Sonos' Illustrative Video Design Emphasizes Simplicity And Fun

Sonos’ Video Design Embodies The Persona Of The Brand

Sonos is a known leader in the wireless speaker industry. The brand is famous for its speakers and sound systems that make streaming music easy anywhere your heart desires.

The brand emphasizes usability and easy navigation across many of its designs — from its website design to its app design. Sonos sticks to its brand messaging, creating designs that emit a minimalism and cleanness that makes using its products a walk in the park.

Sonos has been in the business since 2002, and their product offerings have only grown in comprehensiveness, usability, and functionality. Today, you’re able to sync your music from any library, including Apple Music, Spotify and more, to your wireless device via the Sonos App. Filling your home with your favorite tunes has never been easier, and Sonos prides itself on its simplicity and accessibility.

To keep branding and messaging consistent, Sonos has condensed its wireless streaming device offerings into a clean, bright and engaging 30-second promotional video. This video combines all the design elements it uses across mediums to create a streamlined and consistent user experience.

Video is a powerful medium for engaging with audiences and making an impact. Sixty-four percent of consumers are more compelled to make a purchase after watching a branded video on a product. And video watching has also increased in recent years, making video an even more impactful marketing tool.

In 2017, branded video content views skyrocketed. On Facebook, these video views increased 258 percent, and on YouTube, those views increased 99 percent.

More brands are turning towards short, branded videos that can be shared on social to attract more customers and engage more effectively with their audiences. And this video for Sonos Amazon Alexa home sound system certainly hits the mark.

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Sonos’ Video Uses Dynamic Illustrations And Clear Messaging To Inform Its Audience

Sonos makes the most out of its black and white color palette in this video, creating dynamic illustrations that appear in the video like they're being drawn right before your very eyes. These exciting and engaging illustrations are unique and fun, adding an approachable and friendly vibe to the video and to the brand.

Sonos wireless speakers are seen in every frame of the video, with the drawings being created around them. As the voiceover gives information about the product, a home comes to life, with images sliding in and out — all in a strong and powerful black and white theme.

Similar to the motion graphics used on the Sonos website, sound waves radiate out of the speakers giving users a subtle understanding of what these products are used for and how easy they are to get up and running.

There’s almost no need for the voiceover, with these intuitive and exciting designs popping up and telling a story about Sonos and its products all on its own. This brand has an eye for detail and knows how to tell a good story through powerful visuals and in-depth color palettes.

But the voiceover does add a comprehensiveness that further illustrates the brand’s commitment to simplicity, friendliness, and approachability.

The voiceover more thoroughly explains how to use these wireless speakers, and how they can help benefit your music-streaming experience. It details special functionalities like Amazon Alexa integration and app control. It shows how these devices can be placed in any room and be controlled with a click of an app or a voice command.

And if you can’t listen to the video, Sonos made sure you could read the information that they were providing. At the bottom of the video, the text is laid out to efficiently gets its message across as clearly as it possibly can.

Through the use of dynamic illustrations, a consistent color theme and comprehensive information, this Sonos promotional video is the perfect tool for showcasing a quick and intuitive snapshot of Sonos and its products.

It’s fun, it’s informational and it's quick. People are watching videos now more than ever, so brands need to create content that can make a powerful impact in as little time as possible. This video does just that, while still sticking to its guns and providing consistent branding and messaging that users are welcomed with whether they’re on their laptops searching through their website, or on their phones using the Sonos app.

Sonos Emphasizes Easy Usability And Consumer-Focused Branding In Its Video Design

Sonos puts its customers first. The brand knows that people want easy, efficient and effective products that get the job done with as little intervention on their part. Sonos created products to reflect their consumer needs.

Similarly, Sonos continues to push this message of simplicity and ease of use throughout its designs. Its website is clean and intuitive. Its app is minimal and engaging. And this promotional video is sleek, modern and dynamic — providing all the information the user needs in a fast and comprehensive way.

Sonos kept with the black and white color scheme, mimicking the motion graphics that are used on its website to create a consistent brand message and user experience. When it comes to brand identity, this video design further proves Sonos dedication and skill.

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