• Reebok Website Homepage

    Find yourself inspired to get up and walk, run, dance. Reebok has you covered, no matter what kind of activity you’re gearing up to get involved in. Reebok’s versatile shoe and clothing line are great for any athletic occasion!

    A stunning and defined photograph of an athlete running outside is the first thing you see as you enter Reebok’s site. The image dominates the right half of the page and utilizes a beautiful fade effect to the left as a way to create a less distracting image on which to feature lettering. The combination of bold white and red words are easily visible, inviting you to take part in any number of online events or sales! It’s a simple and effective display that’s enough to pull you in, without overcomplicating the homepage setup.

    Once you're pulled into the website design, start scrolling down to indulge in a number of the more popular articles and product collections Reebok has to offer. The page is broken down in a dynamic table. Each segment of the table includes a crisp photograph in combination with a text box. The three text boxes are the same color, tying the page together as their scheme coordinates with the initial image that catches your attention. The overall touch is a small but great way to create a homepage worth remembering!

    Reebok E-Commerce Website

    Reebok offers up a wide variety of products that you can look through. Perhaps one of the more intriguing products in their shop allows you the ability to customize your own shoe. The interactive platform is set against a white backdrop with light gray spatterings. The design is basic and lets you focus entirely on what you’re creating.

    Along the left of your screen, make your way through a customizable menu where you’ll have the ability to mix and match styles until you make the shoe that “screams” your personality. Make use of the zoom options as well as the rotating tools to see your brand-new shoe from every angle possible before placing your order!

    Reebok’s well-known name carries forcefully within their site design, focusing on gorgeous imagery and bold lettering to draw in users. The interactive platform that lets users customize products creates a fun and quirky way to involve users in the way their site inspires them.

    Reebok is a clean website design in the Sports & Leisure, Fashion & Beauty and E-Commerce & Retail industries.