19 Best Logo Rebranding Examples

19 Best Logo Rebranding Examples
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: February 24, 2023

Rebranding happens when businesses have trouble connecting with their audience, not hitting their target revenue or a brand image update is needed.

Concentrating on developing a solid brand when starting a business or releasing a new product is crucial. Professional branding agencies take significant time to establish a brand identity and design a new logo, website, style guide, and brand standards (This article about choosing the perfect rebranding agency for your business should help you get the ball rolling).

Though you might be content with your current assets, plans might change. Businesses may need to reevaluate and make course corrections. Understanding what rebranding technique to use at this point will be really helpful and significantly improve your chances of success.

So, to understand what good rebranding looks like, take a look at the entries from this list of the best logo rebranding examples:

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1. MCoutinho by Estudio Ricardo Daniel

best logo rebranding examples
[Source: Estudio Ricardo Daniel]

Standout Features:

  • Modern, metallic, and minimalistic
  • Adaptable color palette
  • Memorable automotive logo design

A well-known Portuguese brand in the automotive industry, MCOUTINHO had a leading role in the sale and representation of automobiles, especially in sectors like repair shops and parts distribution. After 60 years of successful performance in Portugal, the brand was ready to head on a global conquest with a new identity designed by Estudio Ricardo Daniel.

The new emblem looks like a trendy automotive industry representative, with a modern representation of the sleek and elegant “M.” It represents the brand's illustrious history while indicating the industry in which it shines.

The minimal emblem seems futuristic and powerful, implying constant motion. Its futuristic appeal is enhanced with the all-capital Montserrat wordmark next to it.

The logo’s adaptability can best be seen through the prominent color palette – it aligns perfectly with six different colors, each marking a particular industry branch.

2. BUDA by Once Storytelling

logo rebranding examples
[Source: Once Storytelling]

Standout Features:

  • Multifaceted design
  • Vibrant and free coloring
  • Brave and bold, encouraging artistic identity

Once Storytelling presented three potential rebranding versions for the Belgian arts center, BUDA. The concepts are based on the organization’s core values and services portrayed creatively through these remarkable visual representations.

All three rebranding options are colorful and imaginative, where two include a typographical brand name representation, and one relies more heavily on the logo design.

The first iteration is built around modern writing of the brand name that alludes to the various options and services that this art center encapsulates. The unfinished “B” is more prominent than “UD,” which is placed one above the other. These glyphs are underlined by the extended, minimal “A” that “wraps” the logo into a whole.

The second version is the most minimal one, with a colorful, geometric representation of the brand’s first letter. The emblem is built around two concentric, intertwining circles. Each intersection is marked with a different color, giving it a vibrant, joyful look that inspires creativity.

The final option is the boldest one. It depicts the red-and-blue logotype through a heavy font style with several artistic features, like the magnet-looking “U” and the water-color white in the “D” gap.

3. SCRUMMYS by Jay Design Studio

best rebranding campaigns
[Source: Jay Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-drawn logo
  • Personal and creative
  • Laid-back, inviting atmosphere

Consumers build stronger connections to anything less robot-like. The best restaurant chains are all aware there’s a deep connection between a fully corporate look and a blend of corporate and personal. That’s why McDonald’s has stuck to its iconic arch and sticky tagline for so long. With this in mind, Jay Design Studio rebranded another rising restaurant chain. SCRUMMYS’ old logo was digitally produced, whereas the new one is handwritten, providing space for the fun kitchen imperfection.

It’s also in style with the spirit of the two founder brothers – foodies at heart who wanted to combine a comfortable dining experience and delicious food.

The new logo is more relatable and laid-back. It’s painted in mustard yellow, prompting the passengers to grab a bite on the go!

The revamped brand identity promotes customer engagement through various easter eggs on the serious, standardized packaging designs and promotional materials. By combining their sincerity in providing tasty meals and the new playful designs, SCRUMMYS now established a perfect balance for becoming a favorite place to eat for new and old customers.

