12 Best Product Packaging Examples in 2023

12 Best Product Packaging Examples in 2023
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Last Updated: March 16, 2023

What do we mean by product packaging? Essentially, it is the process of designing and producing a convenient and appealing container for your products. Nowadays, it’s safe to say that it has become a growing industry by itself, especially in recent years. How so?

The market for eCommerce goodies has skyrocketed in the last ten or so years. Still, the global pandemic made it almost a preferable option compared to your conventional retail shopping. 

Some, however, do it a bit better than others, and the best packaging designers expand their focus, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. Done right, the best product packaging offers a unique unboxing experience or memorable aesthetic that lingers in your customer base’s collective psyche for years to come.

Without further ado, these are the best product packaging examples on the market for this year:

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1. Cross Oak by Intertidal Design

product packaging examples

[Source: Intertidal Design]

Standout Features:

  • Unique bottle design
  • Matte-blue label
  • Elegant typography

Cross Oak is a US-based distillery producing premium whiskey. Aged for a quarter of a century in oak casks, Cross Oak’s single malt is smooth and bold yet highly approachable.

These attributes were perfectly bottled and embodied in the classy packaging designed by Intertidal Design.

Besides the appealing bottle, the agency carefully “distilled” the whole visual identity by developing an elegant, adaptable system that adds dimension to the brand, centered around the ideas of luxury, craftsmanship, mastery, and sophistication. All of which can be attributed to Cross Oak’s taste. Check out our article on best bottle label designs.

The packaging solution achieves the impossible as it simultaneously stands out with its distinct shape and label while perfectly fitting into the traditional aesthetic of American whiskey brands.

2. Panceri Wine Label Design by Nomada

best product packaging examples
[Source: Nomada]

Standout Features:

  • Textured label
  • Symbolic illustration
  • Gold accents

Vinicola Panceri, a Brazilian Winery based in Santa Catarina, produces wines with the latest technology and viniculture traditions, reflecting the most about their precious soil and climate.

Their new, limited-edition batch required an original wine packaging or rather bottle label that captures the winery’s latest “ruby gem.”

Nomada delivered a textured, sapphire-colored label that uses screen printing to add value to the deluxe wine. The back label is designed using the same special paper and finishes as the label, keeping the same look and sophistication needed in a premium product.

The label, or its symbolic illustration, evokes the passage of time and four seasons crucial for producing good wine. The unique graphic created with a brush (that simulates graffiti) shows a clock and the four seasons - Pri, Est, Aut, and Inv in their Italian abbreviations - with mountains in the background. The illustration also shows the wine running down the clock forming the base of a glass.

Besides these beautifully crafted elements, each bottle has an edition number and year of production, highlighting its exclusivity (in the 2020 harvest, only 1700 bottles were made).

3. Aragats Food by Doping Creative Agency

product packaging example
[Source: Doping Creative Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Juicy, hand-painted visuals
  • Balanced flavor – balanced design
  • Illustrative logo design

Every gourmand can tell you that the food tastes best when the ingredients are picked and appropriately mixed, as the slightest deviation from the recipe can affect the final taste. More often than not, it’s not a positive change.

Aragats Food brand takes pride in the carefully balanced flavor of its delicious products. Meticulous balance was the name of the game when Doping Creative Agency designed the packaging.

This concept of excellence and equilibrium was the foundation of Aragats preserved food. Each illustration looks as if it was “picked” right from one of Caravaggio's paintings. Rich and juicy colors especially stick out when placed on the white label; each brush stroke and realistic shadow guarantees customers’ attention.

To further balance the “Balanced flavour” tagline, the ingredients (fruits, nuts, and vegetables) are portrayed as vertically balancing on one another.

4. EarthPup by Brett Lair

creative product packaging examples
[Source: Brett Lair]

Standout Features:

  • Modern color palette
  • Refined logo and typography
  • Pet-friendly – environmentally friendly

EarthPup focuses on providing eco-conscious dog treats in several retail locations and online. To expand their mission and tasty goodies, they replaced their initial packaging with the slick, minimalist one to scale their business.

Brett Lair nailed down EarthPup’s brand direction on the first try by focusing on the messaging, establishing their distinct tone, developing customer personas, and more. The packaging’s copy was imbued with unique characters, highlights, humor, and personality.

The packaging was designed around the brand’s personality, which is eco-focused, playful, and ultimately - laid back. Each of the flavors was named like a menu item, which creates a fun way for customers to pair treats like “House Burger” with “Side of Fries.” This also serves as a nod to the founders’ previous careers while they were drafting their future ideas.

The pouch colors combine slightly vintage, relatively muted hues, which are offset with bold, bright accent colors. They are used to pull focus to important branding elements on the front and to offer separation and space to feature the brand’s story on the back.

5. Chatime Indonesia by Grace Perdana Mulia

chatime mascot good product packaging example
[Source: Grace Perdana Mulia]

Standout Features:

  • Clever use of three colors
  • Street art inspired
  • Positive

Participating in the Chatime Cup Design Competition, Grace Perdana Mulia designed a cup sleeve for the brand’s “Holiday” theme, masterfully utilizing their logo, color scheme, and mascot, giving a unique “street art” spin to “hug” the cup template.

