A Simple Guide to Retail Packaging Design

A Simple Guide to Retail Packaging Design
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Last Updated: December 16, 2022

Retail packaging design continues to influence buyers in their shopping decisions. It also contributes a lot to their shopping habits and preferences. It also helps them identify a product quickly, making browsing more convenient and enjoyable.

Furthermore, retailers must know how to create attractive packaging designs that stand out from their competitors. They need to understand consumer behavior so that they can design accordingly; this includes understanding color psychology.

Also, with so many people becoming more concerned about the environment and the waste from retail product packaging, businesses would have to think about how their packaging would contribute less waste and more productivity.

That's why creating visually appealing and eco-friendly packaging designs is essential.

Retailers must be aware of their materials and how they are used to ensure product packaging quality.

Let this post guide you on the basics of retail packaging design, including the factors to consider in creating the best product packaging designs.

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Retail Packaging Design as Your Ultimate Weapon

Only some people know that retail packaging design is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is a great way to draw customers' attention and make them interested in your product.

Packaging also plays an essential role in setting expectations for the customer on what they can expect from your product, even before opening it or using it.

72% of American shoppers say that product packaging is a crucial factor that influences their purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, an excellent retail packaging design should add value to the product and provide information or convenience to the customer. This can be done through materials, shapes, and sizes that make it easy to carry, store, or transport.

Lastly, you must ensure that your design stands out from the competition and communicates clearly with the customers so they can make informed decisions about buying your product.

Overall, designing the proper retail packaging is essential in enticing buying customers and creating a great shopping experience. Investing time to research this topic and create fabulous designs will be beneficial in the long run.

When done correctly, you can ensure that your products will have an edge over the competition and be well-received by customers.

Why Retail Packaging Design Matters

Custom packaging retail ideas abound these days. However, you must know its importance before choosing the right retail packaging design.

One reason retail packaging design matters is that it helps you grab the attention of potential buyers. When people shop, they can quickly be drawn in by the unique and effective design on the shelves.

An eye-catching packaging that stands out from the competition will help you have more visibility.

Retail packaging design must also convey what your product is all about. Labeling and artwork in the packaging must be informative so buyers can quickly identify your product.

It should also reflect the brand identity and help you maintain a consistent look across all your products. This is important for building recognition and customer loyalty.

Finally, retail packaging design should provide convenience to customers. It should be designed in a way that is easy to carry and store while also being attractive.

By considering all these factors when designing retail packaging, you can create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.

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Factors to Consider in Basic Retail Packaging Design

Retail product packaging comes in many forms, from boxes and bags to pouches and wraps. No matter the type of packaging you choose, there are several factors that you should consider before finalizing a design.

First, consider your target audience and tailor the design accordingly. It should be attractive and informative.

Second, consider the size and shape of the packaging that suits your products best. It must be easy to carry and should protect the items from any damage.

Third, when it comes to materials, focus on durability and sustainability. Choose ones that are eco-friendly and can withstand wear and tear.

Finally, make sure that the design reflects your brand identity. It should include a logo, brand colors, tagline and other elements to create a consistent look across your products.

By considering these factors when designing retail packaging, you can ensure that your products stand out in the market and make a lasting impression on customers.

Types of Retail Packaging You Can Use for Your Products

Here are some ideas you can use for your retail packaging design. Some are newcomers, and some have been in the industry for a long time.

1. Reusable Cups and Canisters

Reusable coffee cups, water bottles, and other canisters are becoming popular. They are great for eco-friendly packaging designs that customers love.

With so many people living environmentally-conscious lives nowadays, having containers they can use after finishing the products inside is a big plus.

For example, ice cream tubs can be transformed into jewelry holders or planters. Old sauce jars can store pantry essentials, such as flour, grains, or mixes.

According to sustainability studies, reusable packaging is also more cost-effective in the long run, which can help you save money on production costs.

Thus, if you want to make a difference through your retail packaging design, reusable containers can help you send that message to your buyers.

2. Branded Retail Bags

These retail bags are designed with the company's brand identity, which includes the logo or the company colors. They make the customers feel special when they carry them around or store their products in them. Check out our article on best shopping & gift bags.

The bags can also be tailored to suit different purposes, such as grocery shopping, clothing, etc.

Moreover, these bags are reusable and recyclable, making them an excellent option for sustainable retail packaging design.

3. Custom Packaging Retail Boxes

Some brands choose boxes as their primary form of retail packaging. This offers more protection to the products, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Branded boxes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. From subscription boxes to gift boxes and retail packaging, custom boxes are a great way to add a luxurious touch to your brand's identity.

