10 Best Government Web Design Projects

10 Best Government Web Design Projects
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Last Updated: November 30, 2020

Web design projects for government agencies can be a difficult task. With budget restrictions, data and security requirements, and critical information, functional, beautiful design can be a big ask. 

Here is a list of the best government web design projects and the agencies that led them that nimbly navigated through all of that.

[Source: Royal Thai Consulate]

Best Government Web Design Project #1: Royal Thai Consulate BKobe Digital

With offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, the Royal Thai Consulate provides vital services and support for Thai nationals residing in the United States.  

The consulate’s Los Angeles office is the largest and most advanced; it serves residents in 13 states, from Alaska and Hawaii to as far east as Colorado. 

Kobe Digital was brought in to help the Consulate replace its outdated website with a modern, secure site with streamlined functionality — both for site visitors and Consulate employees.  

The site’s primary function is to offer three fully digital services: passport application and renewal, appointment management, and secure census data collection and storage.  

As a government organization, data security was a major priority for the Consulate, and it was imperative that the website complies with a range of rules and regulations from both the United States and Thailand.  

Kobe Digital built a brand new website with three bespoke digital platforms for the Royal Thai Consulate’s most important initiatives: passport application and renewal, appointment booking, and data management 

Each highly secure platform is intuitive for both Thai nationals and Consulate employees, and the Wordpress CMS and Pantheon hosting service ensures simplified in-house management of the site moving forward. 

[Source: Guilford College]

Best Government Websites Project #2: Guilford College BWildfire

Guilford College is a small, private college in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since 1837, they’ve offered a transformational and practical liberal arts education that prepares students to make a difference in the world. 

Guilford College’s enrollment was in decline and needed to redesign much of their content to align with their brand in addition to awareness and exposure campaigns to reach prospective students.  

Wildfire designed an integrated marketing plan, they revamped the digital and print design to better reflect Guilford’s unique learning experience and build a brand around this.  

From there, they engaged in campaign development around email marketing, media planning and buying, and search engine optimization while focusing on data analytics and insights.

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[Source: Commonwealth of Massachusetts]

Government Website Design Project #3: Commonwealth Of Massachusetts BThe Gnar Company

In August 2016, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill that enabled the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to have regulatory authority over TNCs (transportation network companies), such as Uber and Lyft.  

The bill required the TNCs' ~90,000 drivers to undergo a full state Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) background check. Gnar was hired by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to build this application and architect the cloud-based infrastructure. 

Gnar redesigned and rebuilt the existing screening application to pull data from multiple background data sources into a decision engine to determine if a driver would be approved or rejected.  

Gnar also built a RESTful API to handle the secure one-way submission of driver rosters from Uber and Lyft into the DPU Carrier Application. 

New Rochelle New York
[Source: City of New Rochelle]

Best Government Web Design Project #4: City Of New Rochelle BCrafted

The city of New Rochelle has become a new destination for young, creative professionals just outside of NYC. To usher in the next wave of aspiring Millennials, Crafted was brought in to help the city rebrand itself in an effort to put New Rochelle back on the map. 

A complete digital marketing hub houses the city's ongoing campaign to bring professional, creative, entrepreneurs to its downtown. Within the digital experience, users can learn all about the cultural renaissance through video storytelling, interactive maps and thriving local businesses.  

The digital marketing experience features a Live, Work and Grow overview, with opportunities for all underneath each bucket.  

In addition to the website's brand storytelling, interactive maps and mobile experiences bring to life the current and upcoming featured businesses of the thriving downtown. 

[Source: Project Firefly]

Government Website Design Project #5: Project Firefly BICON Worldwide

Project Firefly is a merit-based recruiting platform developed as a joint project between Credit Suisse and the University of St.Gallen 

Students from around the world submit essays that are reviewed by an international panel of university faculty. Select students are then recognized with internship opportunities.  

ICON Worldwide was brought in to develop the brand, the website concept, and work as the project manager to maintain the platform. They gave Project Firefly an informative yet professional feel.  

