Vossy (slide 1)

Vossy is a travel site that truly excels in minimal design and maximum experience. They know what travelers want and they’ve created a site that is easy to use and packed full of beautiful photos and great vacation deals.

The landing page at Vossy is a great example of bringing exactly what the reader wants to the plate right off the bat. Many travel sites create complicated designs that detract from their appeal due to the effort required to find information within the interface. This site certainly has that aspect handled perfectly.

Each destination featured offers a great photo and minimal text that leads users to click and learn more, taking them directly to the information they want the first time. This lends itself to a great conversion rate, as users do not feel like they are jumping through hoops to find a great deal.

Vossy (slide 2)

The product pages follow the same clean, minimal style and each offered package is again adorned with a fresh and complementary image, as well as a minimal amount of text. Users are able to quickly navigate to the desired offer and discover the information they seek, keeping the UI simple and enjoyable.

The basic layout of the page is fairly typical of the industry while remaining relevant at the same time. This is something many sites try to achieve, but Vossy has pulled it off perfectly - again helping their conversion rate with simple design and ease of information access.

Vossy (slide 3)

Finally, the About page completes the picture of how the site is laid out. A clear outline of what the company hopes to achieve is included in the nicely appointed text space, along with a quick statistical view of what the site can offer.

At the bottom of the page, users can navigate to the Contact and Bookings pages, as well as check out some Price Matching to help them make a final decision about their plans. 

Overall, the website design is well-planned-out with a very simple UI that allows users to truly enjoy the ease of arranging their next trip. Although it may seem quite basic, the thought that has been put into keeping everything easy to reach goes miles in terms of conversion.