everyday activities. This atmosphere alleviates the pressure and notoriety frequently associated with financial institutions.

6. NCYC by Embark

bold black website design
[Source: NCYC]

Standout Features:

  • A powerful video introduction
  • Thorough, comprehensive information
  • A carousel-based gallery

For the first time in its four-decade-long history, NCYC is now an annual event rather than a biennial one. Among many other factors, this transition was marked by the organization’s new website design, built by Embark.

The design comprises vibrant coloring that stands for the religious views and the country’s flag and a comprehensive explanation to those who have stumbled upon the website seeking answers. Once you get acquainted with the mission and vision of the NCYC, the layout provides some space that lets you meet the program hosts.

The new, upcoming audience was approached through modern devices, like a powerful and meaningful short video segment that illustrated the power of God and faith.

The modern approach entails other visual stimuli, like multiple visual aids that retell the story of last year’s epic experience and the community’s union. Further below, there’s a carousel-based gallery and a subtle testimonial section.

7. Text Fridayy by Dynamic Wave Consulting

bold graphic design website
[Source: Text Fridayy]

Standout Features:

  • Ripple effect dynamic photography
  • Cool color gradients
  • Clear instructions

Text Fridayy’s website design, created by Dynamic Wave Consulting, presents fresh air amid the delivery app’s websites. Its simplicity, limited yet appealing visuals and soothing coloring outmaneuvers many competitors.

The website acts as a brief instruction on the service. The homepage offers content that swiftly elaborates on how and what to do, and it’s supported by a clear, animated example of someone using the app.

The cool color gradients exhibited in the background let the content breathe and ease the reading experience of the viewer. The typography on the website complies with the simplistic interface, and it’s consistently presented next to the visual aids that show what you’ve read.

The white serif-type font is easy to read due to increased spacing and the contrast it gains from standing against various shades of blue and green. These colors are known for their strong psychological effect. Here are some of the best examples of leveraging blue in web design.

Further below, the design has a cute refreshment in store for the browser, with dynamic photography with ripple effects.

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8. CRMC 2023 by Brand Vision

bold website design inspiration
[Source: CRMC]

Standout Features:

  • A striking halftone effect
  • The golden age of Hollywood retro style
  • Relevant, awards-worthy dynamic elements

CRMC 2023 is all about glamour, class, and fun. Brand Vision ensures that these aspects are highlighted at every step of your virtual journey.

This colorful website design has an expansive palette that looks classy and tasteful. Inspired by the pop art movement, the style resembles Hollywood of the 60s, with shiny retro aesthetics dazzling you away.

Rather than a dull monochrome background, the layout is full of striking halftone effects that combine blue and yellow on the homepage or yellow and white in the categories section. But that’s not all. There’s also a noise effect that emphasizes its retro glow.

The signs of the times continue with five cut-out fashion-model characters, each with a grin and a stylish clothing element or accessory.

The reasons for your attendance are presented with the help of clever visual elements that place the reasons in an Oscar-like envelope. As you hover over each one, they are “drawn” out, letting you read them.

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9. RevBoss by Savas Labs

bold dark website design
[Source: RevBoss]

Standout Features:

  • Patterned background
  • Colorful geometrical patterns
  • An elegant blend of warm and cool colors

RevBosses needed a way to showcase various services to help improve SaaS brands, so they asked Savas Labs to design their website. And the result managed to exceed expectations!

The rich dark blue hero text is the star element of the simple homepage. The color of the header reflects the shade found on CTAs across the website, inclining you to take action. Above the hero text, you’ll find a scaled-up menu; below, you’ll be invited to try their services through a wide button.

The content is unobstructed by other visual elements, which leaves room for a subtle background visual – we see it’s crafted with patterns created by using the brand’s logo.

Once you get acquainted, the design introduces you to the loyal, satisfied past customers presented on a carousel. Then there’s a short, immersive video story taking you through all the brand’s past successes.

Despite lacking background colors, the website design is linen with creative geometry-based shapes that combine orange and blue, delivering an elegant blend of warm and cool colors.

10. Pyxis Solutions by Sonder Creative

cool bold website design
[Source: Pyxis Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • Cohesive and powerful
  • Emotional photography
  • Murky color palette

PYXIS SOLUTIONS is a Canadian-based company that aims to help indebted clients overcome their obstacles without any stress. Their cool web design was made by Sonder Creative, and the agency ensured that the emotional atmosphere tops the financial, stress-inducing one.

The website design encompasses many emotional, real-life photos that help impose the idea of empathy towards a difficult situation the clients find themselves in. The murky color palette is the perfect choice for this atmosphere, as it portrays the seriousness of the issues and incorporates a sense of understanding, trustworthiness, and calmness.

This design is cohesive – it starts by showing the people behind the company understand what’s happening, shows empathy, offers solutions, and finally, invites you to act with a whole section dedicated to explaining your next step(s).

