Colorful websites can be challenging to pull off. They look messy, outrageous and flamboyant, causing site visitors to leave the page sooner.

However, colorful website designs can transform your brand into a unique and striking image among a monochromatic crowd, especially when done right.

The key to creating a vibrant website is finding the colors that blend well and integrating them into a cohesive and streamlined website layout. We’re not talking random shades here. Your color choices must appropriately represent your brand identity and visual language.

To get your creative juices flowing, explore these six colorful website designs that display harmonious hues that convey unique color stories that speak volumes.

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1. Studio NelNel Website Design

[Source: Studio NelNel]

Standout Features:

  • Bright and vibrant hues
  • Light-to-dark themes
  • Interactive content blocks

What happens when sociology and graphic design meet? Just look at Studio Nelnel’s website! A colorful, meaningful and socially-relevant visual story is conceived.

Nel is a designer and illustrator who offers free design services to activists. They laid out their groundbreaking mission, portfolio and services through a modern webpage dressed in full color in this website design. Each page is in a bold and vibrant shade like bright red, hot pink and aqua blue.

And the best part? All these bright hues turn into dark colors as you scroll further on each page. Through this design move, the viewers get deeper and richer shades like purple, maroon, and forest green.

Not to mention the content blocks that reveal a unique illustration when users interact with them, adding an extra visual flavor to the single-color aesthetic! For example, when you hover over the Branding, Design and Illustration categories, each one flashes a patterned image.

2. Two Films by Thomas Bonometti

Source: Two Films

Standout Features:

  • Color-changing backgrounds
  • Analog-inspired visuals
  • Integrated showreel

Mixing colors in a website design is tricky, and it gets even more challenging when blending six or more shades. So, how did Strasbourg-based designer and art director Thomas Bonometti manage to create a colorful yet cohesive website design for Two Films?

Here’s how: they incorporated the various shades into a slightly muted and blurred image and used it as the main background for the website. The colors change as you scroll through the website, too!

It’s like looking at the famous and elusive Northern Lights or capturing a beautiful lens flare from an analog camera. Overall, it's very fitting for a creative video studio!

Also, the dark theme helped balance out such a spectrum of colors—pitch-black aesthetic contrasts with the website’s animated color splash. And to top it all off, the agency added a grainy texture to the canvas that goes well with the agency’s branding.

They get extra points for interactivity, too! The integrated showreel on the website’s banner, animated logo and moving gallery is a great way to engage site visitors.

3. Nikka Foroughi Website Design

[Source: Nikka Foroughi]

Standout Features:

  • Creative welcome page
  • Colorful navigation bubbles
  • Animated site elements

Nikka Foroughi’s website is not only a colorful visual treat but also a masterclass on great UI/UX design. As an expert in the field, that’s not much of a surprise!

This website design takes viewers on a step-by-step journey toward getting to know the designer. Upon entry, the site prompts users to scroll through the screen to unravel facts about the designer one by one.

But here’s the thrill of the experience: as facts begin to appear, several colorful bubbles pop up on the screen and bring the main icon, a hummingbird, to life. That’s when users can start “flying together” toward the main page, where they can explore more of the designer’s expertise and portfolio.

On this page, visitors see more colorful items in action: the flying hummingbird, galaxy background and colorful bubbles that feature the designer’s works.

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4. BateauMonParis by BuzzNative

[Source: BateauMonParis]

Standout Features:

  • A mix of pastel and dark colors
  • Complementary color combination
  • Hand-drawn illustrations

Looking at BateauMonParis’s website, it’s evident that BuzzNative applied the best practices of color theory in creating a visually-striking design that’s easy on the eyes.

How so?

They used a fool-proof color pairing of blue and orange -- two shades that naturally blend well since they are opposite hues in the color wheel. With a complementary palette, how can you go wrong?

By going with slightly muted and pastel shades of those two colors, they captured the BateauMonParis’s sophisticated offer of experiencing Paris in a boat. Also, the designers added an extra shade of navy blue to incorporate a nautical aesthetic to cut through the light theme.

Several hand-drawn shapes and illustrations of vital brand symbols such as anchors, waves, wine glasses and desserts are scattered on the website, bringing out the fun in the design.

5. WindLand by Neotix Transformaca Digital

[Source: WindLand]

Standout Features:

  • 3D navigation
  • Interactive site map
  • Light switch

Neotix Transformaca Digital allows site visitors to explore the WindLand as a brand in this immersive and highly-engaging website design.

Upon landing on the site, users get a plain blue gradient background with a CTA button directing them to enter the world of WindLand. Since it’s a fully-interactive webpage, the designers made sure to add short instructions on navigating the site.

From there, site visitors get a stunning bird’s eye view of WindLand, from its lush green trees and towering skyscrapers to the little details such as wind turbines and gorgeous landscapes. When users click on a building, the screen zooms into the structure to reveal more about WindLand, its agenda, utilities and startups.

The view looks stunning during a bright sunny day, but come nighttime? It's sophisticated at best! Thanks to the light switch, site visitors can enjoy the scenery in light or dark mode.

And did we mention the music playing in the background, too? Genius!

6. Aspectify Design Website Design

[Source: Aspectify Design]

Standout Features:

  • Gradient-style backgrounds
  • Neon aesthetic
  • Color-filled typography

Aspectify Design is a UK-based freelance web designer, developer and branding expert whose creations are equally beautiful and functional.

Their determination to balance form and function in designs is evident in their colorful and dynamic website through a stunning gradient of colors!

Across the website, several neon blocks add life and excitement to the user experience. Red, blue, purple and green mesh together in an animated background that changes colors by the second.

Lastly, the typography shines in gradient textures and colors too! Some section titles and headers are dressed in that same neon aesthetic to match the backgrounds. A nice touch to make texts pop on the black and white content blocks. It’s also a great way to emphasize key phrases.

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