Logos are the most recognizable brand identifiers. 75% of users say they recognize brands by their logos.

A logo may not be all there is to branding, but there is no sturdy, future-proof brand strategy without a quality logo. To get ahead of the competition and build trust with your audience, you need a logo that accurately reflects your brand and what it stands for.

Hence, we curated a list of the best logo designs that capture the audience’s attention and trigger their immediate response. These logos are sure to leave a mark with their excellent execution and branding effectiveness.

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1. Omega House By Armeanu Creative Studio

[Source: Omega House]

Standout features:

  • Multi-layered symbolism
  • A fitting color palette
  • Minimalist layout

Omega House is a co-living and co-working space with a café, a hub and an event space in Bucharest, Romania. Their brand logo, designed by Armeanu creative studio, communicates their core values to the target audience: local and foreign young entrepreneurs.

The said values and beliefs are, primarily, “building a tight-knit community with strong pillars.” The Omega House logo combines the letters “O” and “H” in a way that resembles the Greek letter “Ω” (omega), with “O’s” bottom part cut in half and two pillars on the side forming a letter “H” with the help of “O’s” arch.

The logo’s concept and execution are minimalist and clever. The faux “H” even has two hands reaching out and shaking, reinforcing the idea of cooperation and camaraderie.

The logo’s dark grey color exudes a sense of business and professionalism expected from a space-sharing workplace used by young startups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

2. Penguin By Creative Harmony

[Source: Penguin]

Standout features:

  • Use of The Golden Ratio
  • Reflects the brand’s eco-friendly nature
  • Several multi-purpose iterations

Penguin is a start-up delivery company that uses eco-friendly vehicles. Their logo, courtesy of Creative Harmony, reflects the brand’s purpose and ethics with a design based on The Golden Ratio, which “links human endeavor with the natural world.”

Citing the fact that numerous major brands use The Golden Ratio in their logos, from Apple to Twitter, the creative agency created a logo that communicates the core message to the target audience with a likable image of a penguin holding a parcel.

The isometric illustration conveys the company’s concept and brand essence. It comes in several different-colored iterations. The grey-white version comes across as particularly advanced with its well-incorporated 3D effect.

But all versions of the Penguin logo are highly applicable to a variety of media and platforms. The vectorized green version also communicates the brand’s low emission policy that captures the imagination of Millennial and Gen-Z clients.

3. SPS Canada By Leo9 Studio

[Source: SPS Canada]

Standout features:

  • Smart use of negative space
  • A symbolical take on the Canadian flag
  • Several multi-colored variants

SPS Canada is an independent organization that helps immigrants navigate complex migration procedures. Their entire branding, including a logo design, was conducted by Leo9 Studio agency.

Numerous factors affected the execution of the SPS Canada logo, from the aesthetic considerations to understanding and applying basic design principles. The resulting logo is a creative take on Canada’s iconic maple leaf, a national symbol found on this country’s flag.

SPS Canada logo’s maple leaf divides into three parts and forms the image of an airplane – the mode of transportation for immigration. It is made out of negative space, resembling the leaf’s stalk.

The three parts of the leaf come in different colors, signifying the diversity of nations coming to Canada. An alternative logo variant uses only the red color to align with the colors of the Canadian flag, while the other is a monochrome version for black and white publications.

4. Wenneke By Eleven Social

[Source: Wenneke]

Standout features:

  • Several types of fonts
  • Well-defined color system
  • Hand-drawn illustration

Wenneke Nutrition & Wellness is a business helping consumers make healthy life choices and improve their eating habits. Eleven Social is a creative agency responsible for its logo design which includes several different iterations of the primary logo.

The said primary logo consists of the brand’s name and an illustration of a small branch, presumably a herb used as a food condiment. The secondary logos are just the letter “W” and the said branch or the initials “WN”.

Different logo versions use distinctive fonts. The primary font uses Notes and Slant typeface in the “Nutrition & Wellness” part, while “Wenneke” uses Big Caslon Medium typography.

The logo comes in a plum shade of purple (#4e3d54), although the agency’s brand book recognizes additional shades in the color system, like ocean, jade, teal, lime and so on.

5. V47 Hair Design & Beauty Salon By B360 Group

[Source: V47 Hair Design & Beauty Salon]

Standout features:

  • Classy use of the serif font
  • Great versatility across different mediums
  • Unique colors

The logo for V47 Hair Design & Beauty Salon is a work of B360 Group. The agency was looking to design a logo that would be “as unique and highly valued as [V47’s] vision and services” which includes executing trending hairstyles and luxurious services.

The outcome is a rather simple but classy lettergram made of a “V” and a smaller “47” intercepting the V’s right arm. The words “Hair Design & Beauty Salon” are a part of the original, primary logotype, but are absent in the simplified, secondary version.

