9 Best Logo Designs That Are Sure to Stay Lodged in Your Head With Great Recall

Although a logo is a fairly minuscule part of the overall brand identity, it is the main branding element – a foundation upon which everything else can be built upon. The strength of your logo is a crucial part of branding success and by extension, a pivotal point of your business success.

To your average customer, the logo is probably the first and most salient touchpoint (a spearhead) for a company. In fact, it is so important that customers latch on to it and form a deeply personal bond.

The best logo designs are iconic – they are clever, beautiful, charming, creative, witty and ultimately, memorable! The very best have fascinating backstories. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t strive to tell your own and join this good company.

To design a perfect logo for your organization, you need to spend A LOT of time just thinking and researching the latest trends, make sure you understand your brand in and out and, of course, get inspired!

Luckily, we’re here for you, at least for the latter.

These are the best logo designs that hit homerun across industries:

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1. Toronto Condo Investments by R1 Creative

[Source: Toronto Condo Investments]

Standout features:

  • Color gradient
  • Striking all-caps typography
  • First-class monogram

Toronto Condo Investments (TCI) specializes in real estate sales across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with a focus on pre-construction homes and condominiums. Servicing clienteles such as investors, first-time buyers and families, TCI has grown its reputation steadily with both buyers and sellers alike. Today TCI has privileged access to sell some of the city’s most desirable residentials and new development projects.

Reputation and trustworthiness — these are the qualities that put TCI experts on a pedestal, that continuously expand their buyer/seller network and that ultimately, make them stand out from the crowd. The only element required to secure their place at the top is equally superb branding, primarily the logo.

The visual identity R1 Creative developed does exactly that. The custom logo, with its sans-serif typography and the color palette, is a thing of beauty. Each element depicts professionalism and reliability.

The brandmark is a clear visual reference to skyscrapers and high-rise buildings — a fitting tribute to Toronto’s urban skyline. The result is an iconic logo that symbolizes urban development and growth.

2. The Period Box by Little Black Kat Creative

[Source: The Period Box]

Standout features:

  • "In-your-face” logo style
  • Playful typography
  • Vibrant colors

As the name clearly suggests, “The Period Box” sells boxes for girls and women with products specific for that time of the month. The Period Box aims to normalize periods, with a special focus on helping girls have a happy and positive first period experience, therefore empowering them.

To change the negative stigma and taboos associated with periods, redirect the way girls feel about them (and themselves) and skyrocket their confidence, the brand needed branding that amalgamate all of the above into one engaging visual concept.

For this reason, Little Black Kat Creative chose a vibrant color palette, imagery and logo style that’s kind of “in-your-face," i.e., there’s nothing to hide and that’s beautiful. It’s not wishy washy or too girly, it simply stands out and appeals to tweens and teenagers, but also to moms who usually buy for them.

The brand’s “hero color” is hot pink. Since the brand aims to normalize periods, Little Black Kat Creative chose a tint close to red, but without pushing the blood-scarlet tones. Paired with yellow and blue (purple) the logo emanates fun, happiness and youthful feeling.

3. Infinite Print by Evocative

[Source: Infinite Print]

Standout features:

  • Multilayered meaning
  • Custom logomark and typography
  • Infinite possibilities

Infinite Print, a Brisbane-based printing company, offers years of expertise, combined with quality workmanship and a dedication to unmatched customer satisfaction.

After helping the owner position the company as the go-to printing solution, creating a unique and meaningful name for the new business, as well as creative taglines and written copy to tell the brand’s story — true to their name, Evocative created an expansive visual identity.

The Infinite Print branding is made up of a logomark and logotype that offers a clear link to the brand’s name and meaning. The word “infinite,” meaning immeasurably great, unbounded and unlimited is the key design element. Although multilayered, the final concept is simple and literal in terms of representing the process via paper curling over two invisible rollers.

The logomark symbolizes the flow of paper through the press while incorporating the infinity symbol. There is also reference to Infinite Print’s journey with the customer: from the initial project idea progressing through to the delivered product. The infinity symbol connects to the name which refers to the infinite printing possibilities that are available to the clients.

The logotype is all lower case in a slightly customized font. The round dots on the “i's” and paper-like tails on the letters “t,” “e” and “r” reference the rollers and print stock. The ligature that joins the “f” and “i” also references the printing process.

4. Youth Storage by CHEEE Creative Design

[Source: Youth Storage]

Standout features:

  • Minimalistic tendencies
  • Target audience-oriented
  • Clock hands as main symbol

Youth Storage is a Melbourne-based online fashion retail platform that sells products from hundreds of brands and boutiques around Australia. Their customers can carefully select the ever-expanding stock and items that are usually unavailable anywhere else online.

