How to Sell Web Design Services?

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How to Sell Web Design Services?
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: June 01, 2023

There is a big difference between making good websites and selling web design services. This service should become a marketable and saleable product — and the transition is trickier than you think.

That is why we are here to guide you on how to sell web design services and become an established, independent web design professional.

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How to Sell Web Design Services: 5 Important Tips to Consider

Here are the top 5 tips to consider when selling your web design services:

Consider the Utility of a Website

While a beautifully created website is a work of art, most businesses are not interested in this aspect. So, when you sell your web design services to clients, focus more on the utility aspect than the aesthetics. Your clients will be looking at results in terms of ROI and greater customer satisfaction.

You need to highlight how the updated website will help them reach their business goals. Simply put, you need to show your potential clients how they can make more revenue, and your portfolio should speak for itself.

Web design services can offer businesses specific benefits: personalized image, targeted advertising, trackable metrics and increased productivity. You can simultaneously use figures like the number of people browsing the services and so on to assist you in selling.

Explain to your clients not just the utility but also what they can expect in return for their investment. That is because designing and upgrading a website might be quite an investment for small-sized companies.

Focus on Authenticity

The digital services market is oversaturated; hence, it is essential to do things that make your web design services stand out. Being authentic is the easiest way to do this. Resist the temptation to look larger than life in most situations.

When it’s time to pitch, write honestly about who you are and what you do. Authenticity makes it easier for clients to establish a relationship with you without blatantly asking for it.

Educate Your Clients

You might often need to work with small businesses, which will somewhat be a learning curve for your clients. As you know what they can do with a well-designed website, you have to teach your clients.

You need to show your clients what they can accomplish with a properly built website and the best website design UX. These include subscription options, content management, bill payments, newsletter registrations, and sales.

Many businesses are not aware of how these options can help their business grow. As a competent service provider, you need to understand your client’s needs and use the right technology to help them in their journey.

Another way to educate your clients is by comparing yourself to the competition. In a code dominatedcode-dominated industry, relationships can give you a lot of competitive advantages. If you can explain the differences, it will work in your favor.

Create Products

Most clients prefer to buy products even though you sell a service. So, the trick here is to make your services look like lucrative products. You can choose a few, focus on making them a part of the package and automate them whenever possible. This will, however, require you to put some thought into it and systemize your services well in advance.

Examples of products are e-commerce sites, magazine sites, real estate sites, portfolio sites, consultancy sites etc. Creating products also improves your efficiency and enables you to deliver a consistent product.

Offer Additional Services

Even if your core interest lies in website designing and development, it is wise to consider offering additional services that will boost your web design service scope. You need not do this yourself but select agencies or freelancers in your network that you trust.

These add-ons can include website management and hosting, website customer service, social media profile creation, graphic design, SaaS consulting, social media profile creation, user flow diagramming or a/b testing.

Sell Website Design: How to Pitch Clients at Different Levels?

As you plan to start selling your web design services, you will find clients at different levels. You will need to modify your pitch based on what level your potential client is at in the following way:


Clients who have just begun to look for web services might have a customer base but not a thriving presence online. These clients typically want their website to push beyond the established community and organic opportunities.

For them, the purpose of redesigning a website is to expand its reach. As they are willing to invest, it is your responsibility to quantify the core investment and explain what they can expect in return through your detailed pitch.


The intermediate client has already invested in some web design, but it had not been a worthwhile investment. They probably have a website that does not work in the desired way. For such clients, you should introduce the best web design trends so that you are able to upgrade the existing website and create a user interface that is consistent with the client’s products and services.


An advanced-level client is looking for user-friendliness and speed. The initial setup that they have works, but they want to make it work faster. These clients also have the metrics to measure speed and are acquainted with terms like ROAS and ROI.

With these clients, especially if you are working on B2B website design, you have to find the opportunity for the highest return and make improvements to the website.

How to Price Web Design Services?

These are the three most common methods to charge clients for web design services, used by the professional web design companies as well as freelancers:

  • Hourly Charges. With an hourly fee, you can easily charge clients for the exact amount of work done. This is a great starting point when freelancing as it allows both newcomers and experienced professionals to gain a better understanding of project time frames.
  • Flat Rate. This payment type allows both parties to focus on value instead of time spent working. Opting for a flat rate can make the project simpler to manage by ensuring both parties are clear on expectations upfront.
  • Monthly Fixed Rate. A monthly fixed retainer structure is an ideal way to consistently generate steady income by providing specialty services such as website maintenance, copywriting, SEO optimization, and hosting management.

How to Sell Website Design: Finding Potential Clients

If you are focused and excited about starting the process of selling web design services right away, we recommend that you go ahead with these approaches and mediums for finding the right clients.

  • Friends & Family – These people know who you are and respect what you do. They are the ones in your network who know your web designing skills. So, it makes sense to reach out to them to get the initial momentum point.
  • Social Media – Social networking channels have people who follow you,; many might have already connected with you. Leveraging these networks to build on the initial momentum is an excellent way to get potential clients.
  • Freelance Networks – There are many freelance networks out there, and most of these are designed to connect the service providers with people ready to make a buying decision. These sites can very well offer you an initial thrust of opportunities.

Selling Web Design Services: Mistakes to Avoid

There are inevitable mistakes that potential web designers should try to avoid. And the mistakes primarily lie in how the service providers perceive the clients. Here are some of the related points to consider:

  • When selling any web-related services, try to convince your clients of the potential of your service. It is essential to pitching to the sold and not to the stubborn.
  • Ensure that the client also sees the opportunity or the efficiency in the proposed service that you, as an expert, see.
  • When you pitch to considerably stubborn clients, convince them that the heavy lifting is on your part and they are not required to pay a premium for it.
  • Sell to people who believe web designing is a good idea and a profitable investment. When they see the opportunity, it is easier for you to convince them to invest in you and not the other person.

How to Sell Web Design Services Takeaways?

Once you know how to sell your web design services, you can think of it as a door that opens up other avenues and services.

For instance, once a client’s website is up and running, you, as a website design agency, can venture into digital marketing services and so on, though it all eventually comes down to the value of your service. So, it is better to focus on one thing at a time and wait for the right time to get the buy-in from your clients.

And whenever you are ready to sell a website design, be prepared in every possible way.

How to Sell Web Design Services FAQ

1. How much should I charge someone to design a website?

Professional web design is a highly sought service with experienced freelancers commanding up to $75 per hour. A single website project can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. The average fee is around $6,760, depending on factors such as market rates and the complexity of job specifications. Moreover, pricing variations depend largely on individual experience level and the industry served.

2. How do I advertise my web design service?

If you want to advertise your web design services effectively, consider utilizing a variety of online tools such as paid advertising, free advertising on social media platforms, and directories.

You can create an event listing with Facebook Events that will appear on local search results when someone is looking for something related. Additionally, look into using press release agencies that can provide articles about your business through high-traffic news sites.

Being active in relevant communities while providing educational information can help establish yourself as an expert in the area and build trust among prospective consumers. Focus on SEO as well so that clients know their website is going to be seen.

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