4. Kaso Dubai by Leemeetless Design Studio

successful rebranding campaigns
[Source: Leemeetless Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • A refined, more professional logo design
  • Simplicity in design reflects the clarity of solutions
  • A prominent and diverse color palette

The next in our list of best logo rebranding examples is Kaso Dubai, a brand dedicated to addressing the whole food waste issue in a revolutionary way. To do this, it needed a refreshed identity that its audience could resonate with. Leemeetless Design Studio provided an in-depth rebranding solution that helped Kaso highlight and explain their ideas.

While the rebrand maintained the original logo design, it was tweaked in several places – showing that the brand cares about even the most minor details. This simple solution reflects the company’s aim to fix food waste issues by altering existing systems, rather than inventing new ones.

The logo rebranding also relies on extracting the basic shapes in the logo to various digital and offline promotional materials, consistently hinting at the emblem even when it’s not in the customers’ vision.

Aside from red and blue, which serve as the brand’s primary colors, the rebranding encompasses seven more colors in the secondary palette to help address more areas of the brand’s market presence.

5. Nindohost by Brandegree

Best Logo Rebranding Example
[Source: Brandegree]

Standout Features:

  • A fast and powerful look
  • Pop-culture inspired logo
  • A trustworthy, corporate color palette

Nindohost was looking for a fresh, contemporary look after running a successful web hosting and domain name reservation business for over 15 years. Brandegree materialized a rebranding process encompassing the brand’s values and vision.

The new logo combines four elements: a clan symbol from Naruto (the popular anime series), a diagonal flash illustration, a checkmark, and the capital “N.”

Each of the elements reflects the brand. Nindohost is not a soulless organization. It’s a clan. Their services are fast and powerful, verified by their history of satisfied customers. The result is an italic “N” that extends into an unfinished circle that embraces it.

The color palette found on the logo and various promotional materials combines several shades of blue with white, communicating the loyalty and confidence of their quality to their customers.

6. NETT FRONT by Creathink Advertising

examples of logo rebranding
[Source: Creathink Advertising]

Standout Features:

  • An imaginative take on building blocks
  • Protection at the core
  • Oscillating between traditional and modern

NETT FRONT is a family business that produces top-notch, personalized, and distinctive furniture doors. Creathink Advertising’s rebranding solution was made to address the two different types of the brand’s audience: personal buyers that value unique aesthetics and technicians looking for long-term partners.

The new logo design does an incredible job of communicating with both target audiences. Inspired by the distinctive millings the brand makes on its furniture doors, the logo resembles a furniture-based tribute to Legos and Rubik’s Cube – it symbolizes building blocks into meaningful and beautiful shapes.

The emblem displays a rhomboid of four closely aligned red building blocks, encouraging playfulness, logic, and the simplicity of the brand’s operations.

The NETT FRONT red, which stands for the essential components of constructing a warm home: stability, vitality, and protectiveness, pulses with possibilities while radiating a welcoming warmth.

7. Predom by Balahibo Graphic Studio

successful rebranding examples
[Source: Balahibo Graphic Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Color-coded logo variations
  • Sharp, distinct layout
  • A blend of mechanical and traditional themes

Predom makes it to our best rebranding examples with a stunning and sharp brand rework by Balahibo Graphic Studio.

The brand needed a new visual appeal after merging with another company. And the agency gave it a modern, stable, and trustworthy appearance through this rebranding campaign.

And the new logo is just that – it feels like a contemporary mixture of mechanical and traditional themes. The cozy “homey” atmosphere feels safe and conventional, whereas the signature-like symbol that strikes through it provides a more modern appeal.

This logo is color-coded, making it easily adaptable to different needs. The layout is sharp and straightforward, with only the “chimney smoke” and the typeface below the emblem colored in red, blue, or yellow, each indicating the industry it represents.

This fashionable new look retains some similarity to the old one, making it easily recognizable for the existing customers, yet it is modern and exquisite enough to attract new ones.