These boxes provide a safe and secure way to transport your products and eye-catching displays. Plus, they are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear during delivery.

Notable examples include the boxes where luxury bags and clothing are typically placed. The logo is emblazoned across the box, and the company colors are used to reinforce brand recognition to the customers.

4. Brick-and-Mortar Retail Packaging

These refer to the packaging used by brick-and-mortar stores for their products. They come in various forms: boxes, bags, sachets, pouches, and more.

These types of packaging must be designed to fit the store's aesthetic look and feel. Suppose you have an organic product line or one with a vintage feel; you want the design to reflect your product's vision so customers get a holistic experience.

Using brick-and-mortar retail packaging helps you reinforce your products' branding and identity and present them as visually appealing.

5. Custom Foldable Boxes

Many small and medium-sized businesses have used foldable boxes to create unique retail packaging designs. The boxes are easy to assemble and lightweight enough for customers to carry wherever they go.

Plus, you can always customize the designs to match the branding of your products. Customers will immediately recognize your product when they see it in stores.

These foldable boxes are affordable and convenient, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.

You can also use sustainable materials to create these boxes and eco-friendly inks for printing. That way, you know your packaging isn't damaging the environment.

6. eCommerce Retail Packaging

eCommerce is one facet of sales and marketing that we must recognize. We must do more than pack orders in boxes and call it a day. The global eCommerce packaging market has an estimated CAGR of 14.59% over the years 2021-2026.

Even in eCommerce retail packaging design, there is an element of personalization.

Customers love to get their products delivered in a unique, attractive way.

This is why custom boxes and bags are the perfect options for eCommerce businesses—they can be tailored to fit any size or shape of the product and fit tight enough to protect them during transportation.

Furthermore, you can add unique touches, such as company logos and colors. Whether through branded boxes or handwritten notes, customers appreciate that you value them enough to put in the extra effort.

eCommerce packaging must also consider protective features for fragile items such as bubble wraps and foam insertions. This ensures that products arrive safely and securely at their destination.

Considering these factors, you can develop an effective eCommerce retail packaging strategy that puts your customers' needs first and complements your product offerings.

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Retail Packaging Design as a Form of Investment

We must think of retail packaging design as a form of investment. It's an opportunity to strengthen your customer relationship and increase brand loyalty.

By investing in custom boxes or bags, you are investing in the long-term success of your business and its products. Not only will it make shipping more straightforward, but it will also ensure that your products stand out from the competition.

For example, you can capitalize on your packaging design to bring brand recognition to your company. Just look at luxury and fashion brands Louis Vuitton and Chanel, which became iconic thanks to their boxes and paper bags.

Even Pharmacie Goods has invested in their retail product packaging design to great results.

When people see someone swinging a few of these bags around, they immediately recognize the brand associated with them.

Another reason is that retail packaging design is part of why people buy your products in the first place. When someone sees how visually appealing your packaging is, they are more likely to purchase your products.

Ultimately, retail packaging design is an investment that builds better customer relationships. With the proper packaging, you can make a lasting impression on customers that will keep them returning for more.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

One thing you need to know about custom packaging retail ideas is that you can invest only a little. Spending recklessly on packaging can lead to a decrease in profits and leave you with no return.

To ensure that you don't go overboard, here are some helpful tips and tricks:

Invest in the correct size boxes. You want your products to fit snugly, so they only move a little during transportation or shipping.

Look for eco-friendly materials if you want to be more environmentally conscious.

Research the best packaging styles and sizes for your product. Some products require special boxes or bubble wrap.

Maximize branding opportunities with custom printing on your packaging. This will help customers recognize your brand more easily.

In addition, you must remember that eCommerce packaging is not just about product protection but also customer impression.

Investing in quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging will help make your product more desirable and increase customer loyalty. It’s good to balance cost and aesthetics when developing custom retail packaging designs.

Also, ensure that the materials used in your packaging are of the best quality. You may have the best design and concept behind the packaging, but if you use subpar materials, the overall design will be compromised.

Another thing, you must look for someone who can give you the best design options for your retail packaging design that can execute your vision flawlessly. Collaborating with a great packaging design agency is crucial because they can help bring out your vision effortlessly.

Lastly, listen to your customers. If they complain that the “easy-open” carton box is not as easy as it seems, or if they find the latest design cumbersome for their storage areas, take notes and use them to improve.

Remember that you must impress and please the customers by listening to their concerns to have a great stream of revenue and customer loyalty.

Designing suitable retail packaging is crucial for any business aiming to succeed. It's not just about grabbing attention from potential buyers but also giving them an unforgettable shopping experience.

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