The rule was to use only three (on-brand) colors; purple and white (compulsory) and the other color is black, green, or pink. The concept behind the cup sleeve is a fun cruise holiday by using Chatime’s mascot (Chatime Baby Tea) and spinning the adventure around it (and the cup).

The positioning of individual elements demonstrates a carefully thought-out layout. For example, the illustration’s cartoon-like clouds are ideally positioned to mirror where the tea level ends and aromatic steam starts to rise.

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6. M&H Whiskey by Plan B

product packaging design examples
[Source: Plan B]

Standout Features:

  • A unique blend of modern and traditional
  • Bold attitude – bold typography
  • Cut label

M&H Distillery is the first and largest whiskey distillery in Israel, established by a group of entrepreneurs from tech backgrounds who dreamed of establishing a whiskey distillery in their native country.

Happy to aid M&H along the brand’s journey (from a dream to distribution in 35 nations), Plan B designed a unique bottle and label that is bound to lift the spirit of every whiskey enthusiast out there.

Although reasonably conventional, the packaging’s atypical diagonal line cuts through the ordinary to showcase the founder’s innovative nature and ambition.

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7. Fairy Tale by Sazrella Studio

best product packaging example
[Source: Sazrella Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Cursive typography
  • Dream-like design
  • Holographic foil

FairyTale is a fictional project concept of a sweet, fun, and dreamy Sparkling Tonic water. Emphasizing “dreamy,” the refreshing drink needed an ideal “dream catcher” to spin its tale. Enter Sazrella Studio!

The agency designed a striking aluminum can, printed using holographic foil technology, that creates a 3D, almost intangible image that continuously changes position and color depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Knowing that each Fairy Tale triumphs with a happy end, Sazrella made sure containers are 100% recyclable.

8. Alde by Di Bella Design & Branding

product packaging examples 2023
[Source: Di Bella Design & Branding]

Standout Features:

  • Playful and colorful
  • Charming illustrations
  • Prominent logo

Alde is a pet food company established in 2018 with a mission of producing 100% natural, practical, and instant pet treats. Their recipes were developed by a veterinary specialist and animal nutrition engineers.

In the increasingly avid and demanding market for high-quality pet nutrients, Alde stands out with premium products and, with Di Bella Design & Branding’s help, attractive packaging.

The colorful pack was developed on a straightforward concept - bringing naturally produced sustenance to owners who love pampering their beloved furballs, which is why the brand’s logo (a happy and satisfied doggo) is so prominent, yet fitting with the overall design. Explore some of the best veterinary website designs here.

9. Exella by Getbrand

product packaging design
[Source: Getbrand]

Standout Features:

  • Custom typography
  • Nature-inspired color palette
  • Color-coded flavors

One of the best product packaging examples is Exella, a healthy, balanced dessert of a new generation for the new generations. What makes it unique is that no animal products are used in the preparation process. There is no sugar, gluten, lactose, carcinogens, chemical dyes flavor enhancers... only the natural ingredients.

Such a distinct product had to be celebrated on so many levels. Getbrand started with the brand’s name, Exella (excellence), to convey what the dessert is all about.

The base of each cup is a stem made of delicious date paste, which gives a sensation of sweetness, which is why the logo’s primary hue is brown, enriched with bright, fashionable colors symbolizing individual flavors.

10. Snaktive by Cansu Dagbagli

eco friendly product packaging
[Source: Cansu Dagbagli]

Standout Features:

  • Wellness-inspired design
  • Bold typography
  • Color-coded flavors

Snaktive is a brand-new brand of chocolate bars from Dubai, UAE. The company promotes inner health enhancements as a functional snack that targets consumers' personal wellness goals. With a wide range of flavor options, Snaktive aims to make tasty and healthy nutrition treats an easy choice.

In a time when sweets find themself in opposition to the current fitness trends, Snaktive targets those, health-conscious individuals that appreciate beneficial desserts, rather than opting for strict diets.

When designing the packaging, Cansu Dagbagli focused on the young and trendy aspect of the product and created a solution that is both colorful and attractive, but also one that easily communicates general well-being to stand out from the competition.

11. Phytometria by Bambuk Studio

product boxes packaging
[Source: Bambuk Studio]

Standout Features: 

  • Visual merger of nature and technology
  • Adaptive branding
  • Gradient color palette

There is just so much you can do with the shape of your packaging, but Bambuk Studio shows how thinking within the confines of the box may not be so dreading, or limiting. 

The Phytometru drug line has four main directions. All of them have their differentiation characteristics. Drawing from the adaptive branding, logo, and especially, the on-brand, flexible pattern, Bambuk assigned each box a gradient color code and infographic sign.

Each one mirrors the product production process, i.e., the union of cutting-edge technology and the power of nature.

12. The Dropologist by Leigh Williams Design 

product packaging design
[Source: Leigh Williams Design]

Standout Features:

  • Classy retro typography
  • Color-coded accents
  • Emphasis on natural product origin

Leigh Williams Design created a comprehensive brand identity for The Dropologist that includes an expansive online presence, stationaries, and most importantly - impressive packaged goods!

Everything, from elegant body scrub jars to essential oils and sprays emanates timeless class via a unique take on minimal, clean containers and retro typography (present in the logo design).

While uniform, individual products are differentiated with a smart color story or rather tinted tapes that perfectly complement the overall branding and aesthetic appeal.

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