11 Best Contact Page Website Designs That Encourage Inquiries and Attract Leads

11 Best Contact Page Website Designs That Encourage Inquiries and Attract Leads
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Last Updated: October 28, 2022

Many underestimate the power of a website’s contact page.

We all understand that it’s a must-have for every online portal, but only a few recognize its value in turning website visits into prospective customers. And it’s about time we change that!

Contact pages are the real deal-closers for most websites. They contain the critical content that brings you the most beneficial and tangible returns to your web design: inquiries, tickets, calls, and actual sales.

In other words, REAL and profitable user engagement! (Learn more about how to boost audience engagement)

Created by some of the best web designers on the market these marvelous examples of websites showcase beautifully and strategically designed contact pages. We’ve compiled the best contact page web designs we could find, so you can create your page that will entice site visitors to make the first move.

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1. Sweatpants Studio

[Source: Sweatpants Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Highly-engaging web form
  • Youthful and humorous messaging
  • Large and bold typography

Sweatpants Studio has a way with words, and they relied on that skill to get more leads and customer queries through their website’s contact page.

The Stockholm-based design studio injected slang language and humor into its website content, making the contact web form approachable and engaging. Using “New phone, who dis?” as the intro line? Brilliant!

It’s not the typical tabular form with boxed fields, either. It’s all text with blanks – site visitors need to fill them in to get their message across. The blanks are pre-filled with sample answers, too.

Furthermore, there are pre-determined options to make it easier for potential customers to indicate the exact service they are inquiring about.

2. hardy agency

[Source: hardy agency]

Standout Features:

  • Concise contact details
  • Drop-down inquiry options
  • Multiple CTAs with big statements

Getting in touch with companies should be easy – and hardy agency made sure users can connect with them in no time through their contact page.

All the essentials are displayed clearly and concisely under a monochromatic theme that’s clean, sharp, and easy on the eyes. Here, the company’s headquarters are listed along with their respective addresses and contact information for easy access.

To add some visual flair, the web designers injected phrases like “say hi” and “all work, all play." To reinforce awareness, they added the company’s philosophy up top and a navigation button redirecting site visitors to the About Us page.

Scrolling down, users can find a quick web form for sending a message. The drop-down menu containing inquiry format options is accommodating. This way, users can specify what they need help with, and customer representatives can address them adequately.

3. Dokmeh Agency

[Source: Dokmeh Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Clear and straightforward inquiry form
  • Form field previews and examples
  • Comprehensive contact information

Sometimes, being straightforward with your website works – especially when it comes down to the contact page. Just look at Dokmeh Agency’s spin on it!

Like the rest of the website, it features a clean, dark-themed page that portrays a more modern and professional look. “Let us know how we can help you with your business” is the only brand message users see – short, sweet, and effective!

Under this message, site visitors can proceed to fill out the tabular web form to send an inquiry. Thin lines and numbers separate each item, giving the user a guided experience in providing the necessary details.

Each field also contains a sample answer to avoid confusion.

Users can find the agency’s contact information, location, and social media links on the sidebar – all within quick access.

4. Ad Hoc Legal Law Firm by Lab21

[Source: Ad Hoc Legal Law Firm]

Standout Features:

  • Short and sweet page content
  • CTA-style contact labels
  • Dedicated branch page

Here’s another example of a short and sweet contact page: Ad Hoc Legal Firm’s version, designed by Lab21.

The massive “Get In Touch” call-to-action is a surefire way to urge site visitors to reach out. Parallel to this big message is more CTA statements like “Find Us,” “Call Us,” “Follow Us” and “Email Us,” with the corresponding contact information displayed below each item.

Additionally, the web designers included a “Branch” arrow button that redirects users to an external page. There, they can learn more about the law firm’s profile, fields of law, and a more detailed contact page with a brand locator.

5. Legs Brands

[Source: Legs Brands]

Standout Features:

  • Short social media descriptions
  • No-frills web form
  • FAQ section and whitepaper signup form

Legs Brands is a creative branding agency on a mission to make a better Earth. Their contact page alone is enough to entice partners to collaborate with them and join their noble cause.

A large and colorful GIF of a hand greets site visitors. It's a dual-purpose element that welcomes users and portrays the brand as ready to extend a helping hand. That’s one impactful imagery right there!

The agency’s contact details are listed in a simple and standard, easy-to-read layout. Here’s what makes them special: Each item has a unique description that shows what’s in store for users if they click the contact links.

A web form is a must, and Legs Brands made it easy to fill out. Adding an FAQ section is also helpful; it provides site visitors with adequate information before sending an inquiry (Browse other examples of best Contact Us pages).