11. PURE Canadian Gaming by Pixel Army

bold website design themes
[Source: PURE Canadian Gaming]

Standout Features:

  • A pure Canadian “U”
  • Carousel-based locations
  • Clear, left-sided menu

The PURE Canadian Gaming website is one of the best examples of how vibrant doesn’t have to be flashy and over the top. Pixel Army developed a simple yet elegant and efficient solution for the brand and all the Canadian folks who like to “roll the dice.”

The website design starts with a carousel showcasing the various locations of the establishment. Alongside the hero text that will let you know where to find them, you’ll see a front entrance view of each venue, ensuring there’s no confusion once you’re there. A lucky red clickable button also takes you to their respective venue’s website.

The layout is divided into the central part on the right and the practical, fixed menu on the left. The menu offers no more than three visually separated options. Above it, you’ll find the brand’s logo – below, the social media channels and the subtle pathway to specific venue’s websites.

An additional stylish and branding touch can be found across the website. The glyph “U” is customized and portrays a combination of the letter’s root and a Canadian flag “standing” on it in every headline.

12. AgileMind by RainCastle Communications

[Source: AgileMind]

Standout Features:

  • Checked notebook
  • Educational workshop atmosphere
  • Lots of custom illustrations and icons

AgileMind is an educational organization looking for ways to empower teachers to share their knowledge with children. That’s why the company sought a distinctive web design through which its team could connect with the target audience. RainCastle Communications developed a clever solution!

The homepage highlights the video of a fun and interactive class where a teacher is explaining something to the children surrounding her. You can check out other great examples of using videos on your homepage here.

The heavy hero text is hard to miss, and it’s underlined imperfectly, resembling the natural imperfections of the learning process. There are also several mathematical formulas depicted around the headlined content.

Rather than the dull clean white background, all the visuals and content are presented on a checked notebook “terrain,” reminiscent of the usual tool for learning in schools around the country.

With the atmosphere set, the design introduces a series of incredible customized illustrations and icons that help convey what AgileMind excels at to students and parents alike. The color palette encompasses blue, red, orange, and green, stimulating the colorful look of a student’s notebook.

13. Firpodrawing by Marplacode

Best Bold Website Designs (2023)
[Source: Firpodrawing]

Standout Features:

  • A dynamic loader
  • Smooth scrolling experience
  • Full-screen menu

Speed is one of the most frequent qualities we associate with luxurious sports cars. Contrary to that, Firpodrawing is about not rushing when delivering his hyper-realistic drawings of these vehicles. Marplacode reflected this essential attribute in its approach to the brand’s website design.

Before unveiling the homepage, the website shows you a red screen with the vanishing “loading” text. The dynamic loader then turns black and lets you dive into the website design. We see a luxurious grey Audi vehicle with the hero text alluding to the importance of patience next to it.

The typography on the website is limited to the names of the projects depicted and some vital information. The lack of textual content adds a layer to the smooth scrolling experience, further empowered by cool visual effects.

Staying with the primary notion that patience is a virtue, the limited typography is not in a rush to present itself. The hamburger menu takes up the entire screen, coloring it black while giving you options in an outlined white headline-style font. There’s also a hovering effect that fills the typeface with white.

14. Reload by Colla Studio

bold website design ideas
[Source: Reload]

Standout Features:

  • Geometrical, dynamic background
  • Vibrant, eye-candy visuals
  • The distinctive use of the positive space

Reload’s website design, created by Colla Studio, is a remarkable example of how cool visual elements can help keep your layout attractive and intriguing.

The homepage is set on a darker purple background, and the vibrant visuals immediately take you away. The purple canvas entails several vivid blue and red circles moving around, leaving trails and turning into gradients.

As you start scrolling, you’ll witness an abundance of positive space used in an atypical fashion. Rather than emphasizing images or textual content, the positive space helps the gradient eye-candy visuals shine.

The visuals present various geometrical, gradient-based shapes full of lively colors that help the design retain its never-ending visual appeal. Some sections feature a cursor effect with one of the gradients, giving you an artistic feel as you browse the website.

15. BUBBLE KUSH by Polyform Studio

website design with bold colors
[Source: Polyform Studio]

Standout Features: 

  • Cartoony cursor
  • Animated homepage
  • Prominent product showcase

Describing that distinct feeling of sparkly effervesce sensation a can of soda provides is challenging, however, Polyform Studio created a whole website to capture that feeling.

Bubble Kush's website design is in-your-face and teeming with excitement - which are the main traits of its refreshing namesake. The site's journey takes visitors on a thrilling and colorful carousel that promises to satiate their thirst, whether they're eager for a cold beverage or beautiful, summer-vibe aesthetics.

While fairly minuscule, another exciting feature is the website's cursor. Complementing its animated nature, Polyform substituted your typical pointer with a cartoony white glove to inspire positivity and the drink's jolly taste.

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