70% of small law firms still operate without a website. DesignRush ranked top web design companies that help optimize and modernize small business and law firm websites to increase credibility and user retention.


In 2021, 70% of small law firms do not have a website and as many as 68% percent of those that do neglect to include the basic information such as a contact email on their homepage.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with specialized agencies, has issued the September list of the top web design companies that specialize in helping small businesses and law firms grow their website traffic and conversions.

The top small business and law firm design companies in September 2021 are:

1. Digital Systems - digital-systems.ca
Expertise: Web design & development, email marketing, social media marketing and more

2. TechWyse Internet Marketing - techwyse.com
Expertise: Creative design, traffic building, strategy, consulting and more

3. Ten Squared - tensq.com.au
Expertise: Website design and marketing, SEO, E-commerce consulting and more

4. Bluediamondwebs - bluediamondwebs.com
Expertise: Website building, domain transfers, WordPress websites and more

5. Lime Green Digital - digitallimegreen.co.za
Expertise: Digital courses, social media management, website design and more

6. Vassion Media - vassionmedia.com
Expertise: Branding, web design, content marketing and more

7. Insertioweb - insertioweb.com
Expertise: Web design, SEO optimization, WP development and more

8. Digital Next. - digitalnext.com.au
Expertise: SEO, PPC, bespoke web design and more

9. AB Designs - arnaud-brunel.com
Expertise: Website design, marketing and SEO, brand identity and more

10. BHAVITRA TECHSOLUTIONS - bhavitrabd.com
Expertise: Advanced analytics, web design, content strategy and more

11. Mad Scientist Web Design - madscientistwebdesign.com
Expertise: Graphic design, web creation, cyber security and more

12. The Story Web Design & Marketing - thestorywebs.com
Expertise: Web design, eCommerce development, digital marketing and more

13. Infibrain Technologies - infibrain.com
Expertise: ASP.Net development, PHP development, cloud computing and more

14. SumatoSoft - sumatosoft.com
Expertise: Business analysis, UI/UX design, frontend/backend development and more

15. N49 Interactiven - n49interactive.com
Expertise: SEM and online advertising, branding and design, reputation management and more

16. CelerArt - celerart.com
Expertise: Planning and UX, design and UI, web development and more

17. Kraftier Studio - kraftierstudio.com
Expertise: Digital PR, brand activations, web design and more

18. Tech Vision - tech-vision.net
Expertise: eCommerce solutions, website development, social media marketing and more

19. Designekta Studios - designekta.com
Expertise: Website redesign, brand creation, digital marketing and more

20. BeeTcore - beetcore.com
Expertise: E-learning, mobile app development, website design and more

21. Seo works - seoworks.co.uk
Expertise: Web design, organic SEO, PPC management and more

22. Advertising Solutions Web Design - advertisingsolutions.co.za
Expertise: SEO, eCommerce website design, Email hosting and more

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