The letters in the logo use Fraunces font family (Black, Bold and Light). It is a serif typeface with each letter or number having a contrasting thickness in different parts.

The key element of this logo design is its versatility. The agency designed a logo that is highly applicable to a wide variety of surfaces, from tangible objects like bags and hair care products to digital outlets like social media pages.

6. Orsus Grupa By EmtiSquare

[Source: Orsus Grupa]

Standout features:

  • Brand name execution signifies the company’s purpose
  • Up-to-date typeface
  • Subtle use of brand color

Orsus Grupa is a workplace safety company from Croatia whose logo design, as well as the entirely new visual identity including website design, is a brainchild of EmtiSquare design agency.

The key element of the new Orsus Grupa logo is the on/off toggle button which implies that the safety is always “on” with Orsus involved. The logo communicates trust and sturdiness that this company's partners and clients get to experience.

The toggle button starts the company name and is using the brand’s blue color. The brand name uses a very simple, legible and contemporary-looking sans serif font.

The company’s slogan which translates to “For a safe workplace, turn on Orsus” leaves no doubt as to what the logo suggests. The logo and the slogan are focused on simplicity to make them understandable to different target audiences.

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7. Sweden By Bike By Oskar Glauser

[Source: Sweden by Bike]

Standout features:

  • A symbol combining a flag and a bike wheel
  • Palette derived from Sweden’s national colors
  • A modern sans serif font

Sweden by Bike is an organization that entices tourists to experience this Scandinavian country by riding bikes. Their logo, designed by Oskar Glauser, is a graphic symbol central to the identity of the company as well as the country, as it combines the colors of the Swedish flag with the bicycle wheel spokes.

The brand wanted to update its old logo to reflect a distinctive national identity that is inherent in its name. The logo also needed to work well on different digital platforms and be noticeable on bike paths across Sweden.

The result is a timeless, simple and clean logo that mixes the symbolism of the organization’s two main elements: biking and Swedish identity.

A flat, 2D design of the logo makes it widely applicable on different platforms and mediums, including shirts, business cards and magazine publications.

8. Data Sentinel By Khula Design

[Source: Data Sentinel]

Standout features:

  • Multisymbolism
  • Usability across different physical and online platforms
  • Fresh color palette

Data Sentinel is a Toronto-based data engineering company that supports organizations with data privacy, risk and compliance requirements. Khula Studio branding agency has rethought its entire visual identity, including a new, vibrant logo design.

For the Data Sentinel logo design, it was important to communicate trust and professionalism across multiple channels, for a more holistic brand identity. The new brand image covers different touchpoints, from business cards to digital brochures.

The new logo uses purple as its primary color, company name in sans serif fonts and a simple vector image combining symbols of data blocks and a privacy shield. The resulting mix of imagery implies an expert company able to deliver the type of solution that keeps their client’s data safe.

Several different iterations of this logo exist, with very subtle differences mostly focusing on the background against which the logo is placed.

‍9. Galilee Bible Camp By Backcountry Branding

[Source: Galilee Bible Camp]

Standout features:

  • A mix of two symbols into one brandmark
  • The simplicity of the illustration
  • A wide range of applications

The Galilee Bible Camp logo by the Canadian agency Backcountry Branding combines the symbols of a tree and a Bible into one cohesive brandmark. The evergreen tree symbolizes spiritual life and growth and is essential to the Camp’s brand story.

The tree also stands for the Camp’s natural environment and is a symbolic source of truth and life in the Bible.

The Galilee Bible Camp logo is a very simple vector illustration that almost resembles a computer or smartphone icon. As such, it can be used across a variety of mediums and platforms, without even needing the Camp’s name as an integral part of the logo.

10. Scale Stalker Bowfishing By Riggalicious Design

[Source: Scale Stalker Bowfishing]

Standout features:

  • Professional sports team aesthetics
  • A combination of minimalism and attention to detail
  • Unobtrusive fonts

Scale Stalker Bowfishing is a bowfishing team from Auburn, Indiana. Their logo, courtesy of Riggalicious Design’s Jon Ringger, is a minimalistic representation of a fish struck by several arrows.

The logo follows the best practices of US professional sports teams by consisting of a team mascot and an object that the sport is associated with.

This vector logo is the most complex part, depicting a fish with some shading and additional textured details to lend depth to the logo. The arrows themselves are quite simply designed and the team’s name sits below the logo in a very understandable sans serif logo.

11. Bartolo Entertainment By Björn Berglund

[Source: Bartolo Entertainment]

Standout features:

  • A multilayered design resembling a labyrinth
  • Monochrome design
  • The highly distinctive use of company initials

Bartolo Entertainment is a company that provides talent management services to up-and-coming musicians and artists. Sweden’s award-winning graphic designer Björn Berglund is the creator of their logo that establishes Bartolo Entertainment as a “bold company that adds simplicity to their customers.”

