45% of consumers claim that they are more likely to purchase goods that have healthy symbols on their packaging. DesignRush celebrates the best food visuals in honor of World Food Safety Day.

MIAMI - JUNE 07, 2022

In their survey, Ipsos found out that 72% of American consumers consider the packaging design and the packaging materials as key factors in their purchasing decisions.

Concurrently, as reported by the International Food Information Council, 21% of consumers are influenced by the healthy symbol on packaging when shopping.

While the visual look of product packaging affects consumer buying behavior, 45% of consumers strongly agree that they would prefer to buy goods that have healthy symbols on the packaging.

Hence, in honor of World Food Safety Day on June 7th, DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, celebrates the best food visuals to draw attention and inspire actions to help prevent foodborne risks, contributing to food safety and human health.

For the full list of the best food visuals along with images and more details about these projects, visit https://www.designrush.com/best-designs/packaging/trends/best-food-visuals.

1. Wowly Burger by Caio Costa

Wowly Burger is a Brazilian brand that makes handmade burgers. Their designer Caio Costa worked on their branding visuals and combined varied lettering styles with purple and yellow color palettes to ensure the brand makes a strong impression on consumers.

For more Caio Costa projects, visit: caiocostadesigner.com.br

2. Zafferano del Re by Studio La Regina

Studio La Regina, the agency behind Zafferano del Re’s packaging design, focused on using natural materials and a minimalistic logo to give the brand’s saffron products a simple yet premium look.

For more Studio La Regina projects, visit: studiolaregina.com

3. Knorr Acısso Hot Sauce by Orhan Irmak Tasarım

Knorr, a food and beverage brand, needed a packaging design for their new product Acısso Hot Sauce. They partnered with Orhan Irmak Tasarım studio to execute a project that resulted in a success thanks to some standout features like artistic typeface, realistic photography and carefully chosen colors.

For more Orhan Irmak Tasarım projects, visit: orhanirmak.com

4. Savu Parrilla by Escandi

Savu Parrilla is a steakhouse brand from Brazil. Their design company, Escandi, managed to highlight the quality of their products and reinforced their identity by putting an accent on premium design and authentic ‘smokiness’ character.

For more Escandi projects, visit: escandi.com.br

5. DARU by vbiasi

vbiasi is responsible for the packaging design of DARU, a brand selling healthy food products. The design agency implemented a minimalistic approach and combined it with an interactive word puzzle to maintain the consumers’ focus.

For more vbiasi projects, visit: vbiasi.com

6. Kritsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Manos Siganos

With the help of Manos Siganos, Kritsa, an olive oil production company, managed to improve its packaging design. The agency created modern packaging incorporating a monochromatic color scheme, a clean, non-text-heavy design and creative illustrations.

For more Manos Siganos projects, visit: manossiganos.com

7. Naturoco by STCKMN

Naturoco, a food & beverage brand, counted on the help of STCKMN to create an attractive brand identity. The design agency worked on their cheerful packaging design where they mixed a pastel color palette, cute graphics and easy-to-read text.

For more STCKMN projects, visit: stckmn.com

8. Amber by tea for two

tea for two partnered with Amber, a food and beverage brand, to create the packaging design for their olive oil products. The agency focused on nature-inspired design elements and a simple yet bold typeface to depict the nature of the product.

For more tea for two projects, visit: tea-for-two.com

9. Picos Del Guadiana by Superfluid

Picos Del Guadiana is yet another brand that sells extra virgin olive oil. They worked with Superfluid to create a packaging design and labels that boast a panoramic and attractive experience. The design was inspired by nature’s land ranges and relies on prominent usage of the color blue and gold-plated bottle caps.

For more Superfluid projects, visit: superfluido.es

10. Desi Videsi by Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy helped Desi Videsi, an Indian brand that sells healthy chips, promote its products in a creative way. The design agency used bright colors, playful graphics and Quirky content in Hinglish, elements that grab the attention easily.

For more Plane Crazy projects, visit: thisisplanecrazy.com

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