TikTok has one billion monthly active users. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the ways businesses can leverage TikTok to grow their brands.


According to Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide in the first quarter of 2022. With one billion monthly active users and an impressive engagement rate — an average usage time of 52 minutes a day with 90% of users accessing it on a daily basis, as shared by Backlinko, TikTok is the most engaging of all social media platforms showing the most long-term potential for growing brand awareness and leads.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the ways businesses can leverage TikTok to grow their brands.


TabithaNaylor.com owner Tabitha Jean Naylor claims that businesses should use storytelling to add a human touch and drive engagement on TikTok.

“Storytelling, for all its simplicity, is the golden ticket to success on TikTok,” said Naylor. “Your audience will engage with your brand’s unique offering if the delivery feels human and evokes emotion. Trends give you the framework to create engaging stories and relevant solutions that will resonate with them.”


Alamo City Marketing Solutions Owner Evan Swanson says that businesses should post reliable and authentic content to build brand awareness and drive engagement on this social network popular with young demographic.

“You need to build brand awareness through content that stands out,” said Swanson. “Tap into trends your followers love, and create content that feels relatable and authentic, which makes people more likely to engage according to SEMrush. I have a client (Shawn Brown Law) that’s on TikTok and we create funny content that appeals to the viewers and also gets the serious message across in regards to their attorney services."


In the opinion of Thomas Verdi, producer and CEO at FF Branded, the main reason brands should share videos on TikTok is to show value and create trust.

“You can't guarantee a viral video or topic, and aiming for it is the wrong approach, said Verdi. “As you're building your content marketing channels, your goal is not to get engagement. It's to provide value to your audience. By providing this value to your audience, you create trust with them. Creating trust with your audience is essential to building a brand on TikTok, or on any platform for that matter.”

DesignRush released the September list of the best video marketing and video production companies that can help businesses develop and promote highly engaging video content across various platforms.

1. New World Productions - newworldproductions.net
Expertise: Video Production, Video Marketing, Content Marketing and more

2. TabithaNaylor.com - tabithanaylor.com
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Advertising and more

3. Luce Media - lucemedia.net
Expertise: Video Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more

4. Alamo City Marketing Solutions - marketingsolutions-tx.com
Expertise: Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertising and more

5. Scalee - scalee.me
Expertise: Ad Creatives Production, Advertiisng, Campaign Development and more

6. Cyberconnect Web Solutions - ciberconecta.com
Expertise: Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more

7. Witty Jack - wittyjack.com
Expertise: Film Production, Creative Direction, Web Development and more

8. Katalyst Media - katalystmedia.co.nz
Expertise: Video Production, Video Marketing, Branding and more

9. BuzzFlick - buzzflick.co
Expertise: Video Ad Creation, Video Editing, Motion Graphics Development and more

10. Stewis Media - stewismedia.com
Expertise: Video Production, Audio Production, Photography and more

11. OKD Estudio - okdestudio.com.ar
Expertise: Photography, Video Production, Branding and more

12. COSMIC FILMS - cosmicfilms.ca
Expertise: Ad Video Production, Product Video Production, Event Video Production and more

13. Tribalo Estudio Digital - tribalo.com.mx
Expertise: Photography, Videography, Digital Marketing and more

14. rain productions - rain-productions.de
Expertise: Audio Production, Game Localization, Video Production and more

15. Signal - signalfilm.tv
Expertise: Video Production, Drone Filming, Animation Creation and more

16. 10plusbrand - 10plusbrand.com
Expertise: Video Scriptwriting, Videography, Motion Graphic Design and more

17. Highway 61 - highway-61.ch
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Storytelling and more

18. Orange Slice Marketing - orangesliceak.com
Expertise: Photo & Video Content Development, Event Planning, Social Media Marketing and more

19. FF Branded - ffbranded.com
Expertise: Video Production, Video Marketing, Video Editing and more

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