The logo combines the company’s initials, B and E, into a multilayered design resembling a maze. According to the designer, the “polished design signals success” while capturing the “feeling of simplicity in branding.”

The distinct logo design comes in black and white and is easily recognizable even in this monochrome version.

The logo’s versatility makes it usable in different surroundings and environments, while its distinct expression allows the business to stand out in the market.

12. Lucky Mutt By Visual Lure

Lucky Mutt logo design
[Source: Lucky Mutt Daycare]

Standout features:

  • Good use of negative space
  • A symbolic choice of brand color
  • Two kinds of complementing fonts

Lucky Mutt is a dog daycare center in St. Louis, MO, whose logo design is the work of Visual Lure branding, graphic and web design company.

The Lucky Mutt logo design uses an image of a dog’s head in the negative space surrounded by a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck. The playful nature of the logo aligns with the feel-good character of this organization that takes care of its client’s beloved pets.

The logo comes in a deep shade of green to reinforce the clover symbolism. The day care’s name is located just below the actual logo, in heavy, sans serif font. The sub-copy “doggie daycare” appears beneath it in a much lighter font, using the same shade of green as the logo.

13. Splash Planet By Hello Logo

Splash Planet logo design
[Source: Splash Planet]

Standout features:

  • On-brand colors
  • Playful nature that aligns with the target audience
  • Contemporary fonts

Splash Planet is a distributor of fun, inflatable objects. Hello Logo, the agency behind its logo design, wanted to create an appropriately entertaining and friendly logo that would be instantly recognizable.

The logo design resulting from their brand research stands out on any packaging as it is a visualization of a planet dropping into water, creating a splash and making ripples that resemble the rings of Saturn. 

This child-like logo design successfully aligns with the brand's target audience - the children and their parents. It also contains brand colors, blue and yellow, to provide visual consistency.

14. Kouklinos By Orfik Design

Kouklinos logo design
[Source: Kouklinos]

Standout features:

  • An original mix of elements to create a logo imagery
  • A unique combo of colors
  • Custom brand fonts

Kouklinos ("rooster" in the Cretan dialect of Greek language) is one of the longest-standing and distinctive brand names in breakfast baked goods serving the island's and the entire country's market. 

Their logo design provided by Orfik Design is a curious hybrid of the brand's two defining elements: the name and the product. A rooster with a croissant body is not imagery often encountered, so Kouklinos logo design certainly wins points for originality.

The logo also combines a very interesting mix of colors, dark green and red. These colors are strategically placed on the rooster's head and tail, leaving the croissant green. The same red shade repeats in a very classy, old-timey typography in the brand's name.

15. Green Grocer Initiative By Signet Design

Green Grocer Initiative logo design
[Source: Green Grocer Initiative]

Standout features:

  • Color consistent with ecological initiatives
  • Multipurpose logo
  • Shopping bag incorporated into the logo

Oryana's Green Grocer Initiative is a food cooperative company whose mission statement is to "provide quality food produced in ecologically sound ways at fair value to the community." 

The company's product buying guidelines, relationships with local vendors and education efforts all went into the logo design provided by Signet Design creative agency. The logo depicts a shopping bag viewed from above, with its shaded parts represented in green color.

According to the designer, the logo is meant to depict the brand's sustainable building initiatives incorporating a green roof gazebo, rain barrels, solar panels and recycled building materials. 

16. Paradigm Collective By Brandemic

[Source: Paradigm Collective]

Standout features:

  • A logotype consisting of interlocking elements
  • Classy color palette
  • Custom-made font

Paradigm Collective is a multi-disciplinary company that offers a wide array of different services to its clients. Brandemic creative agency strived to "structure the logo design so that it suits all the diverse services in their offering."

The logo consists of interlocking elements reminiscent of Arabic ornaments or symbols used in sacred geometry and architecture. These interlocking elements signal strong foundations while the logo's color palette of gold, white and claret add a dash of class and elegance.

The logo's typography in the brand's name is a very interesting custom typeface that combines both sans serif and serif elements. The tailored nature of this font adds more sturdiness to the main logotype and helps formulate a distinctive brand identity.

17. NEWIT By Tuatara Boutique Agency

Newit logo design
[Source: NEWIT]

Standout features:

  • On-brand complementary colors
  • Symbolic design approach
  • Consistency across different branding media

Colombian real estate development company, Constructora Bolívar, seeks to give a breath of fresh air to its IT department.

Tuatara Boutique Agency came up with a branding solution and crowned it with a brand new logo.

NEWIT's logo design represents the fluid and dynamic nature of the brand by combining a couple of different elements:

The icon is the representation of a shooting star, which "breaks [the] structure and goes [outside] the paradigms, alluding to the risky, bright and fast ideas that stand out above the others."