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8. Movistar by Kerlos Eskander

Best Logo Rebranding
[Source: Kerlos Eskander]

Standout Features:

  • Standard, reliable blue
  • A more formal yet fun corporate look
  • Logo design integrating representations and identity

As a telecommunication services provider, Movistar needs to stay in tune with the industry's shifting tides. That’s why Kerlos Eskander helped them reinvent their identity, which builds upon the existing identity.

The rebranding encompasses a new logo design that adds another meaningful layer to the previously used one. The old logo combined two elements: a star and the letter “M” inside it. The new one introduces another ingredient to the mix – a communication network. So, while the primary two elements helped build recognition, adding the third one was crucial for conveying what the brand does best.

The new emblem looks like a blue star with five white lines stemming from a white core in the center of it. Each part is identical, and the line takes the shape of an “M,” representing the growth and connection of Movistar as a brand.

The primary color is blue, which represents a standard color in communication network branding due to its psychological effect – it's a color that inspires trust and makes the brand feel more reliable.

9. Haram Transfer by focal X agency

best rebranding
[Source: focal X agency]

Standout Features:

  • Sleek brand transformation
  • An industry-inspired logo design
  • Modern, fintech typography

Haram Transfer is one of the leading financial service providers with over 170 branches in Syria. Their growth demanded a fresh, new visual identity. Focal X agency embraced the challenge and devised a modern solution that adds a unique glow to the previous appeal.

Their sleek brand transformation includes its new, contemporary, industry-representative logo design. The bright green emblem stands next to the Orbitron Bold font, quite a suitable fit for modern fintech typography.

The green emblem doesn’t only symbolize “H” for “Haram.” The left side of the sign represents a rotated “T.” But there’s more to it: the logo also presents a financial pyramid that stems from the left and narrows down to the top (the central part of the right green line).

The color choice is not coincidental - green is known for being the second most visually pleasing color, and it’s prevalent in nature, so it’s associated with healing and calming. It gives the brand a needed note of accessibility.

10. Husky Nutrition and Sport by Paula Guerrero

best logo rebranding campaigns
[Source: Paula Guerrero]

Standout Features:

  • Geometry based design
  • Prominent in color
  • Standard typographical blend

Husky Nutrition and Sport’s rebranding was built by Paula Guerrero, who focused on elementary geometrical shapes, primarily circles and rectangles.

This project relies on various colors that indicate the diversity of disciplines and inclusive nature of the brand, including yellow, dark blue, and shades of grey that either complement or contrast the primary two.

The large circles are usually placed in the corners of the visual field, designed to draw attention to powerful and vital headline messages. The rectangular elements are reserved for descriptive content blocks, providing a nice touch to the importance of information-laden text.

The standard typographical blend ensures readability and places comprehensiveness above stylistic features, with Arial for the headlines and Microsoft Yahei for the body content.

The design encompasses many other visual elements that add a distinctive appeal while focusing the viewer’s attention on the most critical content bits, like concentric lines that follow a circular element or a “shadow” of the rectangular content block.

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11. Cryptoflation by Hamad Alammash

best logo rebranding campaign
[Source: Hamad Alammash]

Standout Features:

  • Excellent logo variations
  • Monochromatic primary brand colors
  • A fun and trendy personality

Another transformative rebranding project is Cryptoflation's rebrand by Hamad Alammash.

Since the brand is all about digital diversity, the designer made its appearance more aligned with its values and principles.

The new logo is excellent for many reasons. It consists of a candy-cane-like figure and a simple, pixel-resembling square immediately below the curve on the right end. The emblem encapsulates the “C” on the far left, the “F” next to it, and the square symbolizing encryption.

Another great feature of the logo is its extensive variations. Due to its monochromatic primary brand color, you can customize the shades of purple. But you can also play around with the font, with parts that are black and colored and many other elements, leading up to an astonishing 672 possible variations!

Due to its unique and mysterious appeal, the design performs well when posted on social media or other digital channels. The eye-candy color story joined with the Elza font, makes up for an attention-grabbing combo.

