59% of shoppers are more likely to buy new products from the brands they trust. DesignRush announced the best branding agencies that help businesses turn into trusted brands.


According to Invesp, 59% of consumers would rather purchase new products from the brands they trust. In fact, 81% of them claim that brand trust is a top buying consideration, Edelman reports. This highlights the importance of branding in driving purchasing decisions.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, compiled the best branding agencies that help businesses turn into authentic brands that consumers trust.

The top branding agencies in February are:

1. EightySeven Design - madebyeightyseven.com
Expertise: Branding, Logo Design, Brand Consulting and more

2. You'll Enjoy - youll.be
Expertise: Graphic Design, Web Design, Creative Content Development and more

3. Circus Maximus - circusmaximus.com
Expertise: Content Creation, Brand Narrative Development, Advertising and more

4. Grid Communications - gridagencyinc.ca
Expertise: Video Production, Logo & Visual Identity, Event Branding and more

5. ElephantMark - elephantmark.com
Expertise: Brand Naming, Interactive Design, Advertising & Marketing Services and more

6. Tulumi - tulumi.com
Expertise: Web Design & Development, Reputation Management, Paid Media Marketing and more

7. FDESIGN - fdesign.com.pl
Expertise: Packaging Design, Visual Identity, Strategic Brand Building and more

8. ARNO Digital - arnodigital.com
Expertise: Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production and more

9. Envicion Studio - envicionstudio.com.my
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Branding, Interior Design and more

10. Idynti - idynti.com
Expertise: Logo Design, Web Design, Marketing Consulting and more

11. UPGCC | UPCREATIVES - upgcc.com
Expertise: Visual & Verbal Identity, Branding, Web Design and more

12. Black Ch√Ęteau - blackchateauenterprises.com
Expertise: Branding, Logo Design, Web Design & Development and more

13. Eliot Branding - eliotbranding.com
Expertise: Market Analysis, Brand Identity & Positioning, Packaging Design and more

14. 2H Media - 2h.media
Expertise: Videography, Photography, Branding and more

15. Aqomi - aqomi.com
Expertise: Branding, Public Relations, Social Media Management and more

16. 829 DESIGN - 829design.com
Expertise: Print Design, Web Design, Branding & Identity and more

17. Unmute - unmute.net
Expertise: Branding, Podcast Production, Audio Post Production and more

18. Band Agency - band.agency
Expertise: Branding & Naming, Corporate Identity Design, Video Production and more

19. MuseComm - musecomm.in
Expertise: Brand Discovery, Brand Positioning, Packaging Design and more

20. Keep-Up Branding Solutions - keepup.co.in
Expertise: Corporate Gifting, Artwork Development, Printing and more

21. Corporate Fingerprint - corpfingerprint.co.za
Expertise: App & Web Development, Branding, SEO and more

22. Upsway Marketing - upswaymarketing.com
Expertise: Logo Design, Branding, Web Development and more

23. In Motion - inmotionmktg.com
Expertise: Web Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing and more

24. Christa Stephens - christastephens.co
Expertise: Social Media Management, Web Design, Branding and more

25. Culturit Public Relations and Design - culturitpr.com
Expertise: Public Relations, Marketing, Graphic Design and more

26. VIDAWORKS - vidaworks.com
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design, Content Production and more

27. Arc's - arcs-design.com
Expertise: Brand Advisory, Packaging Design, Innovation & Shopper Marketing and more

28. Bradbury - bradburybrandexperts.com
Expertise: Brand Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design and more

29. WHR Marketing - whrmarketing.com
Expertise: Logo Design, Brand Development, Advertising and more

30. Zoom Into Life Studio - zoomintolife.com
Expertise: Video Production, Photography, Branding and more

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