Through different portals on the site they built an online community showcasing different winners and allowing them to connect along with the various companies involved.

[Source: V&A Museum]

Best Government Websites Project #6: V&A Museum BWarren Creative  

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is known worldwide simply as the V&A, it is the world's largest museum of applied and decorative arts and design, as well as sculpture, housing a permanent collection of over 2.27 million objects.  

The Museum asked Warren Creative to compile a set of guidelines to ensure its brand is applied consistently and correctly across a range of licensed merchandise.  

Warren Creative began by taking a strategic view of the brand, defining it precisely and making it easy to understand. Then they considered every potential application for the iconic global brand, including advertising and promotional materials as well as merchandise.  

They established a core color palette to reflect the V&A’s heritage and global reach, and also produced complete specifications for positioning and repeating the V&A logo, and guidance on tone of voice and reproduction.

[Source: UCSD]

Best Government Web Design Project #7: UCSD Extension BTinyFrog

UC San Diego extension provides continuing education, certificate and degree-related programs and community initiatives. The UCSD master’s degree program in Clinical Research helps students meet the demand for clinical researchers in academia and industry.  

The website for the Clinical Research graduate program plays a critical role in attracting and securing prospective students and the existing site did not meet the current branding standards for UCSD and was overly busy.  

Tiny Frog worked with UCSD to create the goal of redesigning the site to create a clean, modern website that would appeal to young, tech-savvy students.  

Through in-depth research & interviews with the UC San Diego team, Tiny Frog’s UX web strategist helped identify the primary visitor types & their needs on the site.  

Through an iterative design process, their web designer created several custom page designs and integrated the UCSD branding style guidelines & marketing collateral.  

Final Tiny Frog developed the new website on a mobile responsive WordPress framework. Content was stylized & organized with the use of accordions, hover overs & custom post types. 

[Source: Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form

Government Website Design Project #8: Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College BGSD

Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College is a sixth form college in Darlington, County Durham, England.  

It educates nearly 2000 students from Darlington and the surrounding areas with students coming from Stockton, Richmond, Newton Aycliffe and elsewhere. GSD originally spearheaded QE’s site design and development back in 2012. They were brought on again for an update of the site. 

The updated design incorporates a modern interface alongside the contemporary QE brand working within the College brand guidelines.  

The update includes a fresh design on top of the existing WordPress installation alongside integrating new dynamic functions to aid and improve the user experience.  

The introduction of the modern interface has allowed for the responsive element of the site and in turn is accessible on all devices. 

[Source: Grant Navigator

Best Government Websites Project #9: Grant Navigator BSelleo

American Funding Innovators, has over 15 years in the business of grant search databases and is a US leader in helping organizations improve the management of grant funds and tracking results. AFI is also a partner organization with the Grant Professionals Association (GPA).  

They partnered with Selleo to design the launch of their new site Grant Navigator. They wanted Grant Navigator to address the core causes of the many challenges faced by grant-funded organizations like lack of automation and intensive time and effort commitments. 

Selleo rewrote AFI’s existing legacy system. It was being used by clients but the architecture behind it required some redesign. Through a series of phases, Selleo designed a new and improved architecture for the CMS platform.  

Some of the notable new features Selleo built include: tasks, file upload, budgets, performance metrics, reporting and subrecipient monitoring. 

[Source: UCSB Geography Department]

Best Government Web Design Project #10: UCSB Geography Department BPublic Advertising Agency

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is a public research university located in Santa Barbara, California offering 87 undergraduate degrees and 55 graduate degrees. It is one of the 10 campuses of the University of California system.  

UCSB’s Geography department wanted to make the right impression towards its target audience by giving them a custom web design layout and overall improved website branding while maintaining American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, which makes the site accessible for all. 

Public’s team worked closely with the department to build the initial website as well as ongoing webmaster training wherein key people are taught web administrative functions including content editing and publishing.  

The public also provides ongoing web support and maintenance to help the department generate interest and funding through online marketing efforts. 

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