• Grouek Great Website Design

    Grouek is a digital design agency focused on innovation, creating emotional experiences for viewers of their wide array of projects.

    The company’s website design makes use of a texturized negative space fading from a medium gray to black. The medium gray hue illuminates the company logo that is right-aligned on the page, making it the focal point in coordination with the outward fade. Fonts are kept simple and small with a white sans-serif selection for easy reading and minimal distraction from the rest of the page.

    Grouek Top Website Design

    From the homepage, potential clients have the ability to view 46 different project samples that Grouek has created. A collapsible page scroll on the left-hand side allows site visitors to see a preview of each of the projects. The preview allows potential clients to pick and choose what they want to view, instead of scrolling through each and every one.

    Creatively, Grouek makes use of a strong blinds effect as potential clients scroll down the homepage. When scrolling, the page divides into sections and scroll at their own individual rate. The effect makes a fun transition to the next image. The contrasting reveal of colors is intriguing and eye-catching, adding to visitors’ piqued curiosity.

    Grouek Amazing Web Design

    Innovation that drives emotion… that’s what Grouek promises potential clients. In a dynamic portrayal of the company’s skills, their About page utilizes a number of strong designs. Through a deep scroll, the page is divided in half, with the right side dedicated to vivid imagery while the left side is broken down into various pieces of information for potential clients to read. The seven segments of the About page are creatively labeled with a single line drawn to the far left. Small icons decorate the left side of the line to indicate a preview of what the segment depicts.

    The web design engrosses users in a personal digital experience accented by tiny elements of surprise, which catapults their design into the best of the best. 

    Grouek is an experimental website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.