76% of customers prefer phone calls to reach customer service. DesignRush identified the top call center companies to help businesses boost customer satisfaction.


According to CFI Group, phone calls are the most preferred customer service channel, with 76% of people using them. This is supported by data from Zendesk, which shows that phone support has the highest customer satisfaction rating at 91%, compared to live chat (85%), email support (82%), and even social media channels.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, determined the leading call center companies that help businesses provide high-quality customer support and build long-term customer relationships.

The top call center companies in December are:

1. RBS Data - rbsdata.com
Expertise: Outbound Call Center, Telemarketing, Appointment Setting and more

2. Upmint Finserv - upmint.in
Expertise: Multi-Channel Inbound, Outbound Call Center, Live Chat Support and more

3. BestCallCenter.in - bestcallcenter.in
Expertise: Inbound Call Center, Outbound Call Center, Live Chat Support and more

4. Professionalisation Limited - professionalisation.co.uk
Expertise: Call Answering, Payment Processing, Customer Feedback Campaigns and more

5. Answering Specialists - answeringspecialists.com
Expertise: Answering Services, Appointment Scheduling, Order Processing and more

6. SnydersData - snydersdata.com
Expertise: Virtual Assistants, Appointment Setting, Business Development and more

7. Epic Receptionists - epicreceptionists.com
Expertise: Outbound Call Center, Call Answering, Appointment Scheduling and more

8. Koala Customer Care - koalacustomercare.com
Expertise: Live Chat Support, Phone Answering, Outbound Sales Support and more

9. Salesupply - salesupply.com
Expertise: eCommerce Customer Service, eCommerce Fulfillment, Contact Center and more

10. Aidey - aidey.net
Expertise: Back Office, Customer Support, Technical Support and more

11. Unity Communications - unity-connect.com
Expertise: Helpdesk & IT Support, Answering Service, Customer Service and more

12. Helpware - helpware.com
Expertise: Digital Customer Experience, Back Office, Digital Marketing Support and more

13. 3C Contact Services - 3ccontactservices.com
Expertise: Live Chat Support, Contact Center, Appointment Setting and more

14. TeleDirect - teledirect.com
Expertise: Answering Services, Appointment Setting, Technical Support and more

15. MattsenKumar - mattsenkumar.com
Expertise: Inbound Customer Service, Inbound Technical Support, Outbound Lead Generation and more

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