91% of clients have experienced poor customer service in the last six months. DesignRush identified the leading call center companies that help businesses improve customer satisfaction and experience.


According to a Replicant survey, 91% of consumers claimed that they experienced poor customer service in the past six months - the most common reason being long wait times. In fact, 44% of them said that they were annoyed, irritated or angry within 5-15 minutes of their wait time.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with specialized agencies, has issued the November list of the top call center companies to help businesses find a reliable partner to provide excellent service to their customers.

The top call center companies in November are:

1. Contact Center Source - contactcentersource.com
Expertise: Lead Generation & Qualification, Appointment Setting, Customer Service, and more

2. Hello Sells - hellosells.com
Expertise: Lead Capturing, Lead Qualifying & Transferring, Appointment Booking, and more

3. BR Call Center - brcallcenter.com
Expertise: Telemarketing, Back Office Services, Customer Service, and more

4. Clark Staff - clarkstaff.com
Expertise: Customer Service, Technical Support Representatives, Data Entry, and more

5. Cloudpoint Technologies - cloudpoint.co.in
Expertise: Command Center Operations, Consultancy, Data Preparation & Visualization, and more

6. ROJO Workforce - rojobpo.com
Expertise: Customer Service, Back Office Support, Lead Engagement, and more

7. Centrebound - contactcentreqa.com
Expertise: Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Test Purchasing, and more

8. Maxicus - maxicus.com
Expertise: Customer Lifecycle Management, Tech Support, Back Office Support, and more

9. STAFFVIRTUAL - staffvirtual.com
Expertise: Customer Support, Back Office Support, IT Outsourcing, and more

10. PremierBPO - premierbpo.com
Expertise: Tech Support, Back Office Processing, Contact Center, and more

11. Eminenture - eminenture.com
Expertise: Back Office Services, Data Management, Virtual Assistant Services, and more

12. Martal Group - martal.ca
Expertise: Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Account-Based Marketing, and more

13. SSR Techvision - ssrtechvision.com
Expertise: Live Operator Inbound & Outbound Customer Service, Live 24/7 Answering Service, Marketing Research & Surveys, and more

14. Aidey - aidey.net
Expertise: Customer Support, Technical Support, Back Office Support, and more

15. Unity Communications - unity-connect.com
Expertise: Customer Service Virtual Assistants, Outsourced eCommerce Customer Service, Email & Live Chat, and more

Brands can explore the top call center companies by location, size, average hourly rate, and portfolio on DesignRush.

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