12. Fujikonstruct by TBC Manila Design House

logo rebranding ideas
[Source: TBC Manila Design House]

Standout Features:

  • Modern and minimal
  • Versatile logo interpretations
  • Expanding the color palette

Fujikonstruct is a Filipino construction company that swapped their outdated visual identity for a new, modern appeal. TBC Manila Design House’s rebrand solution aims to show Fujikonstruct’s layers that go beyond the dust and dirty manual labor.

They updated the old logo, decluttering it by removing all excessive elements. The new emblem appears in two thick parallel lines against a shorter one positioned diagonally below them.

It represents several potential readings. It symbolizes a mighty, unmovable mountain that indicates the security of their projects. The shape also resembles a striking hammer and a house that maintains all the molecular tasks behind the finished product. The new logo also conveys the company’s evolution in identifying the crucial aspects of the projects they’re working on.

The color palette was expanded, with the novel shades of brown joining the previously used yellow and blue. The brown efficiently conveys the colors of the usual construction materials, like sand or earth and wood.

13. Tictac by Luiza Amorim

best rebranding logos
[Source: Luiza Amorim]

Standout Features:

  • Alluding to the unique rhythm
  • A treat to life
  • A “shaky” look

Generations worldwide enjoy these tiny mints’ taste and their minimal, polished look. While the mints prompt you to play around with them and their iconic package, there’s another perspective that Luiza Amorim noticed could be a basis for the intriguing rebranding experience – the distinctive rhythm, sound, and vibration.

Rather than “fixing” what works fine, this rebranding concept aims to add and emphasize another (overlooked) layer to the mint’s success. Luiza realized that the logo could directly reference the sound the packaging design makes when you open and close the lid and shake it around.

The varying vibrations are represented through a slick bolded “TIC” positioned slightly above the regular “TAC.” This displacement simulates a visual experience that equates to the funky sound the packaging makes, with the contrast emphasizing the rhythm.

This rebranding provides a relatable persona for the upscaled mint, portraying it as a green blob with arms and legs. The character is always depicted with cool black glasses on, in motion, playing around with a yo-yo or handing you a flower.

14. Newton by Jhon Jairo Lasso

successful logo rebranding examples
[Source: Jhon Jairo Lasso]

Standout Features:

  • Simpler and more adaptable visuals
  • A very light shade of green
  • Inspiring confidence

As a firm representative of the Argentinian foreign trade companies, Newton decided to work with Jhon Jairo Lasso, who helped the brand reimagine its visual identity for the company’s 50th birthday.

The result is an elegant design that inspires confidence through its simplicity and soothing primary color. The very light shade of green provides consistency throughout the rebranding process, and it is supported by a darker tone of blue, providing strong contrast when needed.

The logo design combines a symbol set in the center of a dark blue-magenta square. The emblem inside features two identical parallel elements, each resembling a flag on a banner while maintaining the same shade as the square.

The wordmark stands next to the symbol in a trust-inspiring serif-style font that resembles scripts, giving it a more personal, distinctive look.

15. Burger Grill by Kangoo Works

Best Logo Rebranding Ideas
[Source: Kangoo Works]

Standout Features:

  • Bold and confident
  • Retro fast-food fashion
  • Attention-grabbing red

This burger delivery place’s rebranding was conceptualized by Kangoo Works, attempting to project the brand’s core virtues, like its efficiency and confidence in the quality of the food.

The concept was inspired by the 50s and 60s style of South American family-owned fast-food restaurants, building around the breakthrough age of hamburgers. While the idea was derived from it, the clean and simple design is a modern take on classic aesthetics.

The logo design includes simple attention-grabbing red initials on a square white background. The logo’s color palette combines red and white, maintaining consistency across digital and offline marketing materials. It also emphasizes the level of standards and code of conduct behind Burger Grill. The logo design includes simple attention-grabbing red initials on a square white background.

The typographical blend features Gotham and Hanson. The latter can be found across headlined content, whereas Gotham is an excellent choice for the running text due to its well-known scalability and enhanced legibility.