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6. Proper Content by Fat Cow Media

[Source: Proper Content]

Standout Features:

  • Contact icons
  • Google Maps integration
  • Clear webform description and labels

Proper Content’s contact page offers a quick, easy, and reassuring way to get in touch with their representatives. All thanks to Fat Cow Media’s proven web design expertise!

The quick and easy part comes through the web form, which takes seconds to fulfill. It contains sufficient fields to capture important information – name, email, contact (optional), and the message.

The designers were also wise to include a reCAPTCHA tool on their web form to ensure inquiries and ticket submissions are made by humans, not bots. Filtering is key!

Essential company details are contained in boxes that are all accessible and easy to read. Plus, the page has a Google Maps integration that makes it easier for prospective clients to locate the company. It increases website interaction, too!

7. eichi by AndHA Co.

[Source: eichi]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and standard web form
  • Customer service availability information
  • Consultation content picker

eichi is a company that supports content measures and operations from a professional point of view.

With a comprehensive service model, their contact page design courtesy of AndHA Co. is stripped of the complexities for smooth customer service. And it helps that the website has a fresh color palette – it relaxes the mind!

Site visitors can fill out the standard web form with their essential information and proceed with their inquiries. They can also choose the type of consultation content they are interested in, reducing the submission time.

They get extra points for including their privacy policy on their notice. They indicated their response time and customer support availability above the web form. A big YES to transparency!

8. Diverently

[Source: Diverently]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward contact section
  • Clickable contact buttons
  • Vintage cutout illustrations

Diverently’s web design infused historical visuals into a modern user interface. The result? STUNNING!

From the hero banner down to the footer, cutouts of heritage figures are scattered all over. The modern part comes with quirky illustrations, doodle art, and icons, elevating the site’s whole look.

The vibrant “Contact” button jumps to an even brighter contact section adorned with the same gorgeous visuals. Still, the section is easy on the eyes, simplified to just the essentials.

It houses two buttons; one for the phone number and one for the email address. One click and users can instantly make a phone call or send an email.

Quick, easy, and accessible – that’s the way to do it!

9. noise

[Source: noise]

Standout Features:

  • Enticing contact page title
  • Organized company details and directory
  • Engaging CTA button

As website design experts, the designers at noise did a fantastic job creating a contact page that serves as a lead magnet for potential clients and collaborators.

They know that by the end of the browsing experience, site visitors will most likely jump to the contact section looking for the essential details. And they’ve crafted the perfect message to greet their entry: “What’s next? Let’s work together.”

Then, all the necessary contact information is listed in a tabular format. Even without lines separating each entry, the items still look organized because of the fixed text alignment.

The designers also placed a “Start Your Project” CTA button below, which opens up a full-paged web form for sending a project brief. This design is a prime example of a contact page effectively initiating the customer journey!

10. Global Zoom Online Web Design Courses

[Source: Global Zoom Online Web Design Courses]

Standout Features:

  • Single-page site layout
  • Concise contact section
  • Sticky “Contact Us” CTA button

If you’re planning to create a comprehensive landing page for your brand or project, you can draw inspiration from the Global Zoom Online Web Design Courses website, designed with Webflow.

Thanks to their engaging website content, bold typography, and vibrant colors, site visitors won’t find any trouble scrolling down to the bottom of the page, where their contact section is located.

Alternatively, they can go directly to that section. There’s a sticky Contact Us button on the header for quick access. Several CTA buttons are scattered all over the page to make it easier for viewers to jump to a particular section.

The contact section is designed minimally. The contact details and a few CTAs are the only ones occupying this section, written in a simple font for maximum clarity! No other visual or textual elements distract the user from getting vital information.

11. Success Fools

[Source: Success Fools]

Standout Features:

  • Contact Us CTA button on the banner
  • Company address pop-up
  • Clear and concise ticket web form

Success Fools is a digital marketing and branding agency made up of a "bunch of unconventional and free thinkers."

Their website is dressed in vibrant colors, modern 3D illustrations, and funky animations that showcase their creativity. But beyond these artistic elements, what's genuinely commendable is the simplicity and accessibility of their contact page.

A large "Contact Us" CTA button sits at the site banner, making it easier for visitors to get in touch with the agency for a potential collaboration. It's the first form of engagement, too, which is excellent for getting those instant calls and inquiries!

The button redirects users to the bottom of the homepage, where the contact web form is located. Success Fools only asks for the visitor's name, email, and message. Fast and easy!

The Quick Access menu also has a Contact option that displays a pop-up containing the agency's address when clicked.

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