The same stellar element is evident in the textual version of the logo, which quite literally defines the clever combination of New and IT.

A composition of simple elements makes the NEWIT logo design memorable. The eye-catching sans serif typeface and complementary colors result in a logo that looks consistent, professional and applicable to a wide variety of media.

18. Cyberfox By Techxide

Cyberfox logo design by Techxide
[Source: Cyberfox]

Standout features:

  • Electric shade of blue
  • Shadowing and lighting effects
  • Subtle design quirk in typography

The logo design for Cyberfox, envisioned and executed by Techxide creative agency, delivers the visual identity that links the brand with the tech-savvy audience.

A 3D vector illustration of a fox’s head has no detailing, like the animal’s eyes or mouth, but the contour of its profile is instantly recognizable. The head of the logo contains individual wavy elements that all come in a slightly different shade of blue. The glossy lighting effect contributes to the logo’s sleek and up-scale appearance.

The color choice also corresponds to the notions of a “cyber world” — electric blue has always been one of the few shades associated with the IT field.

The custom-made typography for Cyberfox is the other important aspect of this logo design. A sans-serif font is ever so slightly rounded at certain edges (one rounded corner per letter), resulting in a far more unique and friendlier overall feel had all edges been angular.

19. Dobraya Assotsiatsiya By Moloko

Dobraya Assotsiatsiya logo design
[Source: Dobraya Assotsiatsiya]

Standout features:

  • Child-like colors and shapes
  • Various shapes and types of logo
  • A variety of possible applications

Dobraya Assotsiatsiya is a Russian charitable organization for the financial support of children suffering from illnesses. Designed by Moloko creative agency, their logo consists of the organization's initials, D and A which, when put together, spell out the word "yes" in Russian.

Because of the word's meaning, the logo is used in promotional campaigns that pose a question, with the word "DA" as an answer, signifying the affirmative nature of the cause. The children's playful nature is embodied in the logo's design, specifically the letters' shape and bright colors.

A variety of applications makes this logo hugely versatile. From digital to offline platforms, DA's logo finds its space anywhere, extending its very important humanitarian message to a multitude of mediums.

20. Bunchberry Immigration By Netilly

Bunchberry Immigration logo
[Source: Bunchberry Immigration]

Standout features:

  • A classic, timeless appeal
  • Serif fonts in the logo
  • Two-tone palette

Bunchberry is a Canadian immigration consultancy service whose logo is by Netilly digital agency. Opting for a timeless look, the Bunchberry Immigration logo consists of two stylized, serif font letters — "BB" — in red and black. 

The second black B has a wavy extension to it, giving an added appeal to the already classy logo. The attention to the logo's feel is highly commendable since most services of this type do not bother with the emotion their branding is trying to project.

The logo is complemented by the organization's name in two sans serif fonts, mutually quite similar - one bold and red and the other, light and black.

21. Lagunitian Skimboards By Lumly Design

Lagunitian Skimboards logo design
[Source: Lagunitian Skimboards]

Standout features:

  • A unique letterform
  • Symbolic use of the hexagon shape
  • Retro feel

Lagunitian Skimboards is the producer of high-performing — you guessed it — skimboards. Their main UVP ("The originator, the innovator, never the imitator") is present in the logo designed by Lumly Design Studio.

The actual logo is quite retro-looking, reminding of the old logo designs and patches of the 1950s. It is a simple illustration of a big wave, surrounded by an orange hexagon outline with the mentioned text. 

According to the design agency, the "logo system is a modern take on Basque Country writing with its unique letterforms." The hexagon itself is a nod to the honeycomb material used in making the boards. 

22. Byron Easy Bus By Engana Graphics

Byron Easy Bus
[Source: Byron Easy Bus]

Standout features:

  • Distinctive typography
  • Blue wave as a visual accent
  • Legible design

Byron Easy Bus logo by Engana Graphics is part of the wider brand refresh for the airport transfer service. It combines two font types: a standard sans serif and a handwritten script used only on the letter "y" that permeates the rest of the logo with a wavy blue line.

The typography is the essential and, arguably, the only element of this logo design. For legibility purposes, it uses standard lettering that is readable and understandable on all platforms, which is essential for a company basing its services on speed and convenience.

23. Eighty6 By Mink Agency

Eighty6 logo design
[Source: Eighty6]

Standout features:

  • A unique approach to logo elements
  • Economical use of space
  • Recognizable design

Eighty6 is an ordering business bridging the gap between restaurants and suppliers. Their logo, courtesy of Mink Agency, uses the brand name (an F&B industry slang term used to indicate that an item is no longer available) uniquely and creatively.

The 6, in blue color, is contained inside the yellow 8 for an economical, impactful and instantly recognizable design. The yellow-blue color combo is very eye-catching and on-brand. 

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