16. KidDough by Mello Experts

logo rebranding
[Source: Mello Experts]

Standout Features:

  • Playful and fun
  • New pastel color palette
  • Gentle, feminine atmosphere

KidDough’s branding used to be heavily reliant on the competitors’ behavior. And while it’s advisable to take advantage of their best practices and make them your own, it’s equally important to maintain your brand’s unique character.

KidDough’s distinctive characteristics are enabled to shine through Mello Experts' rebranding prowess.

The old logo design had scalability issues. And despite mimicking the most frequently used colors in the industry, it did not portray the brand’s identity well enough. So, the new emblem was built to better reflect the (emotional) values of the brand with a fresh palette that emphasizes them further.

The new logo design puts the baby's smiley face in the center, wrapped in a soothing teal baby blanket. The logotype is pink and cute, with a short and sweet gold tagline with increased spacing below it.

The pastel color palette, now unique to KidDough, also complements the typographical mixture of the soft and playful Comfortaa that inspires the free-flowing feminine energy with the always reliable Poppins font, known for its legibility.

17. Santos FC | Rebranding - A tribute to Pele by Gabriel Marcondes

top logo rebranding
[Source: Gabriel Marcondes]

Standout Features:

  • An homage to the legend of the game
  • Jersey number
  • Iconic moments

Santos FC is one of the greatest Brazilian football clubs. Not only has it garnered many trophies and accolades in its long tradition, but they also nurtured the growth of some of the biggest names in the sport’s history. However, no name is bigger than Pele.

Gabriel Marcondes developed an intriguing rebranding concept for the iconic club that pays homage to the football legend who started his career with Santos FC.

This authorial project envisions a redefined logo design. The classic shield of the club features an added outlined number “1,” placed next to the ball in the top left corner. Together, it looks like the number “10,” the number Pele wore on his back.

The exact detail also resembles some of the most iconic goals of the Football King - scored through incredible bicycle kicks.

The rebranding campaign also includes the standardization of the official color palette and the focus on textures and patterns that apply to modern media while staying true to the roots of this centurion club. The color added to the club’s black and white is gold – representing the crown of the eternal King Pele. And if you are a football fan, check out these amazing football visuals!

18. mmm QUE RICO! by Karla Alvarado

Best Rebranding Examples That Reinvented Brand Identities
[Source: Karla Alvarado]

Standout Features:

  • Embracing the Mexican culture
  • Delicious food pattern prints
  • A jovial mascot

In the Mmm QUE RICO!’s truck, common ingredients are combined, turning into the magical Mexican food people love. Karla Alvarado ensured that the truck’s exterior prompts the passers-by to taste the magic through this rebranding project.

The truck is laden with symbols of Mexican culture, including an average Mexican with a giant sombrero holding a taco, the country’s flag above him, and a pattern of the most famous tortilla-based fast food below him.

The jovial figure can be found on either side of the truck, wearing traditional clothing with a red ribbon and a white brand name on it. The driver’s side features the same mascot on a horse, riding through a field of burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.

This welcoming rebranding embraces all the things we love about Mexico through a vibrant and modern design, highlighting the variety of flavors you can enjoy, thanks to mmm QUE RICO!

19. At641 Community by Whimsgic Studio

rebranding logos
[Source: Whimsgic Studio]

Standout Features:

  • A new, vibrant, and energetic logo design
  • Promoting encouraging messages through individualism
  • Oneness despite differences

At641 is a creative hub that takes pride in providing a laid-back environment for people who are not afraid to step outside the box and explore their creativity, all while having the time of their lives. Whimsgic Studio brought the needed color to the brand’s identity to promote inclusiveness and exhibit their encouraging attitude towards pursuing their passion.

The rebranding is built around introducing vibrant colors to the old design and retaining its authenticity.

The new logo design embodies society's evolution and values through a purple, stary silhouette with a pink circle in the center. The purple represents the power, passion and imagination embraced by At641, and the pink circle can allude to a yet unspoken idea.

The outlines of the central figure are colored teal blue and pink, indicating the contrasting ideas that combine into the sublime through promoting inclusiveness and respecting individualism, allowing the members to find balance and a safe environment for their imagination to shine.

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