The brand’s primary target audience are young adults — more precisely, 20 to 28-year-old ladies who are fans of niche designer brands in Australia.

Youth Storage worked closely with CHEE Creative Design to create a new brand identity that not only reflects their target demographics’ interests but one that celebrates the different ways young women dress and live.

Aside from the minimal, bold typography, the key logo element is the clock symbol or rather clock hands that encourage women to live their wonderful life at every moment through their fashion and lifestyle preferences.

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5. Little Less by Flux Visual Communication

[Source: Little Less]

Standout features:

  • Charming illustration
  • Unique typography
  • Sustainability message

“When two environmentally, ethically minded entrepreneurs become mothers, what do they do? Start a business selling sustainable baby goods, of course!”

Little Less is a boutique retail business selling goods for babies, children and parents, with a strong focus on sustainability. This union of motherhood and care for Mother Nature was in need of a unique and professional identity to start them off on the right foot (as they were already on the right path).

Flux Visual Communication tapped into their “flux capacitor" to look for the best future-proof solution and created a logo that incorporated all the ecological values of the business yet is incredibly charming by itself.

It’s a simple typographic logo with multilayered meaning. Flux Visual Communication added abstract leaves/branches (to express the environmental values of the business) that make an arrowhead pointing down, which represents the lowering of the impact on the environment. A flower or an infant can also be seen in the letter “i” to further connect with the vision of Little Less.

6. Otterburn Maple Farm by Das Studio Designs

[Source: Otterburn Maple Farm]

Standout features:

  • Maple leaf as the main star
  • Warm color palette
  • Traditional typography

Otterburn Maple Farm is a family-run farm in Springtown, Ontario. Their passion is using the land they live on to provide quality food for their family, friends and neighbors. Their focus is Maple Syrup as well as a variety of other Maple products.

When creating the logo for the brand, Das Studio Designs didn’t have to look far – maple leaf was an obvious choice that signifies both Otterburn’s mission and origins. However, the obvious imagery doesn’t mean a done deal.

The beauty of the logo lies in its color palette inspired by fall and the main product. And the phenomenal, albeit traditional, all-caps typography that is bound to turn some heads.

7. Planters & Décor by Newton Creative Co.

[Source: Planters & Decor]

Standout features:

  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Classy logomark
  • Symmetry

Planters & Décor is a retail shop based in Vancouver that offers a mix of thrifted, crafted and “thrafted” goodies for your home. When it comes to interior artsy gems, it’s all a matter of perspective. You know what they say – one man's junk is another man's treasure.

When designing their logo, Newton Creative Co. realized that readjusting the perspective is the first step. The result?

A classy logomark that retains its charm no matter how you look at it. It’s almost perfectly symmetrical, made by two intertwined lower-case letters “p” (or “d” depending on your perspective) that embody the process of “thrafting,” i.e. making something truly unique out of ordinary elements.

8. ProDev Performance by Rise Design

[Source: ProDev Performance]

Standout features:

  • Simplistic
  • Unique design
  • Maze-like appearance

Rather than working as yet another commercial gym, ProDev Performance is a unique training center that offers expansive rehabilitation and exercise plans. From the initial evaluation and custom physical treatment to private practices, ProDev approaches everyone like they would treat a professional athlete.

“You have a body, a goal and a desire to progress?” ProDev Performance is here to help you achieve it.

With this same mindset, PDP approached Rise Design, as sheer training, though necessary, isn’t enough for muscling up branding.

Rise Design crafted a logo that smartly “hides” the brand’s initials, but also represents a labyrinth every trainee must pass through in order to get to their personal goals. Once you “beat” the maze, you’ll realize or find the solution that is ProDev Performance!

9. Bloom by Wysp Creative

[Source: Bloom]

Standout features:

  • Illustrated letter “b”
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Trendy typography

Bloom is a Canadian financial start-up focused on changing the lives of the 55+ demographics through home equity. They approached Wysp Creative with a fairly basic logo in place and a thoroughly considered brand concept and roadmap, looking for a re-imagined visual identity.

The core challenge when refreshing the Bloom brand was keeping in mind their older demographics. So, while the new logo solution is trendy, it is legible at first glance and it doesn’t rely on an aggressive color palette.

Or as Ben McCabe, founder of Bloom Finance Company, puts it:

“There are certain nuances to our business that made branding particularly challenging. Namely, how would we create a look and feel for Bloom aligned with the fresh and modern approach that’s so integral to our mission, in a way that would appeal to a 55+ audience.

Wysp was able to strike a perfect balance, considering the critical elements of accessibility, simplicity